Finding Perfect Entertainment for a Retirement Party


When planning a retirement party for a family member, friend or colleague it is important to consider what type of entertainment they might wish for their big event.  This is particularly important if there is a big age difference between you and them, as you want to make sure that what you choose is age appropriate… No Nightclub DJs! (unless requested of course!).

Here at we have a massive selection of entertainment categories to choose from with many suitable for retirement parties.  Keep reading for our top ideas to help inspire you and make your job of sourcing and booking entertainment even easier!

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Martin John – Close-Up Magician from

Book a Close-Up Magician to Mingle with Guests

One of the main benefits of hiring entertainment such as a Close-Up Magician is that you can host this type of entertainment alongside many others too.  A Close-Up Magician will work around the room performing to small groups of guests as they amaze them with their illusions and sleight-of-hand tricks.  This will ultimately catch the attention of other guests who will start to flock around to see what is happening.  Close-Up Magicians make the perfect choice of entertainment for all age groups, including guests at a retirement party! Want to find a Close-Up Magician to wow the guest of honour and all of their friends and family?  Click here to browse our entertainment directory!

Doo Wop / Oldies Bands bring a touch of Vintage to your event!

If you want to treat the guest of honour to a step back in time, why not look at booking a Doo Wop / Oldies Band?  These specialist bands are fantastic at performing music from different eras, such as the 1950’s and 1960’s.  They usually dress the part too so put on a spectacular performance for guests to boogie the night away!  Some of the Oldies Bands will also offer the Rockabilly theme, transporting everyone back to the good old days of Rock and Roll!  Click here to find a Doo Wop / Oldies Band near you using our free website!

Why not hire a Party DJ for musical entertainment?

Another fantastic (and almost safe) idea for musical entertainment for a retirement party is the Party DJ.  A Party DJ will have a much larger selection of music than any of our live bands listed with us since they only need to license the music, rather than learn how to play specific tracks.  One of the benefits of hiring a Party DJ is that they will have music from all eras up to the present day, so if you explain to them that you are hosting a Retirement Party, they can choose their music to suit your occasion.  Guests can also make requests too – with Party DJ’s having quite a talent of bantering with guests and getting them up onto the dancefloor.  Find a Party DJ for your next event and get booking!

Caricaturist - John Roberts

John Roberts – Caricaturist from

Capture memories with the help of a Caricaturist

Many people usually put together a collection to buy a special retirement present for the guest of honour, however why not put that money to good use and book a Caricaturist instead?  Choosing this type of entertainment will give everyone a little memento of the big day, and will also provide your friend, family member or colleague with a comical sketch or two of themselves which they can keep forever to remind themselves of such a special occasion.  Caricaturists are very talented artists who will sketch guests within a few minutes in a very funny manner, usually emphasising features such as eyes, noses and much more!  Click here to find a Caricaturist who will provide life-long memories to your guests.

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All You Need Is The Beatles, Beatles Tribute Band from

What about booking a Tribute Band for perfect entertainment?

If the person you are organising the retirement party for is into a specific band in a big way, why not treat them with the next best thing and hire a Tribute Band for them?  We have a massive selection of Tribute Bands available on our entertainment directory including some from older eras too.  From Frank Sinatra and the Beatles to David Bowie, there is something for everyone and you are guaranteed a fantastic performance from a decent Tribute Band!  Most Tribute Bands not only aspire to sound like their idol, but look like them too offering a really fun and thrilling evening of entertainment!  Want to find a Tribute Band from our huge selection?  Click here to browse all of our Tribute Band sub-categories.

We love the idea of booking ballroom dancers for something a little different!

Are you looking for something a little more unusual for retirement party entertainment?  Why not look at hiring Ballroom Dancers to perform a show to your guests?  Ballroom Dancing is particularly popular among older people, but with television shows such as “Strictly Come Dancing” throwing this type of dance into the limelight, it is getting more popular with many age ranges.  Ballroom Dancers will perform a variety of ballroom style dance routines in some beautiful costues and will really make any evening memorable!  Browse our website to find the perfect Ballroom Dancers for your upcoming event.

We have so much more to offer over on our entertainment directory, and we hope that our top suggestions have given you plenty of ideas.  If you are still uncertain as to what type of entertainment to book, why not browse through all of our entertainment categories until you find the perfect choice?  We have many varieties of acts to choose from including Comedy Acts, Magic and Illusion performers, Live Music and much more!

After you have made your final decision as to the type of entertainment you want to book, remember you can also find and enquire about potential acts too! Using our free contact service gives you direct contact to all of the entertainers listed with us.  You can contact them using their own dedicated enquiry form which is situated on their profile page (simply click on “Request a Quote via E-Mail”) or you can give them a quick call if they have chosen to display their telephone number.  Please be assured that there are no hidden costs or commission on top of your booking fee and that you are being put in direct contact with our listed performers!

Have fun searching for the perfect retirement party entertainment and remember to come back to us when you are planning any other type of event too!

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