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Read on for the most comprehensive guide to booking a Comedy Cabaret Magician, including how much a Comedy Cabaret Magician costs, exactly what they will do at your event, plus tips, advice and information to help make your event one to remember!

A Comedy Cabaret Magician is double value for your money as you get high-class magic with some fine comedy thrown in too!

What exactly will a Comedy Cabaret Magician do at your event?

What does a Comedy Cabaret Magician do exactly? A Comedy Cabaret Magician will do all of 
the amazing feats you would expect a magician to do; coins unexplainably bending, objects mysteriously moving at their own will and unaccountable mind-reading, vanishing objects, ball and cup tricks, but, all with the added twist of humour and white-hot wit that morphs the show into a spectacular slice of entertainment!

Some of the Comedy Cabaret Magicians will perform routines that are more suitable to an adult audience with an emphasis on burlesque styled comedy! And others will perform with more family friendly themes. Needless to say, we’ll have a Comedy Cabaret Magician for whatever your specifications are.

Mainly, a Comedy Cabaret Magician will entertain your audience with a fantastic live show that will put the wow factor into celebrations and impress your guests, whatever their entertainment tastes may be.

What event types are Comedy Cabaret Magicians hired for?

Book a Comedy Cabaret Magician for Wedding Entertainment:

A wedding drinks reception is the perfect setting for a Comedy Cabaret Magician to work their brand of magic! A Comedy Cabaret Magician can perform micro-magic, where they roam from table to table, entertaining friends and family with sleight of hand tricks and sparkling comical interludes.

A wedding reception would be the ideal environment to hire a Comedy Cabaret Magician as they can be set up to perform on the wedding evening reception's main stage to a large audience. The Comedy Cabaret Magicians brand of magic is particularly special because it not only uses audience members, but it relies on the spontaneity of doing so! Like a stand up comedian, the Comedy Cabaret Magician will draw comedy out of situations and what better situation than the evening reception at a wedding! This is big stage entertainment at its best!

Book a Comedy Cabaret Magician for Corporate Event Entertainment

If you’re unsure about whether to hire a magician or a stand up comedian, then why not hire both for your corporate event?!

You may want to hire a Comedy Cabaret Magician for your product launch, trade show or work-do? A Cabaret Magician can be a brilliant ice-breaker and encourage conversation, which may just be the spark you need to get things moving in a corporate environment. Work colleagues and management alike will be impressed by the big on-stage magic and comedy that these talented Comedy Cabaret Magicians have spent hours preparing for your enjoyment!

Comedy and Cabaret is a great combination that will bring a wonderful feeling of nostalgia to all of your co-workers!

Book a Comedy Cabaret Magician for Party Entertainment

If you want an all round entertainer for your private birthday party or your anniversary bash, Comedy Cabaret Magicians for partiesthen a Comedy Cabaret Magician will do the trick! With side-splitting banter and skills to dazzle everyone in your audience, a Comedy Cabaret Magician will mix hilarious abracadabra magic with original comic gold!

Have you ever seen the famous sketch on television where they saw a person in half?! This is exactly the type of slapstick hoopla that you can expect in a comedy show of the calibre!

How much do Comedy Cabaret Magicians cost to hire?

Our simple to use entertainment directory allows you to firstly search for the best Comedy Cabaret Magician Acts who are local (or travel to your area) and then via the contact form you may message them directly to enquire for a no obligation quote to perform at your event. Some acts will also add a rough price guide to their profile for your convenience.

What are the usual set formats and performance lengths for Comedy Cabaret Magicians?

A Comedy Cabaret Magician can tailor their performance times to suit you and your event, however, on average a professional Comedy Cabaret Magician will perform for two/three hour sets.

How much space will a Comedy Cabaret Magician need at your event?

This depends on they type of show the Comedy Cabaret Magicians offers, and how long you have booked them to perform for. If you require their services for a full-on magic show based on the stage at your venue, then they may need a certain amount of room to perform their most explosive illusion, which will be the pinnacle of the show. If you want them to perform during the gaps at your wedding however, simply entertaining the guests for a few minutes at a time with micro-illusion and micro-magic, these professional magicians will be used to entertaining the guests in close proximity. The best way is to message the Comedy Cabaret Magician and find out what space they will need prior to the event.

What equipment and set up requirements do Comedy Cabaret Magicians need?

Some Comedy Cabaret Magicians will be self-sufficient and won’t need a thing. For bigger magic shows, they may require a PA, a Comedy Cabaret Magicians for corporate eventsmicrophone and professional lighting to perform at their best. We suggest that you message the cabaret magician using via out site to find out what they need exactly.

It is standard practice for a Comedy Cabaret Magician to have a room where they can get changed and prepare their stunts and tricks where nobody can see! Please check ahead with your venue to see if they a) have a backstage area, or b) a spare room in which the cabaret magician can set-up.

How can you find and book a Comedy Cabaret Magician with Entertainersworldwide.com?

Simply enter your location in the search field below and you will be presented with all of the Comedy Cabaret Magicians who are local to you or who travel to perform at your location. You can then view the act’s full profile to:

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