7 Things you Might Want to Ask a Close-Up Magician Before You Book!


If you’ve never booked entertainment before, it can be quite a daunting thought to make a quick decision and actually go ahead and book an act.  Close-Up Magicians are a very popular choice for many different types of event, from wedding breakfast and reception entertainment, to corporate events.  One of the main reasons they are the perfect choice across many occasions is their ability to be an ice-breaking between guests that may not know each other.  After all, everyone loves a bit of magic and guests will flock to watch a close-up magician performing illusions using all sorts of small objects.

You may not have ever seen a Close-Up Magician perform before, let alone booked one, so here at www.EntertainersWorldwide.com we’ve put together our top 7 things you might want to ask a Close-Up Magician before you book.

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Martin John – Close-Up Magician from EntertainersWorldwide.com

1. Do you have all of the necessary insurances?

One of the most important things to check with any entertainer, not just Close-Up Magicians is that they hold the correct insurances that are valid and current.  One of the main types of insurance you should be looking for is Public Liability Insurance, which is very important in-case of any accidents that may occur during your event to your guests, or the property.  This is something that all serious and professional entertainers will have to cover themselves if anything goes wrong.  If you will have having children attend your event, it is worthwhile checking if your chosen Close-Up Magician has the correct DBS Certificate.  The Disclosure and Barring Service has replaced the CRB checks, but is a government run division which checks someone’s criminal record and suitability to work with children.  Never book an entertainer without the right insurance – it’s just not worth the risk!

2. Have you got previous experience at performing at events such as mine?

It is always worth checking if your chosen Close-Up Magician has experience in similar types of event to your own.  For example, if you are looking to book this type of entertainment for your wedding, it is a good idea to check if they have performed at many weddings in the past.

3. Do you have a contingency plan if you are poorly on the day of my event?

One question that many people overlook, yet is extremely important is what would happen if your chosen performer was taken ill on the day of your event?  Many entertainers have a network of other acts which usually step in, in the event of illness.  Always check with your chosen performer so that in the worst case scenario, you aren’t left with a party without entertainment!

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Zach Waldman – Close-Up Magician from EntertainersWorldwide.com

4. Can I watch you perform an example of your work?

Before you can seriously make a decision on which Close-Up Magician you wish to book, you are going to want to know what to expect on the day of your event.  Asking a Close-Up Magician if you can watch a small example of their illusions and magic tricks isn’t unrealistic, after all it is their performance you are booking!

5. Will you sit in a central location or work around the room of guests?

This question is more of a request, as many Close-Up Magicians will offer the choice between them working around the room, performing to small groups of guests while they mingle, or situating themselves in a central table location and letting guests approach them.  Personally, we feel that the best choice is to allow them to roam free, as there will be much more interest in their performance and it will also attract guests to watch tricks take place.

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Leon Simmonds – Close-Up Magician from EntertainersWorldwide.com

6. Can we get previous customer reviews or testimonials

Using our website, many of our acts do provide customer reviews and testimonials as part of their profile, however if for any reason they aren’t present, never be afraid to ask for them.  The whole point in booking entertainment is that they are good at what they do and without reading reviews, you won’t know if they are a professional Close-Up Magician or simply someone who treats it as a hobby.  We wouldn’t recommend booking a Close-Up Magician without some sort of review, although if you are willing to give a new performer a chance, definitely opt for a free sample performance!

7. How much do you charge and how much deposit do you need?

The all-important question once you are satisfied that your chosen performer is the right fit for your event, is how much they cost and how much deposit they require in order to book your event.  Many entertainers do need a 50% deposit (which is usually non-refundable), to ensure that your event is added to their performance calendar.  The remaining funds are then usually payable on the date of your event.

Our top 7 questions are only examples, so if you can think of anything else you want to know before you take the plunge and part with your hard earned cash, never be afraid to ask!  A professional Close-Up Magician will be used to answering plenty of questions beforehand, and will usually have the answers to hand straight away.  We do try and make your decision a little easier from the off-set by using our website, www.EntertainersWorldwide.com to source the right entertainment for your event.

Contacting entertainers is also really simple when using our website.  We are one of the only entertainment directories that doesn’t charge potential customers to contact entertainers – and that includes no hidden fees or commission too!  All you need to do is click on the “Request a Quote via E-mail” button on your chosen entertainers’ profile page or give them a quick call and you will be put in direct contact with them (cutting out the middle man!)

If you want to find a Close-Up Magician to perform at your upcoming event, click here to get started and browse our selection of available entertainers!

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