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caricaturist party entertainmentWhat is a Caricaturist and What can they Bring to My Party?

A Caricaturist is an artist who specialises in creating speedy, specialist portraits where the features of the subject are exaggerated to comic effect. Looking for something to pep up your event with one of our speciality acts? This could be just the thing to get the party buzzing!

Caricature drawing was developed and popularised by two Italian siblings – the Carracci brothers back in 16th century Italy. The art form travelled across Europe and was adopted by the British. Recognising the potential influence of this incendiary style of drawing, 17th century English artists revelled in the opportunity to interpret events at home and abroad, drawing caricatures to raise awareness of hypocrisy and tyranny. If you’re interested in seeing examples of historical caricatures, the magazine Punch has one of the finest archives of caricatures and cartoons in the world.

But rest assured, there is a world of difference between satirising politicians and giving your party guests a memorable experience!

A skilled caricaturist would be the perfect party ice-breaker where mixing and mingling needs a bit of encouragement.

Once they’ve introduced themselves to your individual guests, they’ll be drawing while they chat – and a few minutes later, your guest will be presented with a sketch, capturing a humorous and exaggerated version of their facial features. Clever stuff!

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Caricaturists like many entertainers have good interpersonal skills and will only draw those guests who feel comfortable with the process. It’s complimentary to the party atmosphere since it doesn’t demand lots of attention, it’s fun for the client whose portrait is being drawn and it’s also a great talking point for others watching the portrait develop. Such a personal memento of your event has far more staying power than a goody bag, as the end result is usually taken home and framed for posterity!

If you’re running an event such as a product launch, a Caricaturist might work from a specific part of the room and clients then choose to sit for a sketch when it suits them. Pictures can also be drawn on pre-printed company paper, including a logo – a smart move if you’re looking for a PR opportunity. If time is short, a caricature can be created from a photograph taken at the event – or even drawn on an i-Pad to post out or send on as an attachment later.

We are Delighted to Profile two of our Current Caricaturists

Firstly, we have Simon Ellinas, a London-based Caricaturist and Cartoonist.

Simon has a significant back catalogue of work, and has worked for major papers and magazines including The Times, Girl About Town, The Telegraph and Marvel Comics. He has used his graphic design training in creating corporate magazines, but he feels that life cannot be taken too seriously, hence the love of caricature work.

He has sketched, in-situ, at political conferences, parties, events, formal dinners and product launches all over the world. He will happily travel – since he feels earning a living is important! He knows how to quickly build rapport, and guests enjoy his banter as he works. He has been showcased on TV too – but enjoys the unpredictability of drawing for events. His spare time is spent being a producer of Chattoon – a chat show with cartoons, (currently a YouTube channel) performing at the Poetry Shack (he’s a founder member) and he also edits the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation blog –

You can review Simon’s profile and contact him for availability and fees.

Next up is Phil Cole (Coley), based in Norfolk – and a regular traveller to events all over England, Scotland and Wales. Phil is a major talent when it comes to art work. He specialises in Party Caricatures, using traditional methods and also employs Digital and Chalk drawings where required.

Phil Coley Caricaturist

He has been drawing for many years – and loves his work. He has a distinct style as he often draws the whole figure in caricature style. His drawings usually take about 5-10 minutes to complete. He will happily sketch couples and small groups too. He has great staying power, and can draw for up to 5-6 hours.

For speedy art work, he uses dark marker pens but is happy to work in full colour as briefed.  He will adapt the image to include personal quirks or interests, as requested by the client. Caricatures are drawn on quality A3 paper, which is neatly banded, so it remains in pristine condition for the journey home.

Phil has performed at a wide range of events, celebrations and parties and his friendly, considerate approach puts guests at their ease. A few of his clients have been Samsung, Panasonic, Lotus Cars, British Airways, Euro-Disney (Paris) Thames Cruises and Pinewood Studios. He has provided entertainment at The O2 Birmingham, Cruise trips, as well as Military Balls and Company Fun Days.

Watch the video below and then take a look at his website and check out his profile on Entertainers Worldwide to see Phil in action at an event and find out what other services he can provide.

For anyone looking for artwork that washes off, Phil also can draw complex henna tattoos, as well as formal portraits! You name it – he’ll draw it!

Take a look at other Caricaturists available for hire and some helpful advice about what to consider and ask when contacting them to make a booking.

Once you have found an act that meets your requirements, simply click the Contact Direct / Request options and you can communicate directly with your chosen caricaturist. We pride ourselves on being one of the few entertainment booking services where you deal directly with entertainers and there are no booking fees involved!

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