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Comedy brings people together and booking a comedy act can really add a fantastic atmosphere to your upcoming event.  Comedy acts are the perfect entertainment for a multitude of events, including birthday parties, wedding receptions, corporate events and much more.

There are plenty of different comedy acts available to book with us and we have a massive selection of Comedy Acts for hire – making it really easy to save time, source and book your entertainment for your event!

Keep reading for our top Comedy Act suggestions and inspiration…

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Book a traditional Stand-Up Comedian for your Event

Stand-Up Comedians are the obvious choice when it comes to booking a comedy act for your upcoming party.  There are two options available to you which work for different occasions: Clean Stand-Up Comedians for events where children will be present or where you want to keep things on a safe level for your guests in the style of Peter Kay and Jerry Seinfeld.  Adult Stand-Up Comedians are also available who are a little less forgiving with their tongues and will cover a multitude of taboo topics, including swearing!  Adult Stand-Up Comedians are great if you are hosting an adults-only event and you will enjoy an evening of adult humour in the style of Jimmy Carr, Frankie Boyle and more!  Find a Clean Stand-Up Comedian or Adult Stand-Up Comedian on our entertainment directory!

Comedy Singers - Rayguns Look Real Enough

Join Comedy and Music with the help of Comedy Singers!

If you love music, but you also want to add comedy to your entertainment, have you thought of hiring Comedy Singers to perform for your guests?  Comedy Singers are growing in popularity and provide amusing songs covering various topics.  Famous Comedy Singers such as Tim Minchin and Weird Al Yankovic have made this type of entertainment even more popular and will offer your guests a fantastic live show, with plenty of laughs too!  Comedy Singers are the perfect type of entertainment for plenty of events, such as birthday parties.  Enjoy a witty performance and book a Comedy Singer for your next event!

Choose Comedy Impressionists for an Evening Full of Fun

Comedy Impressionists are another type of entertainment that provides plenty of laughs and humour!  This type of performance involves the mimicking of famous celebrities in a hilarious manner.  Comedy Impressionists can either perform on stage or work around the room mingling with guests and they will generally have a number of impressions ready to steal the show!  Since they are so versatile, Comedy Impressionists will work for many different types of event, from wedding reception entertainment to corporate bashes!  Book a Comedy Impressionist and have a right giggle at your next event!

Hire Comedy Waiters for a Sit-Down Dinner

Are you hosting a sit-down dinner or cocktail reception?  Comedy Waiters offer a very unique comedic experience whereby they will infiltrate your professional waiters and act very mischievous and clumsy!  From dropping plates and food, tripping over and acting unprofessional, Comedy Waiters will make your guests feel rather suspicious.  As their act gets more and more unrealistic, guests will start to guess that the whole event has been a set-up and will provide plenty of laughs and topic of conversation for the whole evening!   If you want to add some calamity and hilarity to your upcoming event, click here to browse through our selection of Comedy Waiters!

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Milo Miles, Drag Queen Act from

Choose Drag Queen Acts for a Wacky, Unusual Choice of Entertainment

For something completely different, but equally as funny as our previous entertainment suggestions, why not book a Drag Queen Act to perform to your guests?  Drag Queen Acts offer an outrageous, entertaining performance which will add plenty of glamour to your event.  Some Drag Queen Acts sing songs, or lip-sync to popular tracks and will also offer some bantering with your guests!  They provide a fantastic live show with plenty of glitter and outrageous costumes and will make for an eventful evening full of entertainment!  If you want to do things different, why not click here and find a Drag Queen Act on our entertainment directory?

We also offer Other Comedy Acts for even more Unusual Performances!

For everything “Comedy” that doesn’t fit into our entertainment categories, we have our “Other Comedy Acts” category which features plenty of unusual entertainment ideas.  From hypnotists and clowns to comedy duos, take a look through our selection of performers to add a little something different to your next event!  View our entire collection of other comedy acts by clicking here!

If you are looking for a Comedy style performance for your next event, we hope that our suggestions have given you plenty of inspiration and information to help you choose the right type of entertainment for you!  Save time by using our entertainment directory where you can browse through all of our entertainers profiles to view their biographies and testimonials.

Some of our acts have video performances of their act which makes it even easier to choose the right entertainer.  Using our website is completely free, and we put you in direct contact with our performers, leaving out the middle man!  We do not charge any additional booking fees which makes us one of the only entertainment directories that is completely free to use!

Want to Save Time When Booking Your Entertainment? Sit back, relax and have your Entertainment contact you! By adding a post to our website e.g. ‘Clean Stand-Up Comedian required for Anniversary Party on 22nd August’, our available acts will contact you by email. Look at the Entertainer’s publicity, decide which is your favourite and contact them directly! The entire service is completely free of charge. Tell us what entertainment you are looking for now and we will do the rest! Contact us.


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