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When it comes to choosing the right entertainment for your next event, whether that be a birthday party, corporate occasion or wedding, you may have overlooked a whole section of entertainment that can add a dynamic and different element to your evening.  Artistic Entertainment is all the rage at the moment and we have a number of different artistic categories that you are going to absolutely love!

From Caricaturists to Graffiti Artists, read on if you’d like to know more about the world of Artistic Entertainment…

Caricaturist - John Roberts

John Roberts – Caricaturist from

Book a Caricaturist to Illustrate Guests and Give them a Memento!

Caricaturists are probably the most popular choice from our artistic entertainment category and it is easy to see why.  They are a fantastic choice to hire across many different types of event for example if you are thinking about wedding ideas for guests having a talented sketch artist mix and mingle during the day will be appreciated all ages.  A Caricaturist will sketch each of your willing guests individually in a comical manner within a few minutes per sketch.  After they have finished they usually present your guest with their drawing for them to take away with them to keep.  This makes it a very meaningful type of entertainment and gives your guests plenty to talk about as many will gather around your caricaturist and watch as their masterpieces come to life!  If you choose to book a Caricaturist, they will either sit in a central location and sketch on their easel, or they can also move around the room to different tables too.  If you would like to book a Caricaturist, click here to view our selection available on our entertainment directory!


For something completely different and modern, choose a Graffiti Artist!

Did you know that you can hire a professional Graffiti Artist to spray-paint during your event?  This type of entertainment is quite unusual, but we think it’s going to grow in popularity with the likes of Banksy making Graffiti very trendy!  Hiring this type of entertainment gives you great flexibility and is also un-intrusive.  Guests can watch a Graffiti Artist at work and discuss their paintings, or if you want to get corporate team building on the go, why not hire a Graffiti Artist to paint alongside your colleagues!  Once they have finished painting, the artwork could be kept and hung on your office walls.  If you are looking for artistic entertainment with an edge, why not take a look and see all of our Graffiti Artists available to book today?

Are you hosting an outdoor city event?  Book a Pavement Artist for Uniqueness

If you are planning an event which is going to be taking place outside, in the city for example, have you thought about hiring a Pavement Artist to perform to your guests?  Similar to a Graffiti Artist, a Pavement Artist will use tools such as pastels to draw over pavements, but can also work on Canvas too if you are unable to use the great outdoors!  You might remember seeing Pavement Artists in popular tourist locations around the world, such as London or Paris.  Well now you can book them, and they will give your guests a fantastic talking point.  Are you perhaps launching a new brand or product?  Book a Pavement Artist to draw your information all over the ground, making sure no one is going to miss the message!  Search through our website today and find a Pavement Artist for unusual entertainment!

Click here to view Silhouette Artist, The Roving Artist's Profile

Silhouette Artist from

Keep things Simple yet Different with a Silhouette Artist

You may be wondering what a Silhouette Artist actually is, so let us explain in a bit more detail.  A Silhouette Artist is an entertainer who will cut-out silhouettes of your guests, giving them their cut out.  This form of art goes back many centuries, as early as the 18th Century, so we think hiring a Silhouette Artist would be fantastic for a vintage themed event!  If you choose to book a Silhouette Artist, they will generally work around the room through groups of people and table to table.  If you want an amazing ice-breaker for your next event, we highly recommend a Silhouette Artist!

For a tradition which originated in China, why not hire an Origami Artist?

Working in a similar fashion to a Silhouette Artist, an Origami Artist will also work around groups of your guests and use paper folding as their art, showcasing their amazing skills to your guests.  Some Origami Artists will also be able to create giant sized sculptures which can be quite captivating to watch as they use their skills!  From Origami swans and birds to flowers and much more, an Origami Artist is a fantastic choice for plenty of occasions, such as wedding receptions, corporate events and even parties!  Usually, they don’t need much space to perform, which makes them the perfect choice in entertainment for small venues.  Click here to find an Origami Artist near you and give your guests a taste of the Oriental!

Click here to view Sand Painter, Urs Rudin's Profile

Urs Rudin – Sand Painter from

Choose a Sand Painter or Animator for a Soothing and Unusual Entertainment Method

Sand Painting or Animating is another unusual type of entertainment, which originates from the Native Americans.  It involves using coloured sands and creating a picture out of them, usually telling a story at the same time.  This makes is very unique and perfect for corporate entertainment or charity fundraisers.  The only down side to this type of entertainment is that performances generally last only 10 minutes per story, but if you want something completely different we really can’t think of anything more unusual than to hire a Sand Painter / Animator!

Still not convinced and want something else? Check out our Other Artistic Entertainers Category!

For everything else that doesn’t quite fit into our sub categories of artistic entertainment on our website, we also have our “Other Artistic Entertainers” category which features some very different acts indeed!  From mirror performances to using the Trapeze, our entertainers can perform plenty of different acts, and we always offer you the best selection in choice too!  If you’re still stuck for artistic entertainment ideas, head over to our “Other Artistic Entertainers” section right now!

As you can see from our article, there are so many different types of artistic entertainment that you may not have even knew existed!  We think they are perfect for someone who is looking for something a little edgy or different so why not take a browse on our website and view all of our Artistic Entertainers to find something suitable for your next event?

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