8 Ways to Get More Gigs on Entertainers Worldwide


Our main mission as an Entertainment Directory is to put customers in direct contact with entertainers and event services.  We have been running for many years offering our entertainment directory without taking commission on bookings taken through our website, which makes us one of the only entertainment directories out there that doesn’t charge a percentage of each booking you get as a result of our services.

If you have been browsing our website, but have not yet signed up – now is the time to do it!  Our website is growing daily with new customers and auditions being posted on a regular basis.  We thought it might be useful to outline 8 ways to get more gigs using Entertainers Worldwide to give you a little insight as to getting more bookings using our website.

Want more gigs? Keep reading…

1 – Get Signed Up to Entertainers Worldwide!

If you haven’t already, get signed up to Entertainers Worldwide as an act or event service, depending on what you offer.   This is a really simple process and all you need to do is click on our green “Sign Up” button on the top right of your screen.  From here, you will be presented with four options:  Artist Sign-Up, Event Service Sign Up, Advertiser Sign Up and Booker Sign Up.

If you offer entertainment, for example a singer, band or comedian, simply choose the “Artist Sign Up”  For Event Services, such as photographers and other services which do not come under the entertainment category, click “Event Service Sign Up” option.  You will be presented with a simple sign up form for either option which once filled in offers the first step into using our entertainment directory!

2 – Get Activated for Perfect Promotion!

The next step to take once you have taken the first step into signing up for your very own profile on our entertainment directory is to activate your profile.  Activating your profile gives you the chance to get your act found in not only our website, but also through Google.  You will also get many more bookings with over 15,000 bookers making enquiries monthly using our website!  A subscription to activate your profile does cost a small fee, which can be paid for monthly, 6 monthly or our best value membership of 12 months.

3 – Want to be featured on our homepage? Feature your profile!

For even more promotion, you will also have the option to feature your profile for a small fee of £24.99 per year.  Featuring your profile will ensure that you are shown on both our homepage, main act category pages for your specific category and at the top of all of our search results.  Another benefit of being featured is that you will get preferential choice when we write our articles and blog posts with a photo and image linking directly to your profile!  Proven to get you even more gigs, featuring your profile is a fantastic way to get more gigs with Entertainers Worldwide!

4 – Make sure you add photos and fill up your profile with information!

One of the main ways to get more enquiries and bookings is to make sure your profile is filled in properly with plenty of information for potential customers to read about you.  High quality photos are also recommended since customers will be browsing through your profile and hopefully contacting you too!

5 – Include Audio and Video samples to gain exposure

If you offer entertainment services and are, for example a live band, magic or comedy act, your potential customers will want to view your performance.  Offering them a video sample gives them a look into your performance and shows off your skills.  For musical acts, audio samples are also useful to showcase your work as a band or singer.  Potential bookers will look for acts with audio and video samples over profiles without them!

6 – Customer testimonials are key!

Potential bookers will be nervous about booking an act without reading previous customer testimonials and reviews.  Using your profile you can add a number of reviews from customers which are displayed on your profile and are viewable by all visitors to your profile.  Positive reviews really make an impact when customers are looking to book entertainment, and with our 1-5 star rating, we make things even easier for you!

7 – Increase exposure and list your profile in additional areas

If you offer your performance in more than one geographical area, why not expand your potential and list your profile in additional nearby areas?  For a small fee, you can have your profile appear in more than one location so when potential bookers are searching via location, you will get twice as much exposure on our website.

8 – Use our entertainment auditions, jobs and gigs page!

Not only do potential bookers get in touch with you through your profile, we also have a section on our website for auditions, jobs and gigs.  Here, potential customers advertise for what they are looking for and you can easily apply to these auditions through our website.  Once you’ve found an audition or job you wish to apply for, all you need to do is click the blue “Apply now” button, and you will be given a simple form to fill in, including your covering letter.  This gets sent directly to the customer!

Use our website, www.EntertainersWorldwide.com to its full potential and you will get more enquiries sent directly to you.  Remember we are one of the only entertainment directories that offer our services to potential bookers for free, and our entertainment directory is growing daily!  If you would like even more help with getting more gigs and jobs using our website, please get in touch with us!


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