Keeping Children Entertained During Wedding Receptions

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When planning your wedding, you might be faced with that difficult decision of whether children will be invited to the wedding day. Many couples choose to keep their big day to adults only, to save on costs and to also prevent any bored little ones running around and causing havoc. Inviting children to your wedding can add magic to your day and it doesn’t need to be stressful. All you need to do is make sure that you have looked for wedding entertainment ideas for your younger guests.

During a wedding reception, children can become restless and this is why it’s important to arrange entertainment to keep them busy. If you are only having a couple of children at your wedding, entertainment can be something as simple as an activity pack for them to complete during the wedding breakfast, or giant outdoor games during the Summer months. If you have many children attending your wedding, putting on external entertainment can be the perfect way to minimise boredom. There are many options when it comes to booking entertainment for kids during a wedding reception, so let’s look at some of these now…

Children’s Magicians

Hiring a children’s magician is possibly the most perfect form of entertainment for a wedding reception as they entertain children of most ages. Children that are between 4 and 11 will benefit most from a children’s magician, but that’s not to say than older children won’t get involved too. A children’s magician will perform magic tricks with small objects including coins, cards and rope and can be set up to perform in a quiet location separate to the adults. A children’s magician will get all of the kids involved and is a safe, clean way to keep the little ones occupied.

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Balloon Modellers

Balloon modelling is another way to entertain children, however the length of performance for this type of entertainer may be less than that of a children’s magician. A balloon performer will sculpt animals, hats and other fun shapes using brightly coloured balloons and some may even teach children how to do it themselves.

Balloon Modeller for Hire

Face Painters

Hiring a face painter is a great idea for younger children, however you need to be really careful that children don’t get the brightly coloured paints all over their hands, and then onto your beautiful wedding dress. A face painter will only entertain children while they are being painted, so it might be a good idea to put on other entertainment simultaneously, such as soft play or bouncy castles. Check to make sure that face painted children are allowed on equipment before booking.


Hiring a clown might seem like an unusual form of entertainment for a wedding, but if you have many younger children attending, or are planning a carnival / colourful wedding, a clown might fit in perfectly in your day. A clown will act silly and slightly mischievous and sometimes add elements of other entertainment into his routine. Balloon modelling, juggling and magic tricks are popular among clowns.



Another option for an outdoor summer wedding is to hire a puppeteer. Think Punch and Judy shows from your childhood! A puppeteer can be set up in a specific location and will perform a comedy style show with many characters. Some of your adult guests may even watch as puppets can entertain most ages! Hiring a puppeteer will usually keep your younger guests entertained for between 1 and 2 hours.

If you are planning a big wedding, why not book more than one form of entertainment for throughout your wedding day to make sure that children don’t become restless. A wedding can be a very long occasion for small people, but if you follow our tips and put on entertainment, you’ll find they have a fantastic, trouble free day! Take a look at all of our children’s performers on our website for other entertainment ideas and to find the perfect children’s entertainment for your wedding!

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