Hiring a Saxophonist, Tips, Advice and How to Book

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Saxophone music has got to be some of the most seductive sounds around and it is also extremely versatile and perfect for many occasions and events.  It is best suited to musical genres such as jazz or rock, but can also work with other styles of music too!  We have created this little guide to give you all the tips and advice before you go ahead and book a saxophonist for your upcoming event!

What Events are Saxophonists Suitable for?

Since saxophonists can perform many different musical genres, they can be booked for a plethora of different events.  Book a saxophonist for…

  • Wedding Ceremony / Wedding Breakfast Entertainment
  • Wedding Evening Reception Entertainment
  • Corporate Event Entertainment
  • Birthday Party Entertainment
  • Fundraisers / Gala Entertainment
  • Cocktail Reception Entertainment
  • Dinner Party Entertainment
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What does a Saxophonist actually do?

A saxophonist is a talented musician, usually with many years of experience at not only playing the sax, but also performing at different events.  A saxophonist will perform either on their own or within a group to your guests, playing a variety of music.  If you wish for something up-tempo, you can request some fast paced jazz music, or a saxophonist can offer a much subtler performance as background ambiance.  Before you hire a saxophonist, always check what their musical repertoire is to ensure they can play what you envisage for your event.

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How much does a Saxophonist cost?

Each saxophonist will have their own fees dependent on a number of factors, including their location, the date of your event (Christmas and peak times are going to be more expensive) and also on their individual experience.  Someone just starting out is likely to charge less than a saxophonist with many years of experience.  If your chosen performer doesn’t give a price guide on their profile, simply get in touch and ask for their prices.

What do you need to consider when hiring a Saxophonist?

There are many questions you might want to ask a saxophonist before you book, so we have put together some of the most popular questions to help you ensure that you don’t forget any little detail.  Take a look at some of our example questions below:

  • Do you have public liability insurance for your performance?
  • Are you available to play on the date of my event?
  • How much experience do you have in performing?
  • How long will you perform for at my event?
  • What music can you play in your repertoire?
  • Do you have a CD or can we watch you perform a couple of your tracks?
  • What happens if you are ill on the date of my event? Do you have a contingency plan?
  • How much deposit do you require to secure your act?

There are probably many more questions you wish to ask your chosen performer – don’t be scared to ask anything to make the decision of making your booking easier!

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Casey Greene, Saxophonist from EntertainersWorldwide.com

How long will a Saxophonist perform for?

Each saxophonist will have their own set times and can usually accommodate for any event, however many saxophonists can perform for a couple of hours with breaks in-between depending on their experience.  The best thing to do is to check with your chosen performer to ensure they can perform for your occasion.

How do I choose a Saxophonist for my Event?

Before you book a saxophonist for your event, we highly recommend using our website www.EntertainersWorldwide.com to its full advantage.  Browse through all of our entertainers profiles, including their biographies, experience, testimonials and also listen or view their audio/video samples too.  Any good saxophonist will be happy to show off their performance!

After you have looked through our acts and made a shortlist, simply contact them directly and if you wish to speak with them on the telephone, via FaceTime, Skype or even face-to-face, that can usually be arranged.   It is always a good idea to meet with a performer before booking to make sure that they fit your event perfectly.  This meeting can also be used to ask those all important questions!

Always be weary of any acts who want full payment up-front.  Generally you will find that a deposit is sufficient to secure your date, with the remainder payable on the day of their performance.  The most important thing to consider is that they can play the type of music you want for your party and that you can imagine them performing at your event with their style of musical genre.

We hope that you have found out guide to booking a saxophonist helpful, and wish you luck in finding the right performer!  Remember, we don’t charge any additional fees to your booking so you can use our website for free, without worrying about costs mounting up!

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