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Gone are the days where you have to stick to tradition for your wedding.  With more couples choosing to steer clear of the Church wedding and the big white dress, many are also opting for fun and untraditional wedding entertainment too!  Our entertainment directory is designed to help you source the right entertainment for your own wedding, regardless of how traditional or unusual it may be!

If you are in need of a little inspiration for wedding entertainment ideas, don’t worry – we’ve got it covered and in today’s article we have many suggestions for wedding entertainment to keep things fun and light-hearted!  If you want to walk down the aisle to the Star Wars theme, we salute you!

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Dani Yard – Saxophonist from

Book a Saxophonist to add some soul to your Wedding Ceremony!

There aren’t many alternative options when it comes to your wedding ceremony, as usually there is only a few parts that need music, from either a CD or played live.  Hiring a Saxophonist for your wedding ceremony will add a warm and soulful ambiance.  A saxophonist makes a much less traditional option than that of a violinist or string quartet but still gives your wedding ceremony class with the addition of live music.  View all of our saxophonists available to book on our website.

If you fancy a giggle during your wedding breakfast, hire Comedy Waiters!

The wedding breakfast can be a long, quiet part of your wedding day, so if you want a giggle and to play a prank on your wedding guests, look at hiring Comedy Waiters for your big day!  Comedy Waiters will infiltrate your normal waiters but will cause increasing chaos as they drop plates, change lightbulbs and even argue with guests!  Imagine your worst meal out, and multiply it by 100!  Your guests will stalk talking among themselves and feel rather bad that your waiters might be ruining your wedding while meanwhile you know it is all a set-up!  Eventually as Comedy Waiters increase the frequency and shock factor, your guests will become suspicious until they finally work out the whole thing has been staged!  This is one type of entertainment that will be remembered for years to come!  Want to find Comedy Waiters near you?  Click here to browse our entertainment directory!

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Leon Simmonds, Close-Up Magician from

Book a Close-Up Magician to WOW your wedding guests

We may have played it a little safe with this suggestion, since hiring a Close-Up Magician for during your wedding drinks reception or wedding breakfast is becoming increasingly popular, however we didn’t want to leave this one off the list because it adds a magical element of fun to your wedding day!  Another option is to hire a Close-Up Magician for your evening reception so that they can work around the room moving to groups of guests, or from table to table. There will be many guests at your wedding who do not know each other, so booking a close-up magician acts as the perfect ice-breaker!

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Eleanor – Belly Dancer from

Add some glamour with the appearance of a Belly Dancer!

A belly dancer is certainly an alternative wedding entertainment idea!  Watch as they enthral guests as they dance around the room, using their stomach muscles to dance in bright and sometimes revealing costumes!  Booking a belly dancer (or two!) for your wedding evening reception is the perfect way to get guests dancing on the dancefloor!  Many will even attempt to copy the belly dancer, which will make for some very entertainment photos and video clips to bribe them with after!  This type of entertainment is one that will be remembered and will mesmerize and dazzle your wedding guests.

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Dan Meyer – Sword Swallower from

Amaze and scare your guests with a Sword Swallower!

Your wedding guests certainly won’t be expecting to see this type of entertainment at your wedding, however booking a Sword Swallower to perform at your evening reception will add an element of suspense!  Watch your guests gasp as a sword swallower performs stunts as he appears to swallow swords down his gullet.  These highly trained individuals will put on quite a performance and will give your wedding reception a gothic or circus theme.  Click here to find a Sword Swallower to perform at your wedding.

Get your guests interacting with a Karaoke DJ!

If you are one of those couples that loves a bit of fun and singing, why not book a Karaoke DJ to perform at your wedding evening reception?  A Karaoke DJ will play tracks like a party or wedding DJ, but will also mix in Karaoke versions for guests who have volunteered themselves.  The Bride and Groom must also make an appearance and as the party continues into the night, the Karaoke will get even more hilarious!  From the guests who think they are the next Freddie Mercury, to the ones who are tone-deaf, putting on Karaoke at your wedding will keep everyone amused!

Add a touch of vintage charm with a Doo Wop / Oldies Band

For couples who love everything vintage, Doo Wop / Oldies bands are the perfect choice for your wedding evening reception.  Performing music in the style of the famous 1950’s and 1960’s Rock and Roll artists, a Doo Wop / Oldies Band will offer the complete Rockabilly theme which will really set off any vintage themed wedding.  You could even tell your guests about the theme and get them all to dress in vintage swing dresses and turn back the clock for your whole evening! Take a look at the wide range of styles and genres some of the bands here offer.

Not only does our website offer entertainers across many genres, but event services too and this part of our website is growing daily!  Now you can find fun ideas such as inflatables and soft play, climbing walls and casino / gambling tables to really add something unusual!

Planning any wedding can be rewarding and fun, so add alternative ideas into the mix and you can really go to town!  We make things a whole lot easier too when you use our completely free service where you can search for and contact many different types of entertainers near you!

Each of the acts listed with us has their own profile page, where you can read all about their previous experience and customer testimonials.  Many even have audio and video samples to watch too, making your decision even easier!   All you need to worry about is putting your feet up with your laptop and a cuppa in tow!  Good luck with your wedding plans from the Entertainers Worldwide team!

Want to Save Time When Booking Your Entertainment? Sit back, relax and have your Entertainment contact you! By adding a post to our website e.g. ‘Saxophonist for Wedding Ceremony on September 14th’, our available acts will contact you by email. Look at the Entertainer’s publicity, decide which is your favourite and contact them directly! The entire service is completely free of charge. Tell us what entertainment you are looking for now and we will do the rest! Contact us.

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