8 Dinner Party Entertainment Ideas


So you’ve been tasked with planning a dinner party for your closest friends and family but why leave it just at good food?   To make a real impression these days, it is becoming popular for hosts to put on entertainment to make a lasting impression and give guests something to remember for a very long time!  We thought we would you give you some inspiration, since this is likely the first time you have booked entertainment for a dinner party!

Stuck for entertainment ideas? Let us help you…

Keep things sophisticated with a String Quartet

We can’t think of a better form of entertainment for a dinner party than that of a a live music performance.  Amongst the many musicians available to book on Entertainers Worldwide is a very good selection of String Quartets that you can hire for a beautiful, instrumental performance allowing your guests freedom to talk among themselves and socialise.  A String Quartet generally consists of two violins, a viola and then the deeper sound of a cello.  The combination of these string instruments offers such a wonderful sound that will add sophistication and demure to your dinner party.  You also have the option of choosing from modern instrumental versions of popular songs to the present day, from the likes of Coldplay, Adele and Mumford and Sons, or stick to classical music from great composers.  Simply ask your chosen String Quartet for their repertoire of songs they can perform!  Click here to find a String Quartet for your dinner party today!

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Lizzie May – Cellist from EntertainersWorldwide.com

Keep to the budget and choose a Cellist instead!

If your budget simply won’t allow for a String Quartet but you still want the warmth and gentle performance of an instrumentalist at your dinner party, we highly recommend choosing a Cellist to perform.  A Cellist will again play classical music or modern instrumental songs while your guests eat and talk among themselves.  Hiring a cellist will generally be a more reasonable choice than a whole String Quartet, but this does depend on their experience.  Another benefit of hiring an instrumentalist, such as a Cellist is that they take up less space to perform so if you are hosting your dinner party in a small venue or indeed your home, a cellist might be the right choice for you!  Find a cellist using our entertainment directory and get booking!

For a different kind of sound, book a Pianist/ keyboardist

Live music is one of the best types of entertainment for any event, but for a dinner party you probably want to keep it relatively low-key so that your guests can carry on chatting and eating while enjoying the background ambiance.  If string instruments aren’t your thing, there is always the option of a pianist or keyboardist.  If your venue has a piano, your musician will likely use it, however don’t worry if there isn’t one or that you do not have much space available.  Most pianists and keyboardists can bring their own baby grand piano or keyboard to perform to your guests!  Most instrumentalists, including pianists  / keyboardists will again offer classical music or modern hits and some will even add Jazz into the mix.  Want to find a pianist / keyboardist?  Click here to browse our selection!

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Martin John – Close-Up Magician from EntertainersWorldwide.com

Add some magic with a Close-Up Magician

For something a little different and to get your guests talking, why not opt for a one of our Magic acts?  A Close-Up magician offers an alternative form of entertainment that is interactive and fun!  Performing simple magic tricks using small objects, a close-up magician will happily work his way around the room performing to your guests at their table. This is not only fantastic for between courses when things get a little quiet, but also for pre-and post-dinner party entertainment.  Choosing such an interactive type of entertainment gives your guests a common topic for discussion and will wow them too!  Find a close-up magician using our website right now!

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The Gentle Jazzer, Saxophonist from EntertainersWorldwide.com

Keep things smooth and book a Saxophonist

Heading back over to musical types of entertainment, a Saxophonist gives your dinner party a much smoother, rich ambience.  Playing Jazz and soulful music, a Saxophonist will perform to your guests giving them an original background sound.  They probably won’t be expecting such a performance but when you hear a Saxophonist playing a bit of Frank Sinatra or Louis Armstrong, you’ll know why they are the perfect choice of entertainment for your upcoming dinner party!  Click here to view all of the Saxophonists available near you.

Give guests a memento with the help of a Caricaturist

For entertainment that will give you and your guests plenty of memories, why not choose a Caricaturist for your dinner party?  A caricaturist will work around your dinner party tables and sketch your guests one-by-one in a comical fashion.  Once your caricaturist has finished drawing, your guests will be given their drawing to take away with them.  Choosing a caricaturist provides a type of entertainment that is quiet and can go on in the background, while your guests continue to eat and socialise.  Find a Caricaturist to book for your dinner party now.

Have a bit of fun and hire a Lookalike

If you want to keep your guests guessing, why not opt for a lookalike to mingle with your guests and act like the real celebrity they are impersonating?  On our website, we have many different lookalikes available, such as Gordon Ramsey, Simon Cowell and David Beckham.  These lookalikes spend a lot of time not only looking like their idol, but acting like them too.  Your guests will have a plenty of fun with a lookalike attending your dinner party!  Want to find a lookalike?  Click here to view our selection!

For outrageous comedy, opt for professional Comedy Waiters

Finally, for our number 8 option for dinner party entertainment, why not try something completely wacky and unusual?  Comedy Waiters will merge with your existing waiters and cause chaos, including dropping plates and food and sometimes acting rude to your guests.  The joke is that you know the whole time that it is a complete set-up but your guests will just assume that it is a really bad evening with plenty of bad luck!  As Comedy Waiters ramp up their chaos, your guests will get more suspicious until they finally work out that the whole evening has been staged!  Book comedy waiters for your dinner party and give your guests something to remember!

We hope you have found our 8 ideas for dinner party entertainment and that we have made things a lot easier to choose the perfect entertainment for you!  Using our website, www.EntertainersWorldwide.com you can not only source and find the right entertainment from our many categories, but get in touch directly with your chosen entertainers too!  There is no fee for our service, which is what makes us the top entertainment directory on the Internet!

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