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Everyone loves a bit of magic and magicians like Dynamo have made modern magic even more popular.  Dynamo is not only famous for his “walk-over-water” illusion, but is also well known for his close-up magic.  Dynamo has appeared on many television programs such as Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Sport Relief and Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.  His mysterious personality adds to his act, leaving his fans guessing as to how he performed each trick.

Today’s blog is all about hiring a close-up magician and why they make such fantastic wedding entertainment.

Close-up magic is the perfect choice for wedding entertainment because magic gets your guests talking among themselves while being entertained in small groups.  We have plenty of close-up magicians like Dynamo available to hire on our entertainment directory.

We make it really easy…

Choosing a close-up magician for part of your big day really adds an element of surprise for your guests and will add up to a very memorable day indeed.  Here at www.EntertainersWorldwide.com we make it really quick and easy for you to book your preferred magician, without adding to the booking fee!  Simply browse our close-up magician category and narrow down your search by location and you’ll be presented with a number of options of performers available in your area!  It’s as simple as that!

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Martin John – Close-Up Magician from EntertainersWorldwide.com

What type of illusions will a close-up magician perform?

A close-up magician will usually work around the room entertaining small groups of guests, however they can also perform from a central location such as a table too.  Performing sleight of hand magic with small objects like playing cards and bank notes, a close-up magician will make money disappear before your very eyes along with other amazing illusions that will leave you and your guests wondering “How did he do that?”.

What are the benefits of booking a close-up magician for your wedding?

There are many benefits to hiring a close-up magician including:

  • Keep your guests entertained during your wedding day
  • Add that WOW factor to your wedding day and make it unforgettable
  • Help guests break the ice and mingle with something to talk about
  • Close-up magicians don’t need a massive amount of space to perform

A close-up magician will happily perform for a number of hours to your wedding guests and is the perfect choice for during drinks receptions or wedding breakfasts.  It is during this part of your wedding where things can quieten down, so it makes sense to keep your guests busy and put on some form of entertainment for them.

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Paul Grundle – Close-Up Magician from EntertainersWorldwide.com

Read these tips to help you get an amazing magician…

If you have made the decision to hire a close-up magician, we offer these simple tips to ensure that you book a reputable act:

  • When viewing a magician’s profile, always take a look at their testimonials from previous customers. A good close-up magician will have plenty of gigs to their name, and will want their recommendations on show.
  • Many of the close-up magicians listed on our website offer a free videoclip or two of their performance. These are very useful to see if they will be a good fit for your wedding day
  • If an entertainer doesn’t have videoclips, we strongly advise you to meet with them after making initial contact. In this initial meeting you can ask any of those important questions, such as how long will you perform for? What types of illusions do you perform?
  • A professional close-up magician will happily provide an booking confirmation and invoice – be weary of anyone who refuses to offer these things.
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Magician Ming Da – Closeup Magician from EntertainersWorldwide.com

It doesn’t have to break the bank!

Hiring a close-up magician can vary in cost depending on the experience and sometimes location of your performer.  It is really easy to get a quick quote from any of the acts listed with us on www.EntertainersWorldwide.com – simply click on their profile and get in touch to be put in direct contact.  Remember we do not increase your booking fee, so you can always ensure that you get the best quotation.

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