Hiring a Close-Up Magician in London

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If you are planning an event in London, you might be considering the different types of entertainment that would be superb for your occasion. Close-up magicians are the perfect ice-breaker and are suitable for more events than you might think.

We’ve put together this guide to provide you with tips and advice before you book a close-up magician in London.

What Types of Events are Close-Up Magicians Suitable for?

Whether you are planning a wedding reception at Tower Bridge, or a corporate event at The Shard, hiring a close-up magician is the perfect way to get guests talking. Some examples of events that close-up magicians could perform for include:

  • Wedding Reception Entertainment
  • Engagement Party Entertainment
  • Drinks Reception Entertainment
  • Corporate Event Entertainment
  • Birthday Party Entertainment

Since we have so many close-up magicians to choose from, no matter where you are located in London, you will be sure to find a performer to suit your needs and many will even travel nationwide too!

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Leon Simmonds – Close-Up Magician in Brighton, but will cover London

What Will a Close-Up Actually Do?

Depending on the style of event you are hosting, a close-up magician can perform in a number of ways. Some people prefer to get their performer to mingle with guests and “work the room”, providing illusions and sleight of hand tricks to small groups of people. This method is particularly suited to drinks receptions or wedding breakfasts. Another option is for a close-up magician to perform a bit of a stage-show or work in a central location from a magic table. You could, of course mix a combination of the two.


A close-up magician will perform tricks and illusions to guests and really get them talking and gasping with amazement. Many will also get your guests involved which adds a fantastic interactive element to your celebration as they have fun with playing cards, borrowed bank notes and coins.

How Long Will a Close-Up Magician Perform for?

Due to the style of performance, a close-up magician can happily perform for a number of hours but it is always best to check with your performer before you book to make sure that they can accommodate your event.

How Much will a Close-Up Magician Cost?

The prices to hire a close-up magician in London can vary widely depending on the level of experience your performer has. Some of the acts listed on our website have performed at some prestigious locations across London, such as The Ritz, The Savoy and The Dorchester hotels. Other factors may affect the price too, such as length of performance and if they have to travel far to your venue.

hat Types of Questions Should I Ask a Close-Up Magician?

There are plenty of questions you may have before you make your decision and book a close-up magician. Here are a quick checklist of examples, but if you have a different query, never be afraid to ask your chosen performer.

  • Are you free to perform on the date of my event?
  • Have you performed at my venue before?
  • What types of illusions will you perform?
  • Do you have public liability insurance?
  • Can you perform for the length of my event?
  • How much will you charge and do you need a deposit to book?
  • Do you charge travel expenses?
  • Do you need much space to perform?
  • Will you require anything special for your set-up?

How Do I Choose a Close-Up Magician?

Choosing a close-up magician in London is made so simple when you use our website.  Here you can narrow down acts by location and performance type, so if you only want to view close-up magicians nearby, simply select the United Kingdom, followed by London.

Once you’ve got the list of acts that will perform in London, you can look through each of their profiles to get a feel for their performance and personality. Here we provide biographies and previous experience information, along with photos and many of the performers listed on our website also include video samples of some of their illusions. We find this particularly useful when making an enquiry.


Ok, I’m Ready! How do I Book?

Booking a close-up magician in London is completely FREE! We provide you with direct contact to your chosen performer, so all you need to do is click the “Contact Direct / Request Quote” button. We do not act as an agency between our customers and our entertainment, and that’s what sets us apart from other entertainment directories!

We always recommend that you meet with or speak to your close-up magician before you book. You can do this in a number of ways, such as face-to-face, over Skype or Facetime or even on the telephone. This way you can be sure that they will be suitable for your event and provide your guests with a night to remember!


Here are two ways that we can help you make enquiries for your entertainment today!

  1. Use our easy to use Entertainment Directory to contact acts right away at www.EntertainersWorldwide.com
  2. Let us know what entertainment you are looking for and we will arrange for all available Acts of your choice to email you with quotes! Simple, Fast & Easy.
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