Perfect Entertainment for a 40th Birthday Party

If you are planning a 40th birthday party for a friend or family member, or perhaps organising one for yourself to get all of your loved ones together, have you considered what type of entertainment you might like to celebrate this joyous occasion?  Once you have the venue and the catering sorted, you can easily source and book 40th birthday party entertainment using our website, getting another important task ticked off your to-do list!

We have many party entertainment ideas so we thought for today’s article we would detail our favourite options to make your party go off with a bang!

Continue for entertainment for a 40th birthday party ideas…

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Ambassador Band – Function and Party Band from

Book a Function and Party Band to take care of the Musical Entertainment

Any party needs musical entertainment and with so many options available to you, it can be hard to narrow down what type of live band you require.  A Function and Party Band is the perfect choice if you want to get the party started.  They have plenty of experience at getting guests up onto the dancefloor and will happily make announcements too.  Click here to find the perfect Function and Party Band for a 40th birthday party!

For more Musical Variety, why not opt for a Party DJ?

The most popular type of musical entertainment for a 40th birthday party is that of a Party DJ.   These talented individuals can offer a much larger repertoire of music, since they only need to license the tracks rather than learn them.  Party DJ’s will also take requests from your guests and keep everyone motivated by talking to your guests using a microphone.  Keep things simple and hire a Party DJ for the perfect musical entertainment.  Browse our selection of Party DJ’s and get booking ready for your upcoming event!

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Leon Simmonds – Close-Up Magician from

Keep things Interactive with the help of a Close-Up Magician

Although musical entertainment is a must when it comes to planning any party, it can sometimes be nice to include interactive entertainment to get your guests talking and act as the perfect ice-breaker.  A Close-Up Magician will perform illusions to groups of your guests as they work around the room and use all sorts of small objects to achieve this.  Expect tricks using borrowed bank notes and playing cards which will leave your guests guessing!  Want to find a Close-Up Magician near you to get booking?  Click here to browse our listings!

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Eleanor – Belly Dancer from

For something completely different, why not book a Belly Dancer?

If you want to have a fun and entertaining evening that all of your guests are going to remember, why not book alternative entertainment such as a Belly Dancer?  A Belly Dancer will dance around your guests using their stomach muscles, usually to Turkish or Egyptian music.  Make things even more spectacular and find a Belly Dancer who will teach your guests the basics!  Give your guests a mesmerising performance and hire a Belly Dancer using our entertainment directory.

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Matthew McGurk – Illusionist from

Want a more Elaborate Magical Performance? Choose a Stage Illusionist for Impact!

If you love magic but you want to take things that bit further than hiring a Close-Up Magician who will mingle with guests, why not book a Stage Illusionist to put on a performance?  Hiring a Stage Illusionist offers a completely different experience as they perform more elaborate and daring stunts and illusions.  Usually they work with the help of a beautiful assistant, and will also ask for volunteers from the audience.  Find a Stage Illusionist using our website and get booking for your upcoming 40th birthday celebrations.

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The Dancing Fire, Fire Performers from

Hosting your Party in the Evening?  Add some Impact with Fire Performers

Add a visual display for your evening event with the help of Fire Performers.  These trained individuals will perform a variety of stunts with fire, including fire breathing, fire eating, juggling and more.  This type of performance works perfectly for outdoor events that take place when it is dark and will offer a mind-blowing, memorable experience.  Click here to find Fire Performers near you and get in touch with them directly.

Want Something a bit Different Musically?  Choose a Tribute Band

Although with the wide variety of live bands and musicians that we offer on our website, another fantastic musical option is that of a Tribute Band.  If you have a favourite band or group and want to hire the next best thing, that will not only sound as close to your idol as possible, but attempt to look like them too!  Find a Tribute Band of your Favourite Group for a Night to Remember!

As you can see, we have plenty of options available to you for 40th birthday party entertainment but we also have a lot more on offer on our website.  Simply go to and browse through all of the available entertainment categories until you find the perfect entertainment to tick all of your boxes.

Once you have selected the right type of entertainment, you can check our all of our performers listed with our entertainment directory and read all about them using their individual profiles.  These profiles are a very good way to gather as much information about an act as possible before parting with your hard-earned cash and booking.  You can even watch video performances or listen to audio samples if they have chosen to upload these.

Want to get in touch with our performers?  All you need to do is click on the “Request a Quote via E-mail” button and you will be able to fill in a form which when submitted gets sent directly to your chosen performer.  Our entertainment directory is one of the only websites out there that offers this service for free – with no hidden fees or commission on top of your actual booking! What are you waiting for?  Make things simple and get your entertainment sorted right now!

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