Complete to Hiring a Circus Entertainer or Speciality Act: Costs, Practicalities and More

SpecialtyYour Complete Guide to Booking a Circus Entertainer or Speciality Act

If you’re looking for something a bit different to create a great atmosphere and get all your guests talking, a circus or speciality act is the added sparkle you’re looking for. 

From Aerialists and Acrobats to Jugglers and Stilt Walkers, Caricaturists and Silhouette Artists to Fire Acts and Hypnotists, there’s something amazing for everyone in this category of entertainers.

Read on to find out exactly which type of entertainment will work best for your event, whether it’s a wedding, party or corporate event, how much it will cost, how much space they will need and loads of useful practical advice.

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Which Speciality Act is Right for My Event?Hiring a Speciality Act for My Wedding | How Much Do they Cost to Hire? | How Long will they Perform For?Set Up & Stage Requirements for Speciality Acts | How Can I find a Circus Act or Speciality Act Near Me?

What type of Speciality Act should I hire for my Event?

In order to choose from the vast range of acts available in this category, it’s a good idea to consider the type of event you’re holding, the age range of your guests, whether the venue is indoors or outdoors and whether you want a stage show or mix and mingle entertainers.

You will also need to bear in mind the size of your venue and performance area and any particular restrictions that might affect certain act types. For example, aerialists will need sufficient ceiling height and you will need permission from your venue to have fire performers. Think about the type of act you’re considering and whether they are a practical option for your event. If in doubt, ask your chosen performer and they will be happy to advise.

Now for the good bit. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of Speciality and Circus Acts…

How to hire an Acrobat

Acrobalance & Adagio

Acrobalance is a specialist performance including spectacular acrobatic lifts, gymnastics, somersaults and hand balancing. Combining balance, strength and flexibility, this art form is highly expressive and makes a definite impact, with seemingly impossible moves carried out with breathtaking style and control.

Hire an Acrobalance or Adagio Act for your celebration and witness incredible stunts including dancers hoisted into the air whilst being balanced on just one hand, or being flung around in a whirl!

If you’re looking to hire entertainment for a corporate event, Christmas party or leaving do, this captivating circus-themed act with music and colourful costumes, makes for a truly thrilling show, which will give staff plenty to talk about and serve as a fantastic ice-breaker for colleagues who may not get the chance to chat at work.

If you’re planning a trade show or product launch, you’re going to want entertainment that draws a crowd. Acrobalance acts can perform to music that will suit your product and will put on an enthralling show that audiences of any age will enjoy, either as a stage spectacle, or as walkabout entertainment where the audience watch their amazing moves up close.

Acrobalance Acts usually consist of two dancers, but troupes can include up to ten or more performers. They can set up to perform in a shopping centre, a shop (providing there’s enough space) or at most kinds of venues or exhibition spaces.

Performances are usually accompanied by background music and can be a focal point, or something your guests can enjoy while they continue talking and mingling.

They are also highly adaptable and can tailor their costumes, music and choreography to fit any theme, whether it’s 1940s jazz or Halloween!

To hire an Acrobalance & Adagio act, browse through our profiles, take a look at what kind of events our acts have previously performed at, check out their video clips and testimonials and use the contact form to ask any questions or request a free, no-obligation quote..

Aerialists near you

Aerialists & Acrobats

The ultimate in dramatic entertainment with an authentic circus theme, aerialists and acrobats are renowned for thrilling audiences with high-energy, tightly choreographed routines. These elegant and gravity-defying displays require great gymnastic skill, with a combination of strength, flexibility, balance and stamina.

Aerial artists perform high in the air which makes them perfect for larger venues.

They use a variety of apparatus including trapezes, hoops, rope swings and silks (ribbons) and will leave your guests breathless as jaw-dropping moves are performed before their very eyes.

Available to book as solo acts, duos or groups, these performers can tailor their shows to suit your event, either putting on a stage show or providing a mesmerising backdrop that guests can enjoy as they move around and mingle.

If you need to stick to the ground, opt for a floor-based Acrobat, who will perform gymnastics and daring stunts without the need for being held in the air. Many acrobats offer several disciplines, performing floor gymnastics, hand balancing, hula hoop and contortion, or a mix of all of these.

Hire an aerialist or acrobat near you, or anywhere in the world in our directory. Their profiles detail their experience and include showreels, testimonials and a contact form


Caricaturists are extremely talented artists who can sketch people at high speed, exaggerating features such as the eyes, nose, mouth and hair to great comic effect.

They work fast, completing portraits in a matter of minutes, with some offering a specified number of pictures per hour (although the more time they take, the more detailed the pictures will be). 10-15 caricatures per hour is typical, so consider your number of guests to ensure there’s enough time for everyone to be drawn (bearing in mind that no caricaturist will be able to draw 100 guests without going cross-eyed).

Portraits are usually A4 or A3 size and can be in black and white or colour. You can also hire a digital caricaturist who will use the latest generation equipment, allowing pictures to be emailed and shared on social media!

Imagine the laughter ringing out as colleagues, friends or family members show each other cartoon portraits that show them in a whole new light! Even better, guests can take their caricatures home as a keepsake.

A Caricaturist can either work around the room, drawing while standing, or be seated in one location. The latter is ideal, as it’s more relaxing for the person being drawn, easier for the artist and allows other guests to watch the portrait taking shape. Guests of all ages will love being drawn by a Caricaturist.

You can also hire a Caricaturist to create drawings from photographs, for a group photo, event poster or personalised wedding invitation. This is a great way to avoid the usual format and create a sense of fun ahead of your big day.

Caricaturists are very popular at trade fairs and product launches, where they are guaranteed to draw a crowd. Portraits can even be drawn on your company’s branded paper, giving customers a treasured memento to take home that also displays your logo!

A good caricaturist is not only a talented artist, but also a natural entertainer, knowing how to put people at ease while they’re being drawn and telling the odd amusing story to keep guests entertained. This makes them perfect for birthday parties, fun days, weddings, award ceremonies and work celebrations.

Our Caricaturists each have their own style, with some drawing in a definite comic style and others taking a more flattering approach! You can view samples of their work on their profiles to make sure they will be the right fit for your event.

Hire a contortionist


Contortion, or contortionism involves using extreme flexibility to squeeze into tiny spaces or twist the body into unnatural and seemingly impossible positions as part of a choreographed set of poses. This is a unique and elegant art from, combining gymnastics, dance and yoga. It takes a great deal of skill and years of training to perfect, and is fascinating to watch.

Performers fit into three main categories; front benders, back benders and, on the more extreme end of the spectrum, dislocation acts. By far the most common are the back benders, who flex their spines backwards to wrap their feet behind their head, walk on their hands or lie on their chest bending their legs backwards until their toes touch the ground in front of them.

This is great birthday party entertainment and would be a dream for any young dance or gymnastics fans. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for something a bit freaky for a Halloween party!

If you’re hosting a product launch, sporting or VIP occasion, and you want edgy, eye-catching entertainment that’s sure to impress your guests, this is an ideal option. Of course, it also fits perfectly with any festival, fun day or circus-themed event.

Equally, if you require sideshow entertainment, that works with or without music, a contortionist can perform without detracting too much from your actual event.

Contortionists usually perform solo, with accompaniment in the form of backing tracks. If you have any special requests regarding the style of music or costume, speak to your chosen performer. They will be super adaptable, as well as very bendy!

These extraordinary performers will astound your guests with their incredible moves, and keep everyone talking long after your event has ended, so for an event with a difference, hire a Contortionists. All the information you need will be on their profiles, including video clips of them performing, and you can use the contact form to ask any questions you have.

Hire a Cyr Wheel Act

Cyr Wheel Acts

With only a large ring made of metal, Cyr Wheel Acts offer breathtaking performances combining strength, balance and dancing skill. Standing inside the ring, they flip, spin, rotate and create seamless balletic moves that are truly mesmerising to watch and guaranteed to impress audiences of all ages.

These highly trained artists demonstrate incredible control, as they dance and weave in and out of the wheel, which never stops moving. This is perfect entertainment for events with an industrial theme, or any occasion needing a stunning visual display.

If you want to add the wow factor to an exhibition, product launch or gala dinner, a Cyr Wheel Act is the ideal solution and performances can be tailored to incorporate brand designs and logos!

Take a look at our talented Cyr Wheel Acts for hire either as a solo act or a group of performers. On their profiles you will find details of their experience, video clips, testimonials and a form for contacting any acts you like.

Hire a Fire Performer

Fire Performers

If you’re looking for thrilling, daredevil entertainment including juggling with batons and circles of fire, fire spinning, fire breathing and fire eating, hire a Fire Performer!

This circus-themed act dates all the way back to the Ancient Aztecs but its enormous popularity endures to this day. Guests of all ages will be kept in suspense as performers dance and spin in routines that are often choreographed to music.

They can perform on stage or with a group gathered round them, providing exciting, carnival-style walkabout entertainment. Either way, these incredible performers add dramatic visual impact, all the more effective after dark. Booking a fire performer is certain to bring a major wow factor to your event.

Perfect for any festival, community or circus-themed event, corporate celebration or company incentive day, our thrill-seeking Fire Performers will also attract customers at a product launch or trade show, especially with Fire Poi, where balls and ropes of fire are spun around, or with fire fans that draw exciting pictures in the air. Or how about Sparkle Poi, that creates curtains of lights, fire hoops and even coloured fire that can be tailored to your corporate colours.

If your event is indoors, just make sure the venue will allow performance with fire. For more on the practicalities of booking a speciality act, see our Essential Tips below. 

Hire a Hua Hoop Act near you

Hula Hoop Performers

At some stage in our lives, we’ve all tried hula hooping, but let’s face it, after a few ho-hum swings around the waist, the hula hoop usually falls flat on the floor. Well, fear not, a professional Hula Hoop Act will put on a show that is truly sensational to watch. Combining flexibility, rhythm and acrobatics, a hula hoop performer will keep guests captivated as they perform astonishing routines, usually to music.

Thanks to shows such as Britain’s Got Talent showcasing modern hula hoop acts, the art of hula hooping has undergone something of a resurgence in recent years and is something that will appeal to young and old.

A Hula Hoop Act will perform a contemporary show for your guests, beginning with spinning the hula hoop around their waist, then moving it down to their feet and up to their neck, at ferocious speed. Guests will be amazed as they introduce more and more hoops and spin them simultaneously on different parts of the body!

For a fun and dynamic act, that will add a colourful and interesting visual element to your event, hire a  Hula Hoop Performer. They are perfect to book for store promotions, exhibitions, drinks receptions, birthday parties and of course, any occasion event with a circus or burlesque theme.

How to hire a Hypnotist


Looking for some something completely different? Hiring a Hypnotist, if you’re brave enough, it a sure fire way to ensure that your event is one that you and your guests will never forget! Hypnotism today is a fast-paced, highly interactive form of entertainment that’s really exciting to watch.

While some might find Hypnosis a bit controversial, there really is nothing to be afraid of. No one can be hypnotised against their will and no one is made to act in a way that is out of character, or that would cause genuine shame or embarrassment. The object of the exercise is to have fun and put on a show for the enjoyment of everyone involved. Some of our UK Hypnotists are even members of the government recognised body, the Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists, or F.E.S.H.

Audience interaction is the name of the game, along with a large dose of comedy. Imagine guests falling about, helpless with laughter as hypnotised friends or colleagues find out they’ve won the lottery, get chased by ghosts, or star in the cast of Riverdance!

Hiring a Hypnotist is a popular choice for stag dos and military functions, as well as anniversaries, engagement parties and birthdays where the guest of honour is the star of the show. They are also particularly well suited to team building days. Whatever the event, a hypnotist can tailor their show to incorporate a theme, or include comedy and tricks that reflect the occasion. The only caveat is that you will need some willing volunteers among your guests.

A professional hypnotist may have amazing mind control abilities but they only use their powers of persuasion for good. So, for a tasteful yet fascinating and utterly memorable event, check out our Hypnotists for hire near you.

How to Hire a Juggler Near Me


Mention the circus and most people think of Jugglers. Indeed, they are one of the most popular speciality acts available to hire, partly due to their sheer flexibility, making them suitable for a wide variety of events. Jugglers incorporate a lot of comedy into their acts, providing dynamic shows that will entertain guests of all ages at festivals and street parties, wedding receptions and birthday parties.

Jugglers are skilled individuals who have trained long and hard to master their art. They juggle a variety of props, including plates, colourful batons, hoops and balls and for more daring stunts, knives and fire torches!

Planning a celebration, outdoor party, corporate event or carnival-themed entertainment? Or are you looking for great walkabout or mix-and-mingle entertainment, where guests can get involved and even learn some basic circus skills? Then look no further, hire a  juggler near you who will be the perfect act.

Are you a juggler in training, or interested in learning how to juggle? You can find out more about the art of juggling on the International Jugglers’ Association at


Similar to Jugglers are Diabolo acts, who perform a large variety of tricks using hourglass shaped cups, derived from the Chinese yo-yo. The performer spins the cups on a string which is attached to batons that he or she holds. This is a lot of fun to watch and children would enjoy learning some of the more basic tricks.

Foot Jugglers

Foot Jugglers are performers who lie on their backs on chairs and juggle and spin balls, hoops and even tables and chairs with their feet! This makes regular juggling look like a walk in the park and is perfect if you’re looking for show-stopping entertainment for guests at a festival, cabaret show, birthday party of corporate function.

How to hire an LED entertainer near me

LED Entertainment

LED stands for light-emitting diode, a semiconductor that produces light as a result of moving electrons. Although tiny, LEDs produce a lot of light, without burning out or getting hot. Many forms of lighting are now being replaced with LEDs and they have had a big impact in the entertainment industry, with lots of performers now using LEDs to visually enhance their shows.

Powerful LED lights fitted inside costumes, instruments and props, controlled wirelessly by tiny computer processors, provide endless possibilities. Artists can now create original, hi-tech light shows using sophisticated visual effects and displaying high-resolution images for a totally immersive experience.

Hula hoops, dance props, inflatable beach balls, robot costumes, instruments,  spinning pois and juggling clubs are just some of the objects that come to life with LED technology.

Do you want to provide your clients with a cutting-edge artistic experience? Logos, words, graphics, themes and images can be uploaded onto interactive video screens and colourful, glowing props, which are then used in choreographed shows, perfect for promotional events and advertising. You can even go ultra hi-tech and have small video screens incorporated into the costumes of performers! Big companies including YouTube, Google and Coca Cola have all used LED entertainment, putting on spectacular shows, tailored to their brand.

Equally you can electrify the audience at a trade show or product launch with an LED instrumentalist. People will not be able to take their eyes off the musician, as their violin, saxophone or guitar lights up in beautiful glowing colours that change in time to the music as they play!

Add sparkle to a drinks reception, party or festival with glowing spinning poi that draw beautiful patterns as they trail light through the air. Stunning visual displays and elaborate dance moves will impress audiences of all ages and are a fantastic option if your event is indoors and you’re not able to hire an actual fire performer.

Dazzle guests young and old at a summer fair or holiday resort with a neon dance performance or glow in the dark laser show, or add a futuristic flavour to a nightclub event with a light up band. The dance floor will be fuller than you’ve ever seen it. You can also hire LED entertainers to perform on podiums, on stage or as mix and mingle entertainers, interacting with guests and creating an exciting party mood.

For a magical, carnival-style vibe at a summer fair or street party, you can have LED drummers parading in costumes that change colour in time with their choreographed moves. Audience members can get up close to the performers and interact, maybe even get a photo taken with them!

LED shows are ideal for themed events such as Halloween, Christmas or New Year’s Eve as well as birthdays, festivals, staff events and parties of all kinds, adding excitement, colour and something that guests will not be expecting. You can also opt for lights that create a more relaxed and mellow atmosphere if required, for a sophisticated drinks reception, cocktail party or VIP occasion.

One thing to bear in mind is that LEDs are designed to glow in the dark and are  most effective in the evening or at night, or in venues with the lights turned right down.

With so many amazing LED performance options to choose and book, why not take a look at the profiles of our LED Entertainers for hire and see what they offer!


Essentially, Ventriloquists are performers who are able to speak without moving their lips, although there is a bit more to it than that. They perform with puppets (known as dummies) that they manipulate and interact with on stage, using different voices so that the puppets appear to be talking. Puppets are created with a lot of skill and artistic flair, to bring about strong, believable characters and lots of laughs.

When you watch skilled ventriloquists, you suspend your disbelief and accept the dummy as a separate entity. Routines are comedy-based, with the dummy often telling the jokes and keeping one step ahead of the ventriloquist.

Ventriloquists can be thin on the ground compared to other kinds of entertainer, for the sole reason that ventriloquism is really difficult and not many people can do it! Nevertheless, it is very much back in fashion thanks to the recent emergence of a number of high profile performers so hiring a ventriloquist has become easier.

Acts can be family-friendly or more adult-oriented and styles vary. Terry Fators, one of America’s top ventriloquists, performs brilliant impressions of rock and pop stars singing their greatest hits – without moving his lips! UK artist and Live at the Apollo regular Nina Conti is a mistress of comedy ad-libbing and audience interaction and always had her audience in stitches.

A Ventriloquist will bring delightful and engaging comedy and entertainment to a birthday party (for children or adults), family fun day or comedy show.

To find the perfect performer for your event, check out our Ventriloquists. On their profiles you will find plenty of details about their shows, where they’ve performed, the type of events they cater to, along with video clips and testimonials. Some of our acts are also members of the International Ventriloquist Society, who have a great website for anyone interested in learning more about ventriloquism.

Football Freestyle Acts

Organising a birthday party for a young football fan? You can’t do better than hiring a Football Freestyle Act. They will go down a storm as they dribble, spin, kick, catch, juggle, balance and bounce the ball, demonstrating impressive technique. Routines can be performed to music but this is not a requirement.

Football freestylers provide engaging, interactive entertainment, and are usually more than happy to get everyone involved and teach a few of their moves. They are a popular choice of entertainment for events at football clubs, corporate sports functions, promotional events and product launches. Check out our dazzling Football Freestyle Acts for hire, many of whom have performed for the big brands.

How to Hire a Stilt Walker near me

Stilt Walkers

No street party or festival is complete without a stilt walker, taking giant but elegant steps as they move around several feet above everyone else and wearing brightly coloured costumes, often juggling or balloon modelling as they go.

You can hire a Stilt Walker to hand out flyers and provide roving entertainment at a trade show or other promotional event, where they are sure to capture people’s attention. This is an act enjoyed by children, families and people of all ages and a popular form of entertainment for parades, street parties, carnivals, garden parties and nightclub events.

How to Hire a Sword Swallower near me

Sword Swallowers

Are swords designed to be swallowed? No. Is it dangerous to swallow them? Yes! This art form dates back over 2000 years but is every bit as terrifying to behold as it always was. You will not be able to take your eyes off this performer as they taunt and tease, building unbearable suspense as they prepare to pass one, or possibly more, swords into their throat and down their gullet, holding them there for a bit longer each time.

Yes, this is as dangerous as it sounds so please don’t try it at home! Professional sword swallowers train for years in order to develop the skill required to perform their act safely, but it’s still pretty nail-biting stuff. Not for the faint-hearted but definitely thrilling!

And if swallowing swords wasn’t enough, these acts often perform other tricks and stunts, most of which are even more gruesome, so if your guests are on the sensitive side, you might want to give this one a miss!

For all you danger junkies out there, hire a Sword Swallower for heart-stopping fun. These guaranteed crowd-pleasers are perfect for Halloween parties, macabre cabaret shows, nightclubs, birthday parties, cocktail receptions, product launches, Christmas parties and circus-themed events

How to HIre a Circus Act for my Wedding

Hiring a Speciality or Circus Act for your Wedding

Looking for something alternative and exciting when it comes to your wedding entertainment?

How about the thrill of an aerialist or acrobalance act flying through the air? These acts will bring magic and excitement to your wedding breakfast or reception and perform to your choice of music.

Stilt Walkers and Jugglers are particularly suitable for outdoor weddings and provide a colourful, festival vibe, performing tricks and mingling with guests. Children will love these enchanting walkabout entertainers and hiring this kind of act will help to make them feel more involved in the celebrations.

Hiring a Caricaturist is a fantastic way to liven up your wedding breakfast. The artist will draw attention from across the room and there will be plenty of giggles as cartoon portraits of friends and family come to life. Guests will be strangely proud of their pictures, exaggerated features and all, and will love holding on to them as special keepsakes. Caricaturists are friendly, professional entertainers who will put guests at ease and even tell the odd entertaining anecdote as they draw.

Imagine the faces of friends and family light up as evening falls and they are treated to a Fire Poi show, with spinning balls and ropes of fire lighting up the night air. Or how about Sparkle Poi, creating curtains of lights, fire hoops and even coloured fire that can be tailored to your wedding colour scheme!

If you fancy going a bit hi-tech, you can hire an LED Entertainer or Dancer for your drinks reception, bringing you a totally unique show which will elevate your evening entertainment into a night of colourful fun. An LED performer can set up on stage and perform solo, giving your guests a focal point, or you can have a group of dancers put on a choreographed show to your special choice of music. LED Entertainers can also provide walkabout entertainment, bringing fun and adding a  great talking point as they move from group to group.

You could even hire an LED Musician to perform along to your chosen set list, adding energy and a sparkling visual as their instrument glows in electrifying blues, glistening purples, intense reds and glittering greens. The performer may even light up themselves!

For a dazzling addition to your evening party, you can hire a Mirror Man. They will get their costume ready backstage and then make a dramatic entrance, surprising guests with a classic, funny and artistic act, including plenty of crowd participation. They can act as a human statue, mix and mingle with guests or even perform alongside any musical entertainment you have booked. This is a wonderful ice-breaker and great for photo opportunities, giving your guests a special memento of your big day.

For the thrill-seekers among you, there is the option of hiring a Fire Performer, Sword Swallower or Stunt Show to electrify your celebrations and have guests on the edge of their seats.

Whatever kind of wedding you have in mind, there are speciality acts to bring your dreams to life and make your perfect day one that your friends and family will never forget.

And if you need more inspiration take a look at our Home of Wedding Entertainment page, where you’ll find plenty of inspiration and ideas, and everything from Wedding Inspiration Videos and Wedding Checklists to Wedding Ceremony and First dance Playlists.

How much does it cost to hire an aerialist

How Much does a Circus Performer or Speciality Act Cost to Hire?

Prices vary widely from act to act, so check out individual profiles or ask your chosen entertainer for a quote. They may be able to offer a discount depending on the event and their schedule at the time. Costs also vary depending on the number of performers you hire, travel time to your venue and set-up requirements.

As a rough guide, here are some approximate price ranges (not including VAT) for different speciality acts, starting at the basic rate for an experienced professional, up to prices charged by top level international artists. Prices listed are for solo performers unless otherwise stated:

Acrobalance / Adagio Duo: £1000 – £2000+ in the UK ($1000 – $2000+ in the U.S. and 1140 € – 2280+ € in Europe)

Aerialist / Acrobat: £500 – £1000+ in the UK ($500 – $1000+ in the U.S. and 570 € – 1140+ € in Europe)

Caricaturist: £250 – £500+ in the UK ($250 – $500+ in the U.S. and 280 € – 570+ € in Europe)

Contortionist: £300 – £1000+ in the UK ($300 – $1000+ in the U.S. and 340 € – 1140+ € in Europe)

Cyr Wheel Act: £350 – £500+ in the UK ($350 – $500+ in the U.S. and 400 € – 570+ € in Europe)

Cyr Wheel Duo: £1000 – £3000+ in the UK ($1000 – $3000+ in the U.S and 1140 € – 3400+ € in Europe)

Fire Performer: £300 – £500+ in the UK ($300 – $500+ in the U.S. and 340 € – 570+ € in Europe)

Hula Hoop Performer: £300 – £500+ in the UK ($300 – $500+ in the U.S. and 340 € – 570+ € in Europe)

Hypnotist: £500 – £2000+ in the UK $500 – $2000+ in the U.S. and 570 € – 2280+ € in Europe)

Juggler: £300 – £500+ in the UK ($300 – $500+ in the U.S. and 340 € – 570+ € in Europe)

LED Entertainment: £750 – £1000+ in the UK ($750 – $1000+ in the U.S. and 860 € – 1140+ € in Europe)

LED Performance Troupe: £1500+ in the UK ($1500 in the U.S. and 1700+ € in Europe)

Ventriloquist: £300 – £1000+ in the UK ($300 – $1000+ in the U.S. and 340 € – 1140+ € in Europe)

Football Freestyler: £300 – £1000+ in the UK ($300 – $1000 in the U.S. and 340 € – 1140+ € in Europe)

Hand Shadow Act Duo: £800 – £2500 in the UK ($800 – $2500 in the U.S. and 1000 € – 3000 € in Europe)

Hand Shadow Full Show: £7000 ($7000 in the U.S. and 8000 € in Europe)

Human Statue: £330 – £500+ in the UK ($330 – $500+ in the U.S. and 375 € – 570+ € in Europe)

Mirror Man: £330 – £500+ in the UK ($330 – $500+ in the U.S. and 375 € – 570+ € in Europe)

Stilt Walker: £330 – £500+ in the UK ($330 – $500+ in the U.S. and 375 € – 570+ € in Europe)

Sword Swallower: £370 – £1000+ in the UK ($370 – $1000+ in the U.S. and 420 € – 1140+ € in Europe)

Stunt Show: £370 – £2000+ in the UK ($370 – $2000+ in the U.S. and 420 € – 2280+ € in Europe)

Like most entertainers, Speciality Acts tend to charge more at key times of year such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

As with booking any act, we advise that it’s worth paying for a reliable performer who will turn up on time and deliver a great evening’s entertainment.

Our entertainers’ directory is the perfect tool to help you find the right Speciality Act for your budget. You can easily search for the best acts in your area and message them directly. Some acts even include a rough price guide in their profile. Since prices do vary widely, depending on the act and the event, we highly recommend getting in touch with your chosen performer for a completely free, no-obligation quote.

How much does it cost to hire a circus performer

How Long will they Perform For?

Most circus performers prefer short, attention-grabbing performances that keep the audience engaged and involved throughout. For longer shows, they may bring additional performers. Many will be happy to provide short sets throughout the day or evening if your celebrations are continuing, or longer sets for mix and mingle entertainment.

If your budget allows, it can make sense to hire several circus-style acts for your event as together they will create that real festival vibe and your entertainment will be varied and keep people interested. You can always ask your entertainer to advise on timings for your particular event and they will do their best to accommodate your requests.

As a rough guide, here are some example set lengths (performers may offer two or three sets as standard):

Acrobalance and Adagio: 5-45 minutes

Aerialist: 5-10 minute stage set, 20-30 minutes freestyle

Acrobat: 5-10 minute stage set, 30 minutes – 1 hours freestyle / mix and mingle

Caricaturist: 3 hours (with a short break every hour) .

Contortionist: 10-15 minute routine or 3 x 15 minutes

Cyr Wheel Act: 5-45 minutes

Fire Performer: 5-15 minutes or 2 hour workshop

Hula Hoop Performer: 5-10 minute routine, 30 minute show or 3 x 45 minutes mix and mingle

Hypnotist: 60-90 minutes

Juggler: 5-10 minute routine or 3 x 45 minutes mix and mingle

LED Entertainment: 45-60 minutes

Ventriloquist: 45-90 minutes

Football Freestyler: 30 minute stage show or full day with short performances and workshops

Hand Shadow Act or Shadow Theatre Show: 8-20 minutes

Human Statue: 30-45 minutes set or 3 x 30 minutes /  2 x 45 minutes

Mirror Man: 45-60 minutes set or 3 x 30 minutes / 2 x 45 minutes

Stilt Walker: 45 minutes or 3 x 30 minutes

Sword Swallower: 5-25 minutes

Stunt Show: 5 minutes to 2 hours

Set up & stage requirements for speciality acts

The beauty of street performers is that they often require very little by way of electrical equipment, lighting and special effects. With only brightly coloured costumes, props and their own talent, they can provide attention-grabbing entertainment just about anywhere.

Circus acts will generally bring their own props and equipment, but this will most likely not include PA system or lighting. If these are required, we advise checking with your performer when you book, as you or the venue may need to provide them.

As always, the best advice we can give is to ask your act or acts about their set-up requirements before booking, as space, equipment and set-up requirements will vary from act to act. Here is an outline of some of the standard requirements for different speciality act types:

Acrobalance / Adagio

Most floor-based acrobalance acts require a minimum performance area of 2.5m x 2.5m, with a dry floor, no tables and chairs and free from clutter. Minimum required ceiling height is usually 4-5m.

Trapeze acts will need 6m x 3m floor space and minimum ceiling height of 7m. Podium acts use podiums of 1.8m diameter and 1m high.

Aerialist / Acrobat

Aerialists may bring their own portable, free standing rig or use existing rigging or ceiling hooks. Minimum floor space is usually around 2.5m x 2.5m but this will be more for some acts. Minimum ceiling height will usually be around 5-9m but again, this may vary.

Even the most basic aerial acts may require rigging points with a minimum working load limit (WLL) of 500kg. However, aerial acts vary enormously in the type of equipment and set-up they require, so you will need to get a full list of technical specifications from your act. Only fully-trained and experienced riggers should be used and top level aerial acts will have their own.


Most floor-based acrobatic acts require a minimum performance area of 2.5m x 2.5m, with a dry floor, no tables and chairs and free from clutter. Minimum required ceiling height is usually 4-5m.


Artists will supply all of their own easel and drawing supplies and may just need a couple of chairs and possibly a table. They will only require room for two people to sit down, with about a metre in between. The space should be well lit. If you would like your caricaturist to draw on branded or headed paper, it’s best to check with the artist before ordering the paper, to ensure it’s the right size, weight and quality.


Contortionists offering walkabout entertainment, performing floorwork as they move around, won’t require a stage. For a stage show with basic contortion, a minimum stage size would be 3m x 2.5m. For podium contortion a raised pedestal/podium of 1-2m diameter is generally used. Some acts can provide their own if required but clarify this when you book. Acts may request a warm room in order to stretch before performing. Music may sometimes be provided on CD or iPod but check this in advance with your performer.

Cyr Wheel Solo Act

Minimum floor space required is 4.5m x 4.5m.

Fire Performer

Fire shows work best after dark but low-level lighting may still be required so that performers can see and be seen. Ask your performer about safety lighting, floodlights or dimming of existing lights.

Performers will generally mark out their performance area when outside. If performing inside they will require an area of clear ceiling (with no hanging lights or other fittings) of at least 4m. The floor must be clean and uncarpeted, all furniture removed, and the area must be properly ventilated.

The audience should be kept at least 2 metres from the performers and there must be a good supply of water available nearby. You should also get permission from the venue to have a fire act perform on the premises and any stipulations regarding fuel storage, space requirements and safety equipment should be observed. The venue will ideally have a fire steward or safety officer present and emergency procedures in place in case of a fire incident.

Hula Hoop Performer

Minimum performance area: 2m x 2m


Hypnotists require a fair sized stage in order to perform comfortably. Participants will need chairs to sit on, either in a row facing the audience or in a circle and they will also be standing up and moving around during the hypnosis routines. For a standard show with 8-10 participants, an area of 6m x 3m should be sufficient. As always, ask your performer how much space they will need for your show.


Minimum performance area: 2m x 2m. Minimum ceiling height: 3.5 metres (the higher the better). Unless this is an LED or fire juggler, there will be minimal set-up requirements.

LED Entertainment

LED entertainment works best in the dark but check what level of low lighting (if any) your performers require in order to see and be seen. Stage size requirements will vary according to the nature and size of the show. 8ft x 6ft (2.5m x 2m) would be sufficient for a solo LED musician, not including PA system. Dancers or troupes will need more space. If custom artwork is required, this will need to be requested in advance, usually at least 10 days prior to your event. The artist will usually need this in JPEG, PDF, GIF or EPS format. LED acts may need basic information about the venue, such as stage size and power supply in order to plan the best possible performance.


These performers will provide their own puppets or dummies. They often use a PA system and may need a high chair on which to place the dummy. As ventriloquists often have several puppets, they may need a trunk or curtained area in which to keep them. If in doubt, check with your chosen performer when you book.

Football Freestyler

These performers are very flexible and can perform in a back garden or forecourt as well as stadiums, exhibition halls and shopping centres and will tailor their show to suit your event. Outdoors is best, unless you’re using a sports hall or gym. They will provide their own balls.

Hand Shadow Act

Performers will provide the screen, projector, black drapes to conceal the stage area and temporary flooring to go over the stage. Full shadow theatre shows with a group of actors will need a minimum stage area of 6m x 6m and 3.5m ceiling height. Technical set-up will take around 45 minutes. Sound and lighting set-up may take up to an hour and a half.

Human Statue

Minimum stage size of 2m x 2m (sufficient space for podium). If the venue is large and the act uses music, they may require lighting and/or a PA system. Check this before booking.

Mirror Man

Minimum stage size of 2m x 2m (sufficient space for a rotating podium). If the venue is large and the act uses music, they may require lighting and/or a PA system. Check this before booking.

Stilt Walker

For safety, the ground should be dry or non-slip and reasonably level and there should be a minimum of 4 metres overhead clearance. A dressing room with same level or lift access to performance areas is ideal, and an area the height of a wheelie bin (or a chair on a table) on which to sit and put on the stilts. Stilt walkers can duck under doorways, travel in lifts and walk short distances in lower clearance areas or up and down slopes, if necessary to get to and from the performance area.

Sword Swallower

30 minute set up time. Minimum stage size 2m x 2m. This act does not need a large amount of space in which to perform, other than space for the performer and a table for equipment and swords. If they are putting on a stage show with lighting, special effects and performing multiple stunts, they will need more space.

For more practical information on your booking process, take a look at our Booking FAQs.

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