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Read on for the most comprehensive guide to booking a Sword Swallower, including how much a Sword Swallower costs, exactly what they will do at your event, plus tips, advice and information to help make your event one to remember!

What exactly will a Sword Swallower do at your event?

Sword swallowing continues to be a fascinating live act which every viewer is immediately captivated by! The reason we find sword swallowing so mesmerising, is the fact that it’s so dangerous! 

The hired sword swallower is a self contained performer who will provide all of their own kit (the swords!) and will put on a dazzling show which will entrance your crowd. They will start by lowering smaller knives down into their mouth, and this will build up to swords which will grow longer and longer in size and eventually, they’ll be so long that they will go down the oesophagus and into the stomach! The risk involved gives the performance an edge that other acts may not necessarily have, making it a great pull for crowds.

When you hire a sword swallower, you can expect the performer to incorporate other aspects such as sword balancing, which is an amazing feat in itself! Contemporary sword swallowing may incorporate other aspects such as multi-sword swallowing! That’s right! The sword swallowers may fit up to 8 or more swords in their mouths, with the swords being at least 16 inches in length! 

Sword swallowing is an age-old tradition, dating back over 2000 years which has been passed on from generation to generation as a street performance act and as a circus act and has still not lost its charm or its atmosphere of danger!

Mainly, a Sword Swallower will entertain your audience with a fantastic performance that will put the wow factor into celebrations and impress your guests, whatever their entertainment tastes may be. 

What event types are Sword Swallowers hired for?

Book a Sword Swallower for Wedding Entertainment:    

So, the happy couple have been pronounced as man and wife, the wedding cake has been cut and the wedding speeches have been read out. What would be a perfect form of wedding entertainment that you can hire to follow all this up with? A professional sword swallower, of course! Hire a sword swallower for your wedding and you will have a visually striking act who will thrill the wedding guests with an eye-grabbing performance! The sword swallower can be set up at your wedding evening reception venue where they will put on a fantastic show, edging swords down their throats bit by bit until only the handle can been seen! They will achieve this all the whilst music is playing in the background, which will add to the lively atmosphere! A sword swallower would be great for entertainment at a wedding with a circus or burlesque themed twist! The hired sword swallower will play the part in full and will additionally wear the vibrant and cabaret-styled clothes you can expect a sword swallower to wear, this will make for excellent photo opportunities for your wedding guests after the performance has finished! This act does however come with a bit of a warning! If this is a wedding that has younger people attending, then you may want to think about the nature of the act, which is rather squeamish and not for the faint hearted!

Book a Sword Swallower for Corporate Event Entertainment

Book a sword swallower for your work party and your co-workers will be over the moon with the exhilarating show! The hired sword swallower can be set up at your corporate party such as your work Summer party, work Christmas party or a colleague’s leaving party where they will perform the risqué tradition in style! Some contemporary sword swallowers will have devised certain twists to the act such as adding weights either side of the sword handle! Sword swallowing has been shown on programmes such as Britain’s Got Talent, which has reignited interest in the custom! When the sword swallowers perform at your work party, it’s important to know that something so visually vibrant will act as a great catalyst for conversation in the workplace! This will be a great boost for morale! 

The sword swallower will grab attention from the public at a trade show or a product launch and will certainly steal the show! The hired sword swallower can be set up to perform next to your product and the electrifying performance will definitely stop the public in their tracks, boosting interest in your business no end!

If you are looking for acts for your festival, then you may want to hire a sword swallower to thrill your festival goers! The sword swallower can be set up to perform inside, for example, in a festival tent, or, as entertainment on an outside main stage as entertainment between musical acts. The sword swallower will naturally be a great entertainer at a burlesque festival or a cabaret-styled festival!

If you’re looking for a burlesque act for a club night, then a sword swallower will provide a great performance full of skill, excitement and anticipation. The hired sword swallower can be set up on the main stage at the club or on a podium, where they will impress with their stunning solo show! The sword swallower will perform dressed in burlesque clothes whilst your club music is playing in the background, meaning that nobody needs to stop dancing!

Book a Sword Swallower for Party Entertainment

The types of parties that we would suggest to hire a sword swallower for include a hen night or a stag night! The sword swallower would be an amazing performer to top a bill of burlesque entertainment and will really make the evening extra spicy! 

Other parties that we would suggest to book a sword swallower for would be adult birthday parties of all ages! The sword swallower can perform at a house-party or at a hired out venue. Once again, we will say that this act may not be for younger attendees! Another party that you might want to hire a sword swallower for could be a for a cabaret themed party or a burlesque themed party! The sword swallower will fit in well with other burlesque acts such as fire-eaters, burlesque dancers, aerialists and drag acts, amongst many others!

Sword swallowing was an incredibly famous street act in Victorian London, so, if you’re hosting a Victorian themed party the you might want to hire a sword swallower to bring a sense of authenticity to proceedings!

How much do Sword Swallowers cost to hire?

Our simple to use entertainment directory allows you to firstly search for the best Sword Swallowers who are local (or travel to your area) and then via the contact form you may contact them directly to enquire for a no obligation quote to perform at your event. Some acts will also add a rough price guide to their profile for your convenience.

What are the usual set formats and performance length for Sword Swallowers?

A Sword Swallower can be very versatile when it comes to timescales at your event/function, wedding or party. The average time of a Sword Swallower’s show will be about 10 minutes. Each Sword Swallower's perfromance times will change however. The easiest way to enquire about this is by using our simple-to-use messaging service here on the Entertainersworldwide.com website.

How much space will a Sword Swallower need at your event?

A Sword Swallower is a self contained act so they will need minimal space. The only space they ask for is enough to freely use the swords without causing any audience members any harm. With this in mind, we would advise to give a 6 meter radius. The best way to find out exactly is to message the Sword Swallower and find out what space they will need prior to the event.

What equipment and set up requirements do Sword Swallowers need?

Most Sword Swallowers will be self-sufficient and won’t need any set up requirements. They may require a PA, a microphone and professional lighting to perform at their best. We suggest that you message the Sword Swallower using the messaging service on our site to find out what they need exactly. 

It is standard practice for a Sword Swallower to require a room where they can get changed and prepare their stunts in private. Please check ahead with your venue to see if they a) have a backstage area, or b) a spare room in which the Sword Swallower can set-up.

How can you find and book a Sword Swallower with Entertainersworldwide.com?

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