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If you are planning an event which might benefit from a touch of comedy, you have come to the right place!  When it comes to different types of comedy acts available to book for an event near you, there are number of options available to you on our website meaning that you aren’t limited to booking a Stand-Up Comedian (not that there is anything wrong with them!).  Let’s take a look at 6 of our top Comedy Acts which are being booked regularly right now!

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Jay Washington – Adult Stand-Up Comedian from EntertainersWorldwide.com

1. Adult Stand-Up Comedians

If you are hosting an adults-only event, you might want to look at booking an Adult Stand-Up Comedian.  These fun comedians will cover a variety of topics, including religion, sex and other boundary breaking topics with plenty of swearing to boot!  You might not want to book one of these for your Grandma, but if you are having a fun evening, such as a birthday party for your 30 year old comedy loving friend, an Adult Stand-Up Comedian will be the perfect choice!  Find an Adult Stand-Up Comedian on our entertainment directory right now for an evening filled with taboo comedy!

2. Comedy Waiters

Are you hosting a sit-down dinner or cocktail party?  Why not play a massive prank on all of your guests with the help of Comedy Waiters?  These funny characters will infiltrate your official waiters and cause chaos wherever they go!  From dropping plates, changing lightbulbs, eating guests’ food and being downright clumsy, your guests will be gasping until they finally work out (or are told) that the whole evening has been staged!  Have the last laugh and book Comedy Waiters for your next sit-down dinner event.

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Comedy Singer

3. Comedy Singers

Do you love the idea of combining music and comedy?  Now you can with a Comedy Singer!  This type of performance has become more popular in recent years with famous Comedy Singers such as Tim Minchin hitting the limelight.  Comedy Singers are very clever at putting together songs with intelligent topics – if you have younger guests coming to your upcoming event it might be wise to let your chosen performer know so that they can tame their performance down a bit.  Click here to take a look at all of the available Comedy Singers available on our website.

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Todd Justice – Clean Stand-Up Comedian from EntertainersWorldwide.com

4. Clean Stand-Up Comedians

For occasions where children (or older guests) will be present, it might be safer to choose a Clean Stand-Up Comedian for your entertainment.  Performing jokes in the style of Michael McIntyre or Peter Kay, a Clean Stand-Up Comedian will still offer plenty of laughs without the need to cover taboo topics.   Choosing a Clean Stand-Up Comedian will guarantee plenty of family-friendly fun!  Browse our listings to find the perfect Clean Stand-Up Comedian for your upcoming event.

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Milo Miles, Drag Queen Act from EntertainersWorldwide.com

5. Drag Queen Acts

Are you looking for something a little bit different when it comes to Comedy Acts?  Why not book a Drag Queen Act?  These flamboyant performers will put on a show filled with naughty and saucy jokes, glitter and glamour as they dress in fantastic costumes and combine cabaret into their performance too!  A Drag Queen Act would be a fun choice for a Stag Party or for Birthday Party Entertainment!  Choose something a little more unusual and book a Drag Queen Act for plenty of laughs!

6. Comedy Impressionists

Comedy Impressionists have also become more popular with famous impressionists such as Alistair McGowan and Steve Coogan hosting their own television programmes.  A Comedy Impressionist will attempt to mimic other famous celebrities in a funny manner and will get everyone laughing!  This type of performance works best when on stage, so if you are thinking of booking a Comedy Impressionist, always consider your event venue.    Click here to find a Comedy Impressionist that will entertain your guests and put a smile on their faces.

These are our main Comedy Act categories available on our website, however we also offer a dedicated section for “Other Comedy Acts” which include many more entertainers who offer alternative comedy – many incorporating circus style acts too!  Take a look at our website, to check out all of our available Comedy Acts to help you choose the right type of comedy for your own event and not only that, but book it too!

That’s right – using our website you can book entertainers for free (or simply enquire!).  All you need to do is browse through our entertainers’ profile pages to read all about them and when you find an act that you might be interested in, you can contact them quickly and easily using the “Request a Quote by E-mail” button which is at the top of every profile page.  Many of our acts also choose to upload video samples of their performances which makes your decision even easier!  We do not charge any hidden fees or commission on top of your booking when you book your entertainment using our directory and we are proud to be one of the only entertainment directories that offers their services for free!  Don’t forget we also offer plenty of other types of entertainment too, so no matter what occasion, always use our website for your first port of call when it comes to booking entertainment!

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