Hiring a Karaoke DJ, Tips, Advice and How to Book!


Karaoke DJ’s are becoming increasingly popular when booking entertainment for many different kinds of event and they can add a real fun element to your upcoming party.  If you are looking to book a DJ for your next event, make sure you read this guide to hiring a Karaoke DJ, including plenty of tips and advice before you book.  Here at Entertainers Worldwide we not only put you in touch with the right entertainers for your upcoming party, but like to provide you with all of the information you need too!

What Events are Karaoke DJ’s Suitable for?

Karaoke DJ’s are pretty versatile and will work at events where any party DJ would be able to perform.  Book a Karaoke DJ for fun and alternative:

What is the different between a party DJ and a Karaoke DJ?

A Party DJ is a talented individual that plays a variety of music at an event, from all sorts of eras.  Usually they are experienced in bantering with guests and taking requests too.   DJ’s are a very popular choice for many occasions and really get the party started.  A Karaoke DJ is similar in the respect that they still play popular songs, yet they also get volunteers on board to sing along with some of them in the same way that a Karaoke night takes place.  This can add a really dynamic element to your event with some guests wishing to join in and sing, while others like to watch from a distance.  What is quite good about a Karaoke DJ is that they don’t play every track with Karaoke in mind, they mix in normal songs for people to have a boogie too!

Where do I find a Karaoke DJ on your Website?

Finding a Karaoke DJ is really easy when you use our website!  All you need to do is simply click on “Musical Entertainers” and under the sub heading, DJs you will see that Karaoke DJ’s has its very own dedicated category.  One you’ve clicked this, you’ll be taken to our selection of Karaoke DJ’s available and our website is growing every single month.  Another way to get access to Karaoke DJ’s near you is to use our search facility which is on every page.

What does a Karaoke DJ Actually Do?

A Karaoke DJ performs in a similar manner to a Party or Wedding DJ.  They have their own setup and will play songs from the 1960’s to the present day.  Normally, a Karaoke DJ will have plenty of music to choose from and they will mix in normal songs with Karaoke versions as happy volunteers sing along!

How long will a Karaoke DJ perform for?

Hiring a Karaoke DJ is an excellent choice for many events as they can perform for a number of hours which is long enough to cover your whole evening.  One of the good things about booking a Karaoke DJ is that they can take a quick break while a song is playing, which gives them greater longevity than that of a live band.

How much does a Karaoke DJ cost?

Each Karaoke DJ will have their own costs, and this may vary greatly depending on your location and peak times of the year, such as Christmas.  Using our website, you can easily get a no obligation quote for your occasion by contacting each entertainer directly.  You will find that prices may range from approximately a few hundred pounds upwards, or your countries equivalent currency.

What Should I Ask a Karaoke DJ?

You may think of a number of questions you wish to ask a Karaoke DJ before booking, and this is perfectly natural before parting with your hard-earned cash.  We have put together this little reference of questions as a guide to refer to when making a booking:

  • Are you available to perform on the date of my event?
  • Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
  • How much space will you need to set up?
  • Do you have previous experience in similar events?
  • Can you provide previous client testimonials?
  • How long will you be able to perform for?
  • What songs are you licensed to play?
  • How much do you charge for your services?
  • What percentage deposit is needed to secure my date?

How Do I Choose a Karaoke DJ?

Choosing a Karaoke DJ is much down to personal choice and you can use our website, www.EntertainersWorldwide.com to help you make this decision.  If you view our Karaoke DJ’s profiles, you will see their biographies, previous customer testimonials and if applicable, you can also view their video and audio samples.  Once you have found a potential performer, you can contact them directly with no additional cost.

All you need to do is click on the green “Request a Quote via E-mail” and this will put you in direct contact with your chosen act.   We always recommend that you speak with your chosen entertainer before booking, whether that be via telephone, FaceTime or Skype – or if possible, face to face.

We are one of the only entertainment directories that doesn’t charge potential customers, such as yourself to contact performers directly!

Want to Save Time When Booking Your Entertainment? Sit back, relax and have your Entertainment contact you! By adding a post to our website e.g. ‘Karaoke DJ required for Wedding Evening Reception on 28th July’, our available acts will contact you by email. Look at the Entertainer’s publicity, decide which is your favourite and contact them directly! The entire service is completely free of charge. Tell us what entertainment you are looking for now and we will do the rest! Contact us.


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