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Dancers and Dance Acts are a fun and unusual type of entertainment which have become more popular since being featured on television shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and the eagerly anticipated new show from the BBC Greatest Dancer.  There are many different types of dancers and dance acts that you can book that are available on Entertainers Worldwide so we thought it would be useful to put together a little guide to give you all the information you need before you book.  Keep reading to find out exactly what dance acts are on offer for your upcoming event…

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Ballet Dancers

Ballet is a beautiful performance dance which originated in the Italian Renaissance period.  It has since become a very popular type of dance with productions around the World.  A ballet dancer will spend many years training from a very young age and will perform choreographed routines to a number of different genres of music – commonly classical masterpieces.  Ballet dancers will make perfect entertainment for a classy event, such as corporate entertainment or a beautiful wedding reception.  Click here to find a ballet dancer to perform at your next event!

Street and Break Dancers

For a modern take on dance, have you considered booking a street or break dancer? These types of dance are very popular, especially with younger people. Break dancing originated in New York and is a very modern type of dance which involves plenty of skill. For something a little different, why not book a street or break dancer for your next event, whether that be a corporate occasion, or a teenagers’ birthday party! Find a street and break dancer for your event right now!

Ballroom Dancers

Ballroom dance is an enjoyable type of dance which has been popularized by television shows, such as Strictly Come Dancing.  Ballroom dancing can involve many different types of dance which involve dancing with a partner.  It is very popular among the older generation, and would be perfect for a birthday party or an all-important wedding anniversary.  Ballroom dancing is a very elegant type of dance which involves structured routines.  Want to find a Ballroom Dancer on our Entertainment Directory?  Click here to get started!

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Belly Dancers

For a more exotic type of dance, why not look at booking a belly dancer to perform at your event?  A belly dancer uses her stomach muscles to perform a talented type of dance wearing exotic costumes and looking rather stylish as she dances with veils, belly-chains, harem pants and much more!  Belly dancers are a popular type of dance and can vary depending on the origin, such as Arabian, Turkish or Egyptian dance.  Belly dancers are very popular with middle-eastern weddings but we are seeing this type of entertainment making its way across the World.  Find a Belly Dancer to excite your guests at your next event by clicking here!

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Bollywood Dancers

Another exotic type of dance is Bollywood which is an Indian traditional dance involving beautiful and colourful costumes and flamboyant dance routines.  Popular among Indian weddings, Bollywood Dancers make a fantastic and innovative type of entertainment for your next event.  This is an amazing way to add some sparkle to your event!  Click here to find Bollywood Dancers for your next event and give your guests a performance they certainly won’t be expecting!

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Showgirls – Dance Act

Dance Acts

For all other types of dance act, such as contemporary or hip hop, we have a dedicated section on our website.  A dance act will provide a professional group of dancers who will perform choreographed routines in all sorts of genres and we make it really easy to narrow the genre down by using our entertainment directory.  One of the benefits of choosing a dance act is that they are so versatile, they work for many different types of event, such as corporate entertainment, birthday parties and weddings.  Dance acts will perform to music and will really add a dynamic element to your event.  Click here to find a dance act and get booking for your upcoming event!

Female or Male Dancers

Perfect for corporate entertainment, hiring female dancers or male dancers are a fantastic way to get exactly the right type of dance entertainment for your event.  There are so many different genres of dance to choose from so looking through the solo female or male dancers profiles will give you a lot more flexibility to choose a dancer for your celebration.  Click here to view all of the female dancers listed with our entertainment directory, or if you would prefer a male dancer, click here to check our listings!

Flamenco Dancers

Flamenco is a Spanish type of dance which usually involves dancers who perform to guitar music.   Flamenco dancers offer an emotional performance with the help of authentic Spanish flamenco dresses, fans and castanets.  If you want to offer your guests something different, why not look at booking flamenco dancers to put on a sensual routine?  Click here to find Flamenco Dancers using our entertainment directory!

As you can see, we have plenty of different types of dance act available on our website so creating this guide is a way of making things a lot easier when it comes to choosing the right dance act for your event.  Using our website is completely free when it comes to finding and contacting entertainers, and remember we also offer plenty of other types of entertainment including magical acts, children’s entertainers and also live music!

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