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Looking to hire a Martial Arts Tricking Act to perform at your Wedding, Party or Corporate event?

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Read on for the most comprehensive guide to booking a Martial Arts Tricking Act, including how much a Martial Arts Tricking Act costs, exactly what they will do at your event, plus tips, advice and information to help make your event one to remember!

What exactly will a Martial Arts Tricking Act do at your event?

How about hiring a Martial Arts Tricking Act to give your event a kick?!

Martial Arts Tricking mixes certain martial arts skills with elements of dance such as breakdancing, with a pinch of gymnastics thrown in as well to give a show that is truly unique and stunning to watch!

A Martial Arts Tricking Act will usually have between 3 to 10 members and they’ll perform some stunts synchronised such as backflips, high-kicks, summersaults and more!

You can expect the Martial Arts Tricking Act perform Tricking moves such as the Cheat 72 Kick, the Butterfly Twist, the Double Leg and as many backflips as you can fit into a 20 minute show!

Mainly, a Martial Arts Tricking Act will entertain your audience with a fantastic performance that will put the wow factor into celebrations and impress your guests, whatever their entertainment tastes may be.

What event types are Martial Arts Tricking Acts hired for?

Book a Martial Arts Tricking Act for Wedding Entertainment:    

If you want a big show performance at your wedding, then we would highly recommend hiring a Martial Arts Tricking Act to show off all the right moves! Watching a Martial Arts Tricking Act is a unique experience for everyone as they’ll see stunts performed live that are considered fairly dangerous to try! They may start off with Tricking moves such as the Aerial Cartwheel move. This is where the Martial Arts Tricking Artist does a full cartwheel without using any hands! (No, we’re not sure how they do this either!) Another riveting move is the 540 Tricking move. You’ve probably seen this move performed before as it’s one of the most recognised. It’s where the performer spins around before kicking right up into the air and coming back down to land on both feet. This will be stunning to view live at your wedding, especially if a group of Martial Arts Tricking Artists are all performing in sync with each-other! The Martial Arts Tricking Acts will perform to music (often high-energy music) This mixed with the lighting effects and the Tricking itself will make for a mesmerising show!

Book a Martial Arts Tricking Act for Corporate Event Entertainment

Looking for a specialist act for your work event that will unite everybody with a riveting show?! Martial Arts Tricking Acts can do just that! The hired Tricking Performers can perform at a trade show, where they will act out tricks such as the Double Leg move. This is where the performer spins in the air with both legs, which is very impressive considering they then land back on their feet! Other moves the Tricking Performer might display is the incredible front-flip, which can be performed over and over, from one side of the stage to the other, without stopping! The hired Martial Arts Tricking Act will be a breathtaking act that everybody will find captivating. Martial Arts mixed with acrobatics, gymnastic and breakdancing is enthralling to watch due to the danger element involved with such a performance. There is obviously always a risk element with acts such as this, but that is exactly why your workforce will like them! What a stimulating ice-breaker this will be for co-workers who may not usually get the chance to chat day to day.

Other events that a Martial Arts Tricking Act would be great for include a trade show, where they will use their highly practised skills to engross potential clients and customers, holding the audiences attention and raising awareness of your brand at the same time. The Martial Arts Tricking Act will be able to perform along to fast music which will create a brilliant excitement around your product!

How about hiring a Martial Arts Tricking Act for your cruise ship entertainment or your holiday resort entertainment?! The hired Tricking Performers will dazzle wth front-flips, breakdancing, aerial jumps and more twists than you would dare to imagine! Picture the show: The performers are dressed up, the music is playing, and there are synchronised moves happening all over the stage! A truly fascinating sight to behold!

If you have a street promotion that you are organising, then you might want to book a Tricking Freestyle Act to dance all day?! The Tricking Act will be a powerful mix of gymnastics, breakdancing and Martial Arts which will most definitely create a circle of potential customers around your promotion! 

You may be organising entertainment for a sporting event? Due to the great physical nature of the hobby, a Martial Arts Tricking Act would be a great match for such an event! They can be set up to perform before the sport has begun, at half-time, and after the game is over. A brilliant 3-in-1 act that will captivate everyone!

Book a Martial Arts Tricking Act for Party Entertainment

Martial Arts Tricking Acts have gained enormous popularity over recent years due to Tricking acts appearing on the ‘Got Talent’ television series. This is just one of many reasons why hiring a Martial Arts Tricking Act to perform at a birthday party is a splendid idea! The act can be set up to perform on the stage of your party venue where they’ll play out daring positions to thumping music, al in the name of entertainment! If you’e unsure whether to book professional dancer, acrobats or Martial Artists to do their thing at your event, then why not hire an act which is all of them?!

How much do Martial Arts Tricking Acts cost to hire?

Our simple to use entertainment directory allows you to firstly search for the best Martial Arts Tricking Acts who are local (or travel to your area) and then via the contact form you may contact them directly to enquire for a no obligation quote to perform at your event. Some acts will also add a rough price guide to their profile for your convenience.

What are the usual set formats and performance lengths for Martial Arts Tricking Acts?

A Martial Arts Tricking Act can be very versatile when it comes to timescales at your event/function, wedding or party. The average time of a Martial Arts Tricking Act’s show will be about 5 minutes to 20 minutes. Each Martial Arts Tricking Act's performance time will change however. The easiest way to enquire about this is by using our simple-to-use messaging service here on the website.

How much space will a Martial Arts Tricking Act need at your event?

This depends on the type of show the Martial Arts Tricking Act offers and also how any members are in the group. If you require their services for a full-on Martial Arts Tricking show, then they may need a certain amount of room to perform the finale of the show. The Martial Arts Tricking Act will need a minimum of a 6ft diameter space around them. The best way to find out exactly is to message the Martial Arts Tricking Act and find out what space they will need prior to the event.

What equipment and set up requirements do Martial Arts Tricking Acts need?

Most Martial Arts Tricking Acts will be self-sufficient and will prodive their own tools for the job. They will need space to lay any gym mats they may use, but that is somehting they will discuss before the event. If the venue is large, they may require a PA, a microphone and professional lighting to perform at their best. We suggest that you message the Martial Arts Tricking Act using the messaging service on our site to find out what they need exactly.

It is standard practice for a Martial Arts Tricking Act to require a room where they can get changed and change clothing in private. Please check ahead with your venue to see if they a) have a backstage area, or b) a spare room in which the Martial Arts Tricking Act can set-up.

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