Hiring Ballet Dancers, Tips, Advice and How to Book!


Ballet Dancing is something that most little girls dream of and many talented individuals go on to continue learning this skill to become very successful professional dancers.  These dancers are available to hire for events and will dance in an elegant and whimsical way to entertain all of your guests.  We thought it would be useful to put together a little guide with everything you might need to know before booking a ballet dancer, since this type of entertainment (although widely known) is quite an unusual choice for events.

What Events Are Ballet Dancers Suitable for?

Watching ballet dancers perform offers a stunning visual performance which is very graceful.  This makes them the perfect choice for the following, however this list is not exhaustive…

  • Wedding Reception Entertainment
  • Award Ceremony Entertainment
  • Corporate Entertainment
  • Anniversary Party Entertainment
  • And much more!

Where do I find Ballet Dancers on your Website?

There are two ways to find ballet dancers on our website and both are very easy steps.  The first method is to use our search function which appears on every page.  This is a very sophisticated search so all you need to do is start typing “ballet dancers” into the “I’m Looking For” field.  You can click the search button at this step if you want all of our available ballet dancers listed.  If you want to narrow things down a little further, you can also add a location to your search which can be as narrowed down as you wish.

The second way to find ballet dancers using our entertainment directory is to use our navigation which appears at the top of every page.  Simply click on “General Entertainers”, then you will see “Dancers and Dance Acts”.  Underneath this short list, you’ll notice that there is a more button.  Click this and you’ll be prompted with a pop-up showing all of the available dancers and dance act categories.  Ballet Dancers is listed here!  If you’d like to make things even quicker, click here to be taken directly to our Ballet Dancers category!

What do Ballet Dancers Actually Do?

Ballet dancers will perform dance routines in a variety of genres, including classic ballet, contemporary dance and sometimes even genres such as jazz or tap.  They will dance choreographed to music and offer a fantastic performance for your guests to enjoy.

How long will a Ballet Dancer perform for?

Each ballet dancer will offer their own performance lengths, which will vary from dancer to dancer.  Since this is dependent on individual performers, so we cannot give you an exact performance length.  Most ballet dancers will happily perform for an hour, compromising smaller dance routines.

How much do Ballet Dancers cost?

Again, each ballet dancer will have their own costings which may vary depending on many factors including their location, certain times of the year and how far they need to travel to your venue.  Using our website you can easily get a no-obligation quote from each performer by contacting them directly and this service is completely free of charge!

What Should I Ask a Ballet Dancer?

Since hiring a ballet dancer is quite an unusual type of entertainment for an event, there may be many questions you might want to ask before you book.  We have put together a little guide of useful questions that may come in handy but if you have any you wish to add to this list, never be afraid to ask your chosen performer.

  • Are you available to perform on the date of my event?
  • Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
  • How much space will you need to perform?
  • Do you have previous experience in similar events?
  • Can you provide previous client testimonials?
  • What type of dance do you offer?
  • Which music options do you have for your dance routines?
  • How long will you be able to perform for?
  • How much do you charge for your services?
  • What percentage deposit is needed to secure my date?

How Do I Choose a Ballet Dancer?

Choosing a ballet dancer is very much down to personal choice, however here at www.EntertainersWorldwide.com we give you as much information as possible to help make your decision even easier!  Read through our available acts profiles, with biographies and customer reviews and sometimes our performers even upload photos and videos of themselves.

Once you have narrowed down your choice, you can contact a performer directly using their profile page.  Simply click on the “Request a Quote via E-mail” button and this will display a simple contact form which when filled in and submitted, gets sent directly to the performer.  We do not run as an agency which means there are no hidden costs or commission on top of your booking!  That’s what sets us apart from other entertainment directories out there!

Want to Save Time When Booking Your Entertainment? Sit back, relax and have your Entertainment contact you! By adding a post to our website e.g. ‘Ballet Dancer required for Corporate Event on 29th November’, our available acts will contact you by email. Look at the Entertainer’s publicity, decide which is your favourite and contact them directly! The entire service is completely free of charge. Tell us what entertainment you are looking for now and we will do the rest! Contact us. Or view all of our entertainers, bands, tributes, singers, dancers, musicians, magicians, speciality acts, DJs & other artists worldwide here: www.EntertainersWorldwide.com ———————————————————-


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