What type of transport should I have for my wedding?


Planning a wedding can be plenty of fun, but also pose lots of questions with regards to what you actually want for your big day.  Today we are going to give you a little helping hand and outline the different modes of transport that you could book for your wedding day.  After all, you want to get to the Church on time!

Stuck for ideas?  Keep reading for wedding transport inspiration…

Book Traditional Wedding Cars for a Grand Entrance

Wedding cars are probably the most popular type of transport that many couples opt for.  There are plenty of companies that offer wedding cars and chauffeurs to transport you to your ceremony and then whisk you to your reception afterwards.  There are lots of cars to choose from including classic Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Bentley’s.  Most wedding transport companies will let you go and view their cars before you commit too, giving you plenty of choice to make your entrance special.

Go Retro and Hire a VW Campervan

If you are less traditional and want to opt for something a little different, why not look at booking a VW Campervan for that vintage look?  Chauffeur driven VW Campervans look absolutely delightful covered in pretty ribbons.  Many of the VW Campervan Wedding Hire companies are passionate about their vehicles, making sure they are of tip-top condition and the insides of the vehicles are decorated in a lovely manner, making them perfect for wedding photographs, inside and out!

Start your Big Day with a Magical Entrance

For those of you who have always wished for a Princess wedding day, have you considered booking a horse and carriage to whisk you to the Church?  This type of transport is best suited to the summer months but many of the carriages do have covers or are convertible in case of wet weather.  From traditional looking carriages to more ornate “pumpkin” shaped magical options, there are plenty to choose from and each one comes with a fully trained handler for the horses.

Keep things modern and opt for a high-class car!

Not only are traditional and vintage cars a popular choice for wedding entrances, there is also the option to hire a modern supercar, such as Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini or Range Rover.  If you’ve always been a fan of fast cars, we can’t think of a better day to hire one than your wedding day!  Imagine the surprise on your wedding guests faces when you arrive in style!

Stay cost-effective and hire a double-decker bus

Another vintage form of wedding transport is to hire a vintage bus.  This option is particularly useful if you need to transport all of your wedding guests to your reception after your wedding ceremony.  Again, a double decker bus can look fabulous in wedding photos, and with its character and charm, will add a real vintage twist to any wedding.

Save money and walk to your wedding ceremony instead

If you are on a wedding budget or want to simply save money, why not look at walking to your venue.  This may sound like a strange option, however if you live down the road from your local church or perhaps are getting married in a hotel, why not stay there the night before and make your grand entrance walking down the sweeping staircase?  This will generally be a lot cheaper than booking wedding transport so you can splurge in a different area of your wedding plans.

There are plenty of other options available to you when it comes to wedding transport, but we hope that you have enjoyed our little selection of popular choices to give you inspiration.  Along with our fabulous ideas, why not look into hiring a boat, helicopter, tractor, limo or party bus!

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