Introducing London Swing Band – Goosebumps!

Goosebumps - London Swing Band

Today we are interviewing London Swing Band – Goosebumps!

Read the interview to learn more about the band, watch their video showreel & contact them direct to hire for your upcoming wedding, party, festival, corporate function or other event!

Name: Goosebumps 

Location: London

Act Type: Swing Band

Entertainers Worldwide Profile:


“How long have your Swing Jive and Jump Blues Band been together?”

The band was formed in late 2006 when I first got in touch with the lead singer Mark who had placed an advert on an online musicians wanted website. He had an idea to form a swing band with an emphasis on lively swing and jive tunes that not many other bands were performing. He needed a guitarist that shared a similar vision and after our initial meeting-up, we got several other musicians together to start rehearsing swing and jive material that we wanted to play.


 “How did all of the band members meet?”

As the band started playing local pubs and clubs, we started to attract the interest of other local musicians, some of whom ended up joining the band to create Goosebumps swing and jump jive band as it is today.


 “Has anything funny or embarrassing ever happened on stage?!”

One of the main attributes of this band is the somewhat silly antics that all of us end up doing every time we perform together. A lot of the swing songs that we play in our set have very comical lyrics and it wouldn’t be as convincing if we were to just stand on the stage and “go-through-the-motions” so to speak. We tend to do very deliberate silly dancing on stage coupled with pulling some very strange faces at each other – never choreographed otherwise it can start to look contrived – and it’s this sort of light-hearted messing about on-stage that we have perfected so well that we can still play the songs at the same time without missing a beat!


View Goosebumps video showreel below!

 “Do you have a favourite event type that you all like to perform at?”

We love the variety of gigs that we play at. We love to play on big and impressive stages for a large room of people at a corporate event, as well as performing to a room full of guests who are up dancing all night long at a wedding or a party in addition to selling out a traditional jazz club such as Pizza Express in Soho where the audience are studying and watching our performance intently. Wherever we play our swing and jive music, we always have fun and enjoy it and that always seems to draw the audience in.


 “If you had to play one song only…what would it be and why?”

This always seems to change and everyone in the band has their own personal favourites. One of the newest songs that we play is called “How Long Must I Wait For You” and it has a bit of everything that we like in a swing and jive song – upbeat tempo, catchy melody, witty lyrics with a unison saxophone and guitar riff along with lots of little phrases coupled with a great chord sequence to keep things interesting!





“What is the most memorable moment of the band’s career?”

It would have to be the gig we played a couple of months ago – it was over 5000 miles away, at a private event on Mahé Island, Seychelles. We were flown out there and they put us in a 5 star hotel, right by the beach! It was quite the adventure consisting of a delayed departure resulting in missing our connecting flight, staying up all night in Dubai airport, two instruments getting lost by baggage handlers in Paris and one iPhone left on a plane. Fortunately, everything worked out in the end, we made it in time for the gig and all of the lost items were subsequently found in one piece. Phew! It also shows that even after all of that, all five of us were still laughing and joking together on the return flight which shows that no matter what happens along the way, we always remain in high-spirits and ready to put on a good show!


“Where has Swing taken the band in its career?”

Swing music means that we get invited to any event that is specifically vintage-themed or that requires a lively and highly-entertaining band to create a party atmosphere. One recent gig that springs to mind that fits both of these requirements was for the actress and model Kelly Brook. She was looking for a band that played mainly vintage swing and jive music to match the retro vibe of her new London club Steam & Rye but on this particular night it was her birthday too and therefore naturally wanted the band to also be lively and entertaining for her celebrations! Kelly subsequently posted a note to the band on her Twitter page “You guys were great!! Thank you so much x”

 “Is there a certain gig that the band aspires to perform at?”

Not really any particular gig but we would certainly like to continue to take our swing and jive performance all over the world! We would love to go to Japan!


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