Hiring an Instrumentalist – Types of Musicians To Consider

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Planning an event can be quite stressful, especially if you have no idea what type of entertainment you wish to put on. If you are planning a celebration that would benefit from more subtle background entertainment, have you thought about hiring an instrumentalist to play during your event so that your guests can carry on talking and mingle?

There are plenty of different types of instrumentalists available to hire so we’ve put together this guide on our top recommendations along with tips and advice on how to book the entertainer of your choice.


Cello music offers quite a dramatic deep sound and is perfect for playing classical music. There are many cellists that are available to hire for any kind of event but are very suited to elegant occasions such as weddings and high-end corporate entertainment. Your guests will not only appreciate the background music at your event but also be captivated at watching a cellist perform with passion.


Harpists are a popular choice for wedding entertainment along with many other types of event, such as dinner party and cocktail reception entertainment. Harp music gives the perfect ambiance to any event and can also sound very romantic and emotional. A rich sound is produced and although this is quite a gentle tone, harp music is also very dramatic – both in sound and to look at.

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Melissa Adriana – Harpist


The clarinet is part of the woodwind family and provides a smooth mellow tone. It is perfect for classical music along with other genres such as jazz so this makes a clarinettist very versatile for all sorts of occasions. From wedding receptions to sit down dinners, product launches or corporate events, hiring a clarinetist is sure to add a unique element of entertainment for your guests.

Classical / Spanish Guitarists

Classical guitarists are another form of entertainment that can span across a number of different occasions due to the different styles of music that they can play. Classic guitar music adds a certain ambiance to any event and can be very expressive. Perfect for weddings and hospitality events, classical guitarists can play gentle background music, jazz and instrumental covers of modern songs.


You may not have thought about hiring a drummer for your upcoming event, but drummers can add an exciting element of entertainment for your guests. Drummers offer both a dramatic musical and visual display while playing a variety of percussion music. More suited to birthday parties, corporate events or after dinner entertainment, hiring a drummer will offer a unique performance for your special occasion.


Hiring a pianist for your upcoming event gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to genres of music. From classical background music to jazz or instrumental versions of modern songs, a pianist usually has a large repertoire of music that they can play. Since they offer a large choice in styles of music, a pianist is suitable for a variety of occasions, from gentle background music at a wedding to something more dramatic for a private party. Live piano music adds perfect ambiance to any event.

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The flute is a beautiful instrument that offers a very romantic and delicate sound. This makes them perfect for wedding entertainment or for subtle background music at evening dinner parties or champagne receptions. Hiring a flautist can enrich your event with elegant live music and they work well with other instruments too if you wish to book a number of instrumentalists.

Ukulele players

Ukulele music is becoming a popular music choice for all types of occasions, so browse our huge selection of live bands and musicians for hire today to find the perfect Ukulele Player for your event! For more inspiration visit Ukulele World to watch videos and listen to a fantastic selection of Ukulele songs.


The saxophone is an instrument that offers a more seductive, rich sound which makes it perfect for jazz music, but did you know that you can hire a saxophonist for all types of events, including weddings? From classical masterpieces through to upbeat funk and jazz, a saxophonist will make a unique form of entertainment for any event that will give your guests something to remember.

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For something completely different, yet traditional across Scottish weddings, why not hire a bagpiper? Bagpipe music offers a completely unique sound along with the added visual element of full Scottish dress. Although this type of instrumentalist isn’t for everyone, it is a dramatic form of entertainment that your guests probably won’t be expecting!

Which Instrumentalist Should I Choose?

One of the main benefits with instrumental music is that most instruments will work with a number of occasions, so the choice between which instrumentalists to book is pretty much a personal decision. There are a few things to consider before booking an instrumentalist, including the space available at your venue. A drummer, harpist or pianist will need much more space for their performance than a flautist or saxophonist. Also consider the style of music you’d like performed. For wedding ceremonies and wedding breakfasts, you’ll want beautiful, romantic background music and this makes the harp, flute and piano the perfect choice of instrument.

How Much Will My Instrumentalist Cost?

The costs to hire an instrumentalist will vary depending on the type of instrument they play, length of your occasion and possibly the time of year. If you are planning a wedding, many suppliers will dramatically reduce their costs during off-peak seasons so it is always worthwhile asking for a deal.

How Do I Book An Instrumentalist?

Searching through all of the entertainers on our website is really easy. Simply select the instrumentalist section to work your way through different performers. On their individual profile pages you can read biographies and testimonials and many of our acts provide video or audio samples of their performances. A good instrumentalist will want to show off their skills and repertoire.

Once you’ve made your decision as to which style of instrumentalist you would like to book, simply click the “Contact / Request Quote” button on your chosen acts page and you’ll be able to send your request directly to them. We don’t charge any booking fees, and we don’t act as an agency between you and our performers. It’s that simple!

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