Traditional Wedding Entertainment

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If you are planning a traditional wedding, you might want to stick to traditional wedding entertainment. We have previously written about many entertainment ideas for various parts of your wedding day, but we thought it would be useful to detail traditional wedding entertainment for a whole wedding, from start to finish.

The Ceremony

Traditionally, for a Church wedding, the background music played while walking down the aisle is that of a Church organ. There are other alternatives if you wish for something a little different while sticking to traditional options. Hire a String Quartet or choose from our selection of other musicians to play stunning background music as you take your steps down the alter. These live music options are also perfect if your wedding is taking place in an alternative location, such as a Hotel or Manor House.

Drinks Reception

If you have hired entertainment for your wedding ceremony, a good way to save money is to request that they also play at your drinks reception too. While guests are sitting champagne, bucks fizz or even your signature cocktail, a string quartet or instrumentalist, such as cellist or harpist can play classical versions of modern songs. Classical music is also an option if you want to wow your guests with elegance.

Wedding Breakfast

During your wedding breakfast, you can request that your entertainment hired so far continue to play. This may cost more money due to the length of performance and also you need to factor in breaks for your performers.

Another upcoming tradition for entertaining guests during a wedding breakfast is to hire a close-up magician. This is more popular than you might think and will amaze guests as your chosen performer works his magic around the room.

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Evening Reception

The traditional entertainment of choice for an evening reception is to hire either a wedding DJ or a live band. Either choice will provide hours of entertainment for your wedding, and will get guests up onto the dance floor. A wedding DJ is used to bantering with your guests and will even take requests. Live bands give you a much more flexible approach to live music since there are so many different types of bands available to hire.

azure - live band

Entertaining Children

During parts of your wedding, young children may become easily distracted. Putting on dedicated entertainment for children is becoming a tradition among brides. Hire a balloon modeller or a children’s magician to help keep young minds entertained and out of mischief!

We would love to hear from you if you are planning a traditional wedding to find out what entertainment you have decided to book – if you are still looking for the right entertainment, take a look around our website, where we have many categories of entertainment available.


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