Hiring a Belly Dancer – Tips, Advice and How to Book


Belly dancers are quite an unusual form of entertainment, however they are suitable for many types of events – even more that you probably thought!

What types of events are belly dancers suitable for?

Belly dancers add an exotic element to any event and can be booked for:

  • Wedding Reception Entertainment
  • Sit Down Dinner Party Entertainment
  • Birthday Party Entertainment
  • Corporate Event Entertainment

What does a belly dancer actually do?

When you book a belly dancer they will dance in colourful costumes and use their stomach muscles to dance around to Turkish music. Sometimes a belly dancer will work around the room entertaining small groups of people, or to a whole party at once and even get guests to have a go too!

How long will a belly dancer perform for?

A belly dancer can perform for a couple of hours with sufficient breaks, but each act will have their own performance lengths. It is always best to check with your chosen performer to see if they have any restrictions on the length of their performance, especially if your event will last more than a couple of hours.


How much does a belly dancer cost?

The costs to hire a belly dancer will vary between performers and may increase depending on the location of your event or during busy periods of the year.

What should I ask a belly dancer?

There are many questions you might want to ask a belly dancer, including, but not limited to:

  • Are you available to perform on the date of my event?
  • How much do you charge?
  • How long can you perform for?
  • Do you have public liability insurance?
  • Does your act provide live guitar music or pre-recorded tracks?
  • Do you need anything special for your setup?

How do I choose a belly dancer?

Choosing a belly dancer is easy when you use our website. Here you can view all of the available acts that are registered with us, read their biographies and previous experience. Some of the entertainers on our website also provide video samples and customer testimonials. When you are making your decision, it is more of a personal choice, but we always recommend that you meet with your chosen entertainer (either in person, or using Skype or Facetime) to ensure that they are suitable for your own event.

I’ve chosen my belly dancer! How do I book?

Once you’ve selected a belly dancer from our selection, simply click on “Contact Direct / Request Quote” and you’ll put put in direct contact with them.


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