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Whether you are looking for a Stage Magician in London, a New York Magician or any other location worldwide...read on for the most comprehensive guide to booking a Cabaret Magician, including how much a Cabaret Magician costs, exactly what they will do at your event, plus tips, advice and information to help make your event one to remember!

We have an extensive list of professional Cabaret Magicians to mesmerise your audience, clients, friends and family. Whether you’re organising a private party, a wedding, or a corporate event, a Cabaret Magician will dazzle and thrill with tricks, illusions and general wizardry.

What exactly will a Cabaret Magician do at your event?

What does a Cabaret Magician do exactly? Well, when you hire a contemporary Cabaret Magician, you won’t be getting the dated rabbit outCabaret Magician of a hat Magician that you may associate with the title. Yes, a modern Cabaret Magician uses cards, coins and mind reading, but it’s all performed with a present day twist to thrill even the most sceptical guest in the crowd! 

The mark of a good Cabaret Magician will be that they are part of the world famous magic circle, but let it be known that there are vast amounts of Magicians not in the magic circle that are more than equipped to perform at a professional standard.

You can expect coins unexplainably bending, objects mysteriously moving at their own will and unaccountable mind-reading. Some will come will alluring assistants and white doves, some will perform with wands in a Harry Potter style! But all will be professional and entertaining. When you book a modern Cabaret Magician, you can count on an interactive Derren Brown styled show packed with illusions that will leave the audience gasping in wonder.

If you’re looking for some entertainment for your event but you want something a little bit different with wit and edge, a Cabaret Magician will do the trick!

What event types are Cabaret Magicians hired for?

Book a Cabaret Magician for Wedding Entertainment:    

Why not hire a Cabaret Magician for your wedding drinks reception?! Just as the bride, groom and guests are sipping away on the first glass of champagne, and the wedding photographer is snapping away, a Cabaret Magician would be the ideal form of wedding entertainment as they wow family and friends. Whether it’s a small crowd that are in the queue for wedding photographs, or a large crowd waiting for the drinks to be poured, a Cabaret Magician is perfect for spellbinding small children and the elderly alike.

So, the happy couple have been pronounced husband and wife, and the guests have all sat down at the hall/dining area and you’re awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom before the speeches are read out by the best man and the father of the bride etc, why not hire a Cabaret Magician to entertain your family and friends during this waiting period? What a great way to break the ice and ensure all of the guests and relaxed and enjoying themselves! A Cabaret Magician can go from table to table with their illusions, dazzling and wowing an unexpected crowd.

A wedding evening reception is an ideal platform for a Cabaret Magician as they can go from table to table performing close-up magic, or they can simply be set up on a stage, putting on a long and professional show, impressing your friends and family with fancy hocus-pocus. Guests of all ages can become involved, be it a child or an OAP, they can all expect jaw-dropping trickery which will leave everyone stunned and inspired.

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Book a Cabaret Magician for Corporate Event Entertainment

You may want to hire a Cabaret Magician for your product launch, trade show or work-do? A Cabaret Magician can be a brilliant ice-breaker and evoke discussion, which may just be the spark you need to get things moving in a corporate environment! Work colleagues and management alike will be blown away by the big on-stage illusions and sleight of hand wizardry that these professional Cabaret Magicians have spent hours preparing for your entertainment!

Book a Cabaret Magician for Party Entertainment

Booking a Cabaret Magician for a birthday bash or private function is a fantastic way to surprise your friends and family.

Watch in owe as a modern-day conjurer fascinates and excites your guests with a captivating show that will have them all talking long after the celebrations have finished.

Whatever your event, be it a cocktail reception, a bar mitzvah or an after dinner event, a Cabaret Magician will always bring the wow-factor!

How much do Cabaret Magicians cost to hire?

Our simple to use entertainment directory allows you to firstly search for the best Cabaret Magicians who are local (or travel to your area) and then via the contact form you may contact them directly to enquire for a no obligation quote to perform at your event. Some acts will also add a rough price guide to their profile for your convenience.

What are the usual set formats and performance length for Cabaret Magicians?

A Cabaret Magician can be very versatile when it comes to timescales at your event/function, wedding or party. The average time of a Cabaret Magician’s show will be about 45 minutes of dazzling tricks. If, however, you didn’t want a full on show and instead, you wanted to hire a Cabaret Magician for some close-up table magic, then it can be tailored to your tastes. The easiest way to enquire about this is by using our simple-to-use messaging service here on the Entertainersworldwide.com website.

How much space will a Cabaret Magician need at your event?

This depends on they type of show the Cabaret Magician offers, and how long you have booked them to perform for.

If you require their services for a full-on magic show based on the stage of your venue, then they may need a certain amount of room to perform their most explosive illusion. If, you want a Cabaret Magician to perform during the gaps at your wedding however, then with the micro-illusion and micro-magic, these professional Magicians will be used to entertaining the guests in close proximity. The best way is to message the Cabaret Magician and find out what space they will need prior to the event.

What equipment and set up requirements do Cabaret Magicians need?

Most Cabaret Magicians will be self-sufficient and won’t need a thing. For bigger magic shows, they may require a PA, a microphone andCabaret Magician for Party professional lighting to perform at their best. We suggest that you message the Cabaret Magician using the messaging service on our site to find out what they need exactly.

It is standard practice for a Cabaret Magician to have a room where they can get changed and prepare their stunts and tricks where nobody can see! Please check ahead with your venue to see if they a) have a backstage area, or b) a spare room in which the Cabaret Magician can set-up.

How can you find and book a Cabaret Magician with Entertainersworldwide.com?

Simply enter your location in the search field below and you will be presented with all of the Cabaret Magicians who are local to you or who travel to perform at your location. You can then view the act’s full profile to:

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