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So your wedding plans are well under way and you have even chosen what type of entertainment you want for your wedding evening reception with the help of our website, www.EntertainersWorldwide.com of course!  Although we have previously covered an article “Hiring a Wedding Band – Tips, Hints and How to Book”, we thought it would be very useful for us to provide a list of questions you really should be asking a wedding band before you finally go ahead and put down that deposit!  So if you are about to get in touch with one of the wedding bands on our entertainment directory, make sure you ask them the following questions…

Keep the following questions as a handy guide…

Are you available to perform on the date of my wedding?

Now this question, although self-explanatory is probably the most important question to ask a wedding band, because even if you absolutely love their performances, if they are busy on the date of your wedding, you’re going to need to look elsewhere.  Wedding bands get booked up years in advance, so we highly recommend planning your wedding entertainment way in advance!

How long are your performances / set lists?

Once you have established that the wedding band of your dreams is available to perform at your wedding, it is important to establish how long they are prepared to perform for.  Some bands will happily play to your guests for a number of hours, but unless you ask a band this question, you won’t know when they are happy to set-up, how long they will play for and when they will start packing away.  The last thing you want is for your guests to be up on the dancefloor and your wedding band closing shop half way through the evening!

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Mister Kanish – Wedding Band from EntertainersWorldwide.com

Do you have the right insurances, including public limited liability?

This may seem like a very boring question to ask, but it is of utmost importance!  Always make sure that any wedding band you are booking has the right insurances to perform at venues, including public limited liability in case of any accidents.  This generally doesn’t cost much for a band to set up, but really shows how professional they are if they have the right policies in place.

How long have you been performing, and do you cover many weddings?

Experience is key in the world of entertainment, so when you are looking for a wedding band you want to make sure they have experience in performing at weddings and talking with guests.  Most wedding bands will be happy to show you previous customer testimonials from happy clients to show how talented they are and to secure your booking.  Be wary of any wedding bands who won’t show you their feedback.

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What songs are in your repertoire?

You’ve got the perfect first-dance song in your mind for your big day, but there is no point in booking a wedding band if they cannot perform it!  Many wedding bands have a long list of tracks they can perform which is also known as their repertoire.  If there is a song that you really want performed but isn’t on their list, simply ask them if they can learn it before your big day.  This may incur additional fees, but you need to make sure that you have the perfect music to dance the night away.

Can we come and watch a performance?

Some wedding bands will allow you to watch them perform at gigs or even other weddings so if you really want to make sure they are the perfect fit for your wedding, ask if you can watch them perform.  This is one of the best ways to gauge their experience and if you like their musical style.  Most wedding bands will play small gigs locally to showcase their work so if you get the chance, attend and listen to their performance.  Some wedding bands will only offer you audio samples of their work, so don’t worry if a live performance isn’t an option.

What will you be wearing when you perform?

This may seem like a really strange question to ask a wedding band, but you want to make sure that if your wedding is a sophisticated affair, that your band dress accordingly too.  If you wish for a certain dress code, most wedding bands will comply with this.  Generally, wedding bands will offer simple options, such as black shirts and trousers, or dresses for the ladies.

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What happens if you are sick on the day of my wedding?

Every wedding band needs a backup plan in case any of the members are poorly on the date of your wedding.  Most musicians have a big network of friends who are also in the music business, so the likelihood is that the musician who is ill will be replaced, short-notice.  It is best to check what a wedding band’s policy is on sickness and if they have a contingency plan so that you still get your wedding entertainment!

How long will you need to set-up your equipment and how much space?

It is important to find out how much space a wedding band will need to set-up ready for their performance, since the last thing you want during your wedding breakfast is for musicians to be lugging their equipment through the room.  Always plan a backdoor entrance and get them to set up a little in advance of your evening reception.  Even if they charge more for this, it’s worth it to have a hassle-free transition from wedding breakfast, to evening reception.

Do you have backup instruments and equipment?

Always find out if your wedding band has backup instruments, such as guitars or other equipment in case of malfunction.  It is always good to have a back-up plan so that your wedding entertainment isn’t ruined!

Will you help to get guests up on the dance floor?

Sometimes, guests attending a wedding can act rather shy as many are unfamiliar with some of the other guests also attending.  Why not ask if your wedding band will talk to the crowd and get them up dancing?  A good wedding band will be very proficient in this skill but it’s always worth checking – again this may be dependent on their experience.

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How much do you charge?

Again, this is a very obvious question, but there are many factors that will alter the cost of hiring a wedding band.  If you need to book a band to perform for an extended period of time, this may bump up the costs, as will additional travelling to and from your wedding venue.  Although it might seem awkward, you really need to know how much a wedding band will quote you to see if it is within your wedding budget, and to see if you are getting a fair price.

What deposit is needed to secure my wedding date?

After the money talk has been completed and you are happy with the quotation that they have supplied, always ask for it in writing.  Another important money related question is how much of a deposit they require for your wedding.  For example, some performers will charge 50% deposit to secure your date, others will charge more.  Check if this is refundable on the unfortunate event that your wedding has to be postponed or cancelled too as this is generally not the case.  Always get a receipt for any payments or deposits made to a wedding band.

Remember, this list of questions is not exhaustive, so if you think of anything else you wish to ask, never be afraid to enquire about anything when booking a wedding band, or any other form of entertainment for that matter.  If you’re still looking for the right wedding band for your wedding, why not click here and browse our selection of entertainers.  We make it really easy to contact your chosen wedding band too and don’t forget, our entertainment directory is completely free to use!

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