Liven Things up with Carnival Themed Entertainment


Hosting carnival themed events is increasing in popularity and can work for pretty much any type of occasion.  From carnival themed weddings, birthday parties and corporate events, to summer fetes and charity fundraisers, this theme is not only fun but also exciting too!

Many carnival themed events are suited to outdoor venues, however if you are planning on an indoor celebration, your choice in entertainment can be altered slightly to fit in with your venue.  Take a look at our suggestions for carnival themed entertainment to give you some inspiration for your upcoming event!

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Siena Moon – Circus and Fire Performer from

Hire Fire Performers for an Evening Spectacular!

If your event is being hosted in the evening, fire performers are a fantastic choice for entertainment.  With plenty of visual display, fire performers will perform stunts with fire batons, juggle and even show their skills at the old fashioned art of fire eating!  This type of entertainment is extremely thrilling and will captivate your guests right up until the very end of the performance.  Fire performers do work best with outdoor venues, and can be set up in a central location, such as on stage or can walk around your venue.  Click here to view all of the fire performers available on our website!

Stilt Walkers Offer Fantastic Promotion for a Corporate Event

A popular type of entertainment, especially for corporate events is to hire stilt walkers.  These talented individuals walk around your venue on stilts which means that all of your guests can see them elevated!  Some stilt walkers will juggle or provide circus style tricks, but you can also ask them to hand out leaflets or promotional material for your corporate event.  Again, outdoor venues work well with this form of entertainment due to the height restrictions, but if your venue has high ceilings, you shouldn’t face any problems.  Find stilt walkers near you today and get booking!

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Katia – Aerialist / Acrobat from

Amaze Your Guests with Aerialists and Acrobats…

Aerialists and acrobats showcase amazing talents while high in the air!  Using structures such as trapezes, swings and ropes, aerialists will perform acrobatics while balancing and offer a fantastic visual display.  If your venue won’t cater for the height needed for an aerialist, opt for an acrobat instead who will perform tricks and physical stunts including jumping, the human pyramid and some even offer stilt walking too.  Hiring an aerialist or acrobat offers quite unusual entertainment that your guests won’t be expecting.  If you want to see all of the relevant acts that are available – and find out more, click here.

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Dan Meyer – Sword Swallower from

Add some Excitement and Thrill with a Sword Swallower

For daring entertainment that will give your guests the wow factor, book a sword swallower to entertain them!  Perfect for both indoor and outdoor events, across a multitude of occasions, sword swallowers have perfected the art of sword swallowing – a very dangerous stunt indeed!  Many people assume these stunts are illusions, but top sword swallowers claim that they really take a sword down into their esophagus!  Sword swallowing originated in Greece and Rome as far back as the 1st Century AD, and became more popular in the 1900s with the travelling circus and sideshows!  If you want to add an element of danger and excitement to your event, we highly recommend a sword swallower!

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Luke Burrage – Juggler from

Entertain your Younger Guests with a Juggler

If you are hosting a summer fete or a family fun day, jugglers are perfect for entertaining children.  Their skills can range from juggling balls, hoops or batons, to more breathtaking stunts with knives and dangerous objects!  This type of entertainment really adds to the carnival theme and offers quite flexible entertainment too.  A juggler doesn’t have to stay in one spot which means that they can work the room and wow all of your guests in small groups.  Jugglers work for many different occasions and sometimes they even offer to teach some of your guests the basics of juggling!  If you would like to search for a juggler near you, click here and browse our available acts!

Add Live Music with the Energy of a Brazilian Band!

We can’t think of a better live music choice for a carnival themed event than that of a Brazilian band!  With so much energy and flamboyant costumes, Brazilian bands offer a thrilling type of music.  From Samba or Salsa to Latin party, your guests won’t be able to stand still with such rhythmic and lively ambiance.  Although less common, this type of band fits perfectly with some including colourful costumed dancers which will really get the party started!  To view our Brazilian bands that are listed on our entertainment directory, click here.

Whichever entertainment you choose for your carnival themed event; you are sure to have a fantastic party!  The high-energy of such a theme will ensure that your guests will have a night to remember.  If none of our suggestions are suitable for your event, don’t panic!  On our entertainment directory there are hundreds of different act types to choose from.  Simply browse through our directory and get booking!

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