Entertainment Ideas for Summer Family Fun Days

With the Summer here, Family Fun Days and Carnivals are popping up all over the World and they make a fantastic afternoon full of fun and entertainment for all of the family. If you are planning a local family fun day, you might be wondering about the types of entertainment you can hire to perform at your event. Here we’ve put together our top suggestions that we think suit outdoor Summer family events perfectly…

Face painters, Funky Faces' Profile

Face Painters

If many younger children will be attending your Summer Family Fun Day, hiring a face painter is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. Face painters will generally set themselves up in one area of your event as they take each child, one by one and turn them into animals, fairies, superheroes and more! Young children will really appreciate this form of entertainment and they are perfect for indoor or outdoor events (providing the rain stays away!)


Hiring a caricaturist is another form of entertainment that provides plenty of giggles. A caricaturist will sketch your guests quickly (around 5 to 10 minutes per sketch) and in a warped way enhancing their features.

The lovely thing about booking a caricaturist for your event is that guests can take away their own drawings as a memento.

Tim Leatherbarrow caricaturist

Tim Leatherbarrow, seen here is The Lean Mean Caricature Machine who creates fast extravagant caricatures,  live for all kinds of functions and events and clients including working outdoors at summer functions. We recently held a Q&A with Tim – you can read what he told us here.


Another one for the kids, clowns are fantastic at Summer events, such as fetes or family fun days. Clowns add a bit of humour and will happily wander around your event winding up children and their parents too! Their colourful costumes will keep children mesmerised and many clowns also provide other forms of entertainment, such as juggling or simple magic tricks.



Keep your guests guessing and hire a lookalike for your Summer event! Lookalikes generally mingle with guests in the same manner as the real celebrity, so your guests might think they are speaking with the real deal! There are many lookalikes listed with us on our website, including David Beckham, Gordon Ramsey, Austin Powers and even the Queen!

Click here to view David Beckham Lookalike Andy Harmer's Profile

David Beckham Lookalike

Live Bands

Music can really add atmosphere to any event, and hiring a live band is a sure way to get your guests dancing (and toe-tapping as they walk by!) We have plenty of live bands listed on our website in all sorts of genres. From barn dance and ceilidh bands to really get the party started to steel drum bands for that carnival ambience. There are literally hundreds of live bands to choose from, all over the World. If you are into a specific group or artist, why not hire a tribute band or tribute act dedicated to your favourite musician.

We hope you have enjoyed our suggestions when booking entertainment for a family fun day. No matter what you choose, your event will be filled with fun and laughter. We take the stress out of booking entertainment too – simply browse through the categories of entertainers and when you find one that you’d like to enquire about, simply click on the “Contact Direct / Request Quote” button. This will put you in touch with your chosen entertainer directly and all of this is absolutely free!

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