10 Ways to Get More Gigs as a Close-Up Magician


One of the hardest things to do as any entertainer, including a close-up magician is to get gigs and bookings.  Without them, it makes things extremely difficult to continue performing, but with our help here we have put together our top 10 ways to get more gigs as a Close-Up Magician.

Keep reading to get more bookings!

  1. We find that one of the best ways to get future work is through recommendations of previous customers. Always get a testimonial or review which you can use throughout your marketing material – a good review means the World!  There are many other ways that you can guarantee that word of mouth gets passed, for example why not offer a % discount for a future booking to any of your existing customers if they recommend your services and you directly receive a booking through them?!
  2. With the help of the Internet, you can advertise your services Worldwide, but don’t forget about your local community too. Why not print out flyers and get them posted up inside local places, such as coffee shops, schools, community centres and even your local takeaway?
  3. Have you considered targeting your close-up magician services to a specific occasion, such as wedding entertainment? You could still offer your services to other types of party too, but if you choose weddings, there are many wedding fayres around where you can hire a table and be surrounded by future brides all day, who are all looking for ways to make their wedding even more special.  A fantastic idea is to perform simple illusions to couples as they enquire about your services to give them a little taste of what you can offer.  Wedding fayres are very worthwhile, but be warned they are a long day so take plenty of refreshments if they aren’t provided!
  4. Become a volunteer to get your name out there – if you know of any charity events happening near you in the future, why not volunteer to perform to all of the guests. This could give plenty of exposure as guests may need the use of a Close-Up Magician in the future for their own private events.  Most charities would be happy to let you have flyers or business cards to advertise your services, but the best way to get interest is of course to show off your skills!
  5. Make sure you get potential customers information too – if you are planning on exhibiting at a wedding fayre, or simply have your business cards handy after performing a gig, we highly recommend that you have a simple contact form for potential customers to fill in. Getting customers information is much more valuable than giving them yours because you can follow-up on their enquiry and you will get people who are actually interested in booking your services.  No matter where you are advertising your magic, if you are doing it face-to-face, make sure you collect information.  It is, after-all KEY!
  6. If you want to use the Internet to gain exposure, we highly recommend that as well as setting up a profile on our entertainment directory, you set up your own website advertising your services. Most people now turn to the Internet to find out information (long gone are the local telephone directories!)  – if you don’t know where to start with setting up your own website, we will soon be offering our very own website design services for entertainers and will be happy to help!  Keep posted to our website for future information regarding this fantastic new service.
  7. Along with having your own website, it is really important to keep up-to-date with social media. Always make sure that you are active on social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  We highly recommend Facebook for more local bookings.
  8. One of the ways which we can help you get more bookings is by guiding you to sign-up for an entertainers profile using our website. With your very own profile page, you can add a biography of your act, previous experience and customer testimonials and reviews.  You also have the option to upload photos, audio or video samples too which many of your potential customers will find extremely helpful and make them more inclined to get in touch.  With the help of your very own profile page, you will be visible when users of our website search for Close-Up Magicians, or visit the Magic and Illusion Acts page.
  9. Not only will having a profile on our website, EntertainersWorldwide.com help you get direct bookings from customers using our services, but it will also help get you up the rankings in Google. Google is one of the main search engines that is extremely popular, so having a higher ranking when people are searching for magic related terms such as “Close-Up Magician”, “Party Magician” gives you better chance of being found!
  10. Another way you can use our website to get gigs and bookings is to use our “Entertainers Jobs, Gigs and Auditions” page. Here potential customers place an advertisement looking for what type of entertainment they require, and you can apply for these positions by sending a short resume.  This section of our website includes all sorts of entertainment, however you can narrow this down using our drop down filter fields at the top of all of our listings.

We hope you have enjoyed our top 10 ways to get more gigs as a Close-Up magician and that you find our methods prove very useful for your business.  We regularly post information and helpful tips for our entertainers, so keep checking back to our blog for future updates.  If you need any help at all with setting up or editing your profile, please get in touch and we will give you advice and technical support.  Good luck getting those magic jobs in!

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