Hiring a Hula Hoop Performer – Tips, Tricks and How to Book

If you are looking for entertainment that is a bit wacky, have you considered hiring a hula hoop performer? We have a number of entertainers listed on our directory that are available to book for your upcoming event…

What Events are Hula Hoop Performers Suitable For?

Hula Hoop Performers are a form of gymnast and provide a stunning visual performance. You can hire them for many occasions including:

  • Birthday Party Entertainment
  • Christmas Party Entertainment
  • Family Fun Days
  • Fundraisers
  • Corporate Event Entertainment

What Does a Hula Hoop Performer Actually Do?

A Hula Hoop Performer will create an amazing visual display showcasing their skills as they perform gymnastics with hula hoops. Many can use multiple hoops at once, juggle with them and even use them with their feet. This art can take many years of training, but one thing is certain – your guests will enjoy watching this amazing performance!

Nataly Bakun – Hula Hoop Artist – Germany

Natalia comes from a Russian circus family. From an early age, while touring with her parents, she learnt the different disciplines of the circus profession. During these years, she developed a contortionist act and was awarded a two-year contract with the Russian State Circus. Please see a great promotional video of Nataly Bakun performing her hula-hoop skills below!

How Long will a Hula Hoop Performer Provide Entertainment For?

Each individual performer will have their own performance lengths, so it is always best to check with them before booking, but the likelyhood is that they will have set routines that last between 30 minutes and an hour or more.

How Much Will a Hula Hoop Performer Cost?

Again, each performer will have their own charges and this may be dependent on their location and the time that you wish for them to showcase their skills.




What Should I Ask a Hula Hoop Performer?

There are many questions you might want to ask a hula hoop performer before booking. Never be afraid to ask an entertainer anything you wish to know. Some example questions include:

  • Are you free to perform on the date of my event?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Do you require a deposit and how much do you need to secure my date?
  • What type of skills do you showcase in your act?
  • Do you need any special equipment for your performance?
  • Do you have public liability insurance?
  • How long will you perform for?

Iris West – Hula Hoop Performer – UK

Iris West has a wide repertoire of skills, including theatrics,hula hooping and fire dance. She has been traveling the world performing in shows at variety of countries, including the USA and Australia.

How Do I Choose a Hula Hoop Performer?

We try to make things easy for you when finding entertainment for your event. If you have already decided to book a hula hoop performer as an unusual entertainment idea, all you need to do is look through our category dedicated to this skill. Each performer listed has a profile where you can read their previous experience and biographies. Some even include video performances so that you can watch how talented they are and judge whether they will be suitable for your event.

I’ve Chosen a Hula Hoop Performer! How do I Book?

Booking is also made easy when you use our website. Once you have chosen which hula hoop performer you wish to book, all you need to do is click the orange “Contact Direct/Request Quote” button. This will put you in touch directly with your chosen performer and this service is completely free of charge! We pride ourselves in the service that we offer, and do not act as an agent between you and our available performers.




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