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With average UK based weddings currently costing in the region of between £25,000 and £30,000, it is easy to see why more couples are opting to do things on a stricter budget.   There are many ways in which you can keep your wedding costs down including booking during an off-peak season or a weekday, but here we want to give you some tips to keep costs down but still offer great ideas and inspiration for top rated wedding entertainment, along with some budget friendly choices which have been hand-picked from our entertainment directory.

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You can still hire an Instrumentalist and stick to your Budget!

Keeping to a wedding budget doesn’t mean that you can’t have an instrumentalist to play during your wedding reception, and even through to your drinks reception too.  There are ways to keep costs down for this part of your wedding entertainment, for example choose a solo instrumentalist such as a Violinist or a Cellist instead of booking a whole String Quartet.  No matter which instrumentalist you choose, they will perform either classical pieces or modern instrumental songs as guests are seated and throughout specific parts of your wedding ceremony.  You can always check through a musician’s repertoire to see what songs they can perform.  Click here to search through all of the instrumentalists we have listed with us!

Choose a String Duo, over a String Quartet

Still want the sound of multiple musicians, rather than booking a solo instrumentalist, why not look at booking a String Duo instead of a String Quartet.  This will mean that you have two musicians, instead of four and usually depending on the experience this can work out much cheaper.  A String Duo can be formed of two violinists, one violinist and a cellist or other combinations of two String musicians.  Listening to a String Duo during your wedding ceremony will add a certain element of sophistication and give a wonderful ambiance for your big day.  Look through our available String Duo’s and get booking!


Keep Children entertained during your Wedding on a Budget

If you are having a number of children attend your wedding, they can sometimes become restless and bored during the wedding breakfast.  It is always a fantastic idea to put on some entertainment to keep them occupied and prevent them from misbehaving.  A budget friendly form of children’s entertainment is to hire a clown!  Clowns act naughty and play games with children but most importantly make the quieter parts of your wedding reception fun for them.  Want to find a clown to perform at your wedding?  Click here to look at our listings!

Don’t worry if your budget won’t allow for children’s entertainment as well as all of the additional entertainment required for your whole day.  There is always the option of making little goodie bags to keep them occupied, including a polaroid camera (children can sometimes capture some very amusing things on camera at a wedding that would otherwise be overlooked!)

Choose a Wedding DJ for your Wedding Evening Reception

As much as we love the idea of live music for your wedding evening reception, it is going to come at a cost with many wedding bands charging in the region of many hundred pounds and even sometimes hitting the thousands pounds mark too.  Opting for a wedding DJ will ultimately be a much more cost effective way to add some fun and dynamic entertainment to your wedding evening reception.  A wedding DJ will not only play music from the 1960’s to the present day but will also take requests and make announcements too.  Click here to view all of the wedding DJs listed with our entertainment directory today!

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Mister Kanish – Wedding Band from EntertainersWorldwide.com

If you really want a live wedding band, do your homework first!

We are not suggesting that you cannot have a wedding band performing at your wedding if you are on a budget.  There are many ways to get a wedding band without breaking the band.  Wedding bands do add a fantastic party atmosphere to your wedding evening reception, and will play a variety of well known covers.  If there is that special song you wish for your first dance, simply ask your chosen wedding band to see if it is in their repertoire and if they can accommodate.  Find a Wedding Band near you today!

You don’t need to miss out on entertainment if you are keeping your wedding costs down and sticking to a tight budget.  The key is to choose more cost-effective options which will still give you a magical and memorable wedding day.  There are also a couple of other ways to keep costs down when booking your entertainment, so read on for even more savvy tips…

  • If your wedding is during an off-peak season, entertainers may reduce their costs to coincide with this. Many wedding entertainers will be booked in advance for the peak wedding season and this is where costs may increase.
  • The same applies for weekdays. Most weddings are booked for the weekend, so expect Saturdays and Sundays to be the most expensive days to book entertainment.  Fridays closely follow too!
  • Choose an entertainer or act that has less experience or who is starting out. Of course we highly recommend doing your research first and possibly asking to watch a performance, however if you find a wedding band that is relatively new, their costs will be less than one which has been performing weddings for years.
  • If you really can’t live without a certain wedding band that simply pushes your budget over the limit, why not look at other areas of your wedding to save money on instead? There is always the option to spend less money on fresh flowers and the cake so that you can have a fantastic party without losing out!

If you have any other money saving tips when it comes to booking your wedding entertainment, please get in touch as we would love to hear from you and share your ideas with our readers.  Good luck with your wedding planning and make sure you use www.EntertainersWorldwide.com to source all of your wedding entertainment!

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