10 Ways to Get More Gigs as a Wedding Band


If you run or are part of a wedding band, you will know how important it is to get more gigs and get noticed. So many bands appear and part ways so often and that is because they simply aren’t getting the gigs! One of the most important things for any wedding band is to get booked up in advance so that they know that they are guaranteed an income source for the next so many months but it’s not always that easy to get noticed.   Here at www.EntertainersWorldwide.com we wanted to bring you our top 10 ways to get more gigs as a wedding band to hopefully help secure you more work and ultimately get noticed.

So what’s the secret to getting more gigs? Read on…

  1. One of the best ways to get more weddings booked is to be around brides, since the majority of them make all of the decisions! Wedding fayres are a perfect way to get your name out there and they usually take place at local wedding venues.  Simply search for good wedding fayres nearby or contact wedding venues direct to see if they will be hosting any in the near future.  Some wedding bands prefer to take sample CDs of their music with them to give out to interested couples, whereas a sure fire way to get your music out there is to perform periodically throughout the day!
  2. Get in contact with other wedding vendors. Most wedding suppliers, such as florists, bridal shops and transportation are happy to recommend other local companies.  Swap business cards and get networking!
  3. Book gigs way in advance! Many couples plan their wedding a year or two (sometimes more!) in advance so if you get an enquiry for 2018, take it!  Don’t leave it until nearer the time as the opportunity may have gone by then.  Get your gigs booked up as far in advance as you can.  Strangely enough, the busier a wedding band gets, the more desirable they become!
  4. Take up a residency at a local pub or music venue. Although weddings are probably what you want to play, getting more publicity as a band will help you get noticed.  Take marketing information with you so that if anyone in the audience is getting married, they can take away your information – or another idea is to also have a clipboard for people to register their interest so that you can follow-up and contact them.
  5. Volunteer for charities – If you have local charities hosting events that require live music, try and volunteer! Although you will most likely be gigging for free, the number of people that you will reach would benefit. People always look kindly upon charity work too, so it will give you a good reputation as a wedding band.
  6. Get testimonials from existing customers as frequently as you can. Nothing sells a wedding band more than reputation and if people are talking about you, and recommending you – chances are that testimonials will go a long way. You can use them online or in your printed marketing material.
  7. Set yourself up a website! Although when you first launch your website, likelihood is you won’t receive many visitors as sites like ours have been running for a long time, but once people know you exist, you can use your website in combination with our entertainment directory to promote your latest news, videos and sound clips.
  8. Sign up to our entertainment directory here at www.EntertainersWorldwide.com – We give you maximum exposure and what sets us apart from other entertainment directories is that we don’t take a cut of your bookings! This is not only good for your wedding band, in that you don’t need to split your earnings even further, but good for your customers since you don’t need to raise your prices!
  9. Once you are signed up with our entertainment directory, make full use of all of the features available to you. Always make sure you have video and audio clips for potential clients to view of your performance. If you need help with your video show reel, we can arrange that for you – click here to enquire about our professional video editing service.
  10. Not only can you subscribe to be listed on the world’s largest entertainment site, you can also use our website to browse for available gigs and jobs near you! We have our very own jobs, gigs and auditions section where potential customers or companies can register their interest and post an advert for upcoming gigs.  All you need to do when you apply is make sure that you stand out from the rest!

Remember, when you do get an enquiry, always follow-up on your leads.  Many couples will be browsing around for alternatives and if you don’t remind them you exist, they will move onto the next band who shows them interest!

We hope these 10 marketing ideas have given you inspiration to get more gigs as a wedding band and wish you plenty of luck for getting gigs in the future!

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