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Are you planning a corporate event and want to make it a little more exciting, have you considered hiring entertainment to keep your guests entertained?  We have plenty of entertainment options to choose from on our entertainment directory, from comedy acts, magic and illusion acts to live bands.  For today’s article, we have decided to put together a little guide filled with creative corporate entertainment ideas to get guests talking and turn your evening into a fantastic occasion!

Caricaturist - John Roberts

John Roberts – Caricaturist from

Hire a Caricaturist to offer your guests a memento!

A popular choice for many occasions, hiring a caricaturist is a fantastic way to give your guests a memento as they sketch each guest within minutes in a funny manner.  Usually a Caricaturist will sit in a central location as guests take turns in being sketched, or alternatively if you want them to work the room, that can be arranged too.  Choosing a caricaturist offers a non-evasive entertainment type that works well with other entertainment too!  If you would like to find a Caricaturist to sketch at your next corporate event, click here to browse our selection!


Keep things modern with a Graffiti artist and wow your guests

Did you know that you can hire a professional graffiti artist to spray-paint a modern masterpiece during your corporate event?  A graffiti artist is a very modern type of entertainment and guests will love to watch as their paintings are completed while they mingle among each other.  Not only does a Graffiti Artist offer a creative entertainment type for during corporate drinks receptions or sit-down dinners but they can also offer fantastic team building exercises too by getting all of your colleagues involved in creating a canvas!  Click here to find a Graffiti Artist to book for your upcoming corporate event!

Click here to view Acrobat and Aeralist, Katia's Profile

Katia – Acrobat and Aeralist from

Choose an Aerialist or Acrobat to offer a visual display!

Another type of non-evasive entertainment is the aerialist or acrobat which offers a stunning visual performance!  If you’re not sure what this type of entertainment is, an aerialist performs acrobatics in the air using a number of props including ropes, trapezes and hoops.  An acrobat performs amazing acrobatics but they generally stick to the ground and offer displays such as jumping through hoops, creating human pyramids and more.  One way to look at what this type of entertainment has to offer is to think back to circus performers as many aerialists and acrobats come from a circus background.  If you want your guests to watch a spectacular at your corporate event, click here to find an aerialist or acrobat!

Fire Performers - Bash and the Fire Dancers of Creative Flame

Bash and the Fire Dancers of Creative Flame – Fire Performers from

Create a breathtaking atmosphere with the help of Fire Performers

If your event is taking place at night, we can’t think of a better type of entertainment than fire performers!  Fire performers will offer daring stunts using fire, including fire breathing, fire juggling and much more.  Imagine your guests as they watch these stunts unfold before their very eyes! Fire performers generally perform to music, and work to a carefully choreographed routine.  If you want a fantastic live performance for your guests that certainly won’t disappoint, choose a fire performer and wow your guests big time!

Click here to view hypnotist, Elijah Garcia's Profile

Elijah Garcia – Hypnotist from

Get some team building on the go and book a Hypnotist

Are you looking for entertainment that is likely to help team building and create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere?  We highly recommend booking a Hypnotist to perform to your guests, in the style of Paul McKenna and Derren Brown.  Usually, a hypnotist will combine comedy into their routine and your guests will enjoy watching volunteers being made to perform stunts and react to certain words!  Want to find a hypnotist to give your guests a fun live show?  Click here to browse our selection on our entertainment directory!

Want to advertise your product or service?  Choose Stilt Walkers to help!

Stilt Walkers are perfect for corporate entertainment – they are much higher than your guests which makes them stand out.  If you are planning a corporate event and want to advertise something, such as a new product or service, we highly recommend booking stilt walkers to mingle around the room handing out leaflets.  None of your guests will be able to miss a stilt walker coming towards them!  Stilt walkers generally wear bright and colourful costumes, which can offer plenty of fun – or if you’d prefer them to tone down a little bit, that can usually be arranged too.  Click here to find a Stilt Walker to advertise your services at your next corporate bash!

As you can see, we have plenty of creative corporate entertainment ideas available to book, and these suggestions are only a select few of what we have on offer.  If you would like to browse our complete entertainment directory, head on over to and take a look at all of our entertainment categories to help you decide what type you wish to book for your event!

Once you’ve narrowed down your entertainment category we also make it really easy to find and choose a performer!  Browse through our entertainers’ profiles and view their biographies, read previous customer testimonials and some of our acts even have video and audio samples too!  Then all you need to do is click on the green “Request a Quote Via Email” button which will put you in direct contact with your chosen performer.  We do not charge for this service, and do not add a percentage on top of your booking fee, so you can be guaranteed to get the best direct price!

Have fun choosing your entertainment for your upcoming corporate event and remember to use our website in the future for any of your entertainment needs!

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