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Dance Act

This LED Dance Act is one of the Speciality Entertainment Acts for hire on Entertainers Worldwide.

Dance acts are quite a popular choice of entertainment and the availability of so many different options means that they are suitable for a plethora of events. Here are a number of ideas for choosing and booking dancers or dance acts that may be suitable for your upcoming event.

Male or Female Dancers

There are a large number of male dancers and female dancers available to hire in a variety of different dance genres. There is sure to be something to suit every single event due to the variety of acts on offer. From jazz, contemporary, ballet and tango to theatrical dance, Irish or tap, male or female dancers are our top choice for dancer entertainment and work well for smaller events.

Street and Break Dancers

For something upbeat and modern, why not hire a street or break dancer to perform at your event. Your guests will be amazed at the skill of your chosen performer and this form of entertainment is popular with younger guests. One of the main benefits of hiring a street or break dancer is that they are fairly cost-effective due to hiring only one person. Multiple street dancers can be booked to dance together too if you need more of an impact.

Belly Dancers

Belly dancers are not for everyone but they certainly add a bit of glamour to any event. Watch as your guests are mesmerised by a belly dancer as she dances to Turkish music in colourful outfits using her stomach muscles in a very imaginative way.

belly dancer

Flamenco Dancers

For a flamboyant form of entertainment, why not hire a flamenco dancer? Flamenco dancers offer a vibrant performance as they dance in colourful costumed to classical or Spanish guitar music. Flamenco dancers put on quite the performance!

Flamenco Dancer

Bollywood Dancers

If you are looking for dance entertainment that is a little different, why not hire Bollywood dancers. Dancing to Indian music, Bollywood dancers offer an exciting performance, showcasing the art of Bollywood dancing. They also dress in authentic Indian style outfits which look extremely exquisite.

Bollywood Dancers

Absolute Bollywood – Bollywood Dancers.

Other Dance Acts

On our website we offer a number of other dance acts that range from showgirls and burlesque, vintage styled dance groups and other dance troupes that have gained popularity from being featured on talent shows, such as Britain’s Got Talent.

Choosing a dance act is a great way to put on entertainment for many different events and we make it extremely easy when you use our free entertainment directory.


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