8 Instrumentalists you Need to Book for your Event!


Instrumental music can add ambience to any event and that is why choosing a musician to play instrumental music is a very popular choice across many events.  Instrumentalists can play softer music to break up the silence of an event, or you can create a party atmosphere and make a real feature too.  Instrumentalists are so versatile and will work across events such as:

We are sure this list is not exhaustive, and that hiring a musician would benefit many other types of events too!  Here at Entertainers Worldwide we make it really easy to find the right instrumentalist for your event, so we thought it would be perfect to showcase 8 different types of instrumentalist to give you inspiration and make your party planning even easier!

Read on for instrumentalist inspiration…

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Lizzy May – Cellist from EntertainersWorldwide.com

1. Book a Cellist for a warm, deep sound

Cello music has got to be some of the warmest instrumental music around and we absolutely love the sound that a cello offers.  We have many cellists available on our website that are extremely talented and trained in their instrument.  A cellist not only offers a beautiful musical performance, but watching a cellist perform can also be very visual too with their passion shining through!  As with most instrumentalists, a cellist can generally perform both classical songs and instrumental versions of current hits from the likes of Coldplay or Adele.  Click here to find a Cellist on our entertainment directory right now!

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Sally Potterton – Violinist from EntertainersWorldwide.com

2. Add sophistication with the sound from a Violinist

Another alternative string instrument which is higher pitched is the violin.  Violinists also train for many years to become amazing at their music and is quite a common instrument to learn.  Hiring a violinist will add an elegant and beautiful ambience to your upcoming event and one of the main benefits of choosing a violinist over other string instrumentalists, such as a cellist or harpist is that they need much less space to perform.  If your venue is small, seriously consider booking a violinist to perform at your event!  If you have a large venue but still want a violinist, don’t worry – many come with their own PA systems too to amplify their sound.  Want to find a violinist near you? Click here to view our selection!

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David Kofi, Keyboardist from EntertainersWorldwide.com

3. If you’re not keen on String Instruments, opt for a Pianist / Keyboardist

A fantastic alternative to the string instruments mentioned before is the sound of a piano or keyboard!  Piano music can vary depending on the occasion, from the softer gentle trickle of raindrops, to something a lot more dramatic!  If your venue has a grand piano in-situ, why not take advantage of it and book a pianist.  Most professional pianists or keyboardists will provide their own electronic keyboard or baby grand piano too for venues without a house piano.  Similar to other instrumentalists, pianists or keyboardists can perform classical music, current hits or mix things up with a little Jazz!  Use our entertainment directory to find a pianist or keyboardist for your next event.

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Casey Greene, Saxophonist from EntertainersWorldwide.com

4. Keep things Soulful with the help of a Saxophonist

If you love the sound of Jazz or Soulful music, we can’t think of a better instrumentalist to hire than a Saxophonist!  The saxophone is part of the woodwind family and offers a smooth and sophisticated sound.  This type of entertainment is perfect for fans of Jazz or if you want a much richer, warmer ambiance for events such as cocktail parties.  Providing a saxophonist will give your guests an evening to remember and they most likely aren’t going to be expecting this choice of musician!  Click here to find a saxophonist for your upcoming event!

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Magdalena Reising, Harpist from EntertainersWorldwide.com

5. For gentle ambiance, find a Harpist to perform at your event

Add a much gentler and magical atmosphere to your event by booking a harpist.  A harpist looks extremely elegant as she strums and plucks on her harp strings and this performance will give a less obvious background atmosphere.  The harp is said to be the most romantic instrument which makes it perfect for sophisticated engagement parties or wedding ceremonies.  It offers a very distinctive sound, even though it is part of the string instrument family and generally requires no electronic amplification.  You may be worrying about the space that a harpist may need, but they are smaller than you think!  Find a harpist near you right now!

6. Choose a Flutist to give a light and mellow performance

For something a little unusual, why not book a flutist to perform at your upcoming event?  The flute is another romantic instrument, and although it is part of the woodwind family, it is a reedless instrument, unlike other woodwind instruments.  A flutist offers an intimate performance so is best suited to smaller venues and events such as wedding ceremonies and drinks receptions. Many flutists will have trained for years and have a real passion for their instrument.  If you would like to add a gentle, yet sophisticated feel to your event why not browse our selection of flutists?

7. Add a magical sound with the help of a Classical / Acoustic Guitarist

A classical or acoustic guitarist is another instrumentalist that adds a gentle background ambiance to any event.  Playing their guitar acoustically, a classical, folk or Spanish guitarist will add a magical touch and play either instrumental versions of popular modern hits, folk songs or a mix of Spanish style tunes.

An acoustic guitar has more range to it than many first think – see this impressive list of the best acoustic guitar songs as rated by Guitar Aficionado.

Hiring this type of entertainment will ensure that your guests can still mingle and talk among themselves, which makes it the perfect choice for drinks receptions or sit-down dinners.  Click here to find a guitarist to provide beautiful background music at your event!


8. Keep things traditional for a Scottish event with Bagpipers

If you are based in Scotland, or like the idea of traditional music, look at booking a bagpiper to perform at your upcoming event.  Bagpipers are an acquired taste, but if you love the sound that the pipes can bring, add some classic background music.  Again, bagpipers not only offer a fantastic musical performance, but look very striking and visual too!  Hiring a bagpiper would be the perfect choice for a wedding based in a Castle, or for a Hogmanay party!  Find a bagpiper to give your event a unique twist today!

We hope you have found our 8 instrumentalist ideas helpful for your own event and have given you inspiration to book the right instrumentalist for you!  We also have other instrumentalists, along with many other type of entertainer available on our website so if you still haven’t decided what to book, browse through our categories to see what else we have to offer!

Using our website, you can view each entertainers profile which usually contains some information about their act, previous customer testimonials and of course audio and video samples.  We offer our service to you with absolutely no fees, and we don’t charge anything in addition to the entertainer you are hiring!  We simply act as an introductory service to put customers in touch with entertainers!

Want to Save Time When Booking Your Entertainment? Sit back, relax and have your Entertainment contact you! By adding a post to our website e.g. ‘Cellist required for Wedding Ceremony on 22nd August’, our available acts will contact you by email. Look at the Entertainer’s publicity, decide which is your favourite and contact them directly! The entire service is completely free of charge. Tell us what entertainment you are looking for now and we will do the rest! Contact us.


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