How to Choose an Elvis Tribute Act for your Next Event


Did you know that today would be Elvis’ birthday?  Born in 1935, this superstar would have been 82 years old!  We thought as a tribute to the King that we would dedicate today’s blog post to him, as a little how-to guide in choosing an Elvis Tribute Act for any of your upcoming events.

Elvis was loved by many and became one of the most iconic cultural icons of the 20th century.  Since his death in 1977, Elvis is still extremely popular to this day and there are a huge number of Tribute Acts that dedicate their performances to him.  On our website we have a collection of Elvis Tribute Acts who are all accessible in one easy place, making booking entertainment that one step easier!

But how do I choose an Elvis Tribute Act?

There are many different factors to consider when booking an Elvis Tribute Act and that’s where we come in.  Not only do we list our entertainers and give you the opportunity to contact them for enquiries and no-obligation quotes, but we also give you advice and inspiration to help you choose the perfect entertainer!  Let’s look at what factors you should consider before booking an Elvis Tribute Act for your next event:

Where are they Located?

The first thing to consider when looking at an Elvis Tribute Act is where they are located in relation to your venue.  Do you need an Elvis Impersonator near you? This isn’t necessarily important if you have a big budget and are happy to pay for an act to travel to you, however if you want to keep costs down it is advisable to book someone who is nearer your location.

Click here to view Elvis Tribute Act, Elvis the Legend Show's Profile

Elvis the Legend Show, Elvis Tribute Act

What do they Sound Like?

This is probably the most important thing to consider (however their location is a practical consideration).  If you book an Elvis Tribute Act that sounds nothing like the real deal, it seems a bit of a pointless exercise.  When you browse our entertainer’s profiles, you will see that many of them upload video and audio samples to their profile pages so you can get a real feel for their performance.  Never be afraid to ask a performer if you can view them in a performance too as many of them will also play at regular events.  Choosing an Elvis Tribute Act who sounds authentic will give your entertainment the buzz you are looking for!

What do they Look Like?

Although less important then their voice, an Elvis Tribute Act should attempt to look like the authentic performer.  You will find that with most tribute acts, they dress and act the part too.  Our performers’ profile pages usually showcase photographs of their act if they have chosen to upload them.  Most Elvis Tribute Acts will wear his trademark outfits of jumpsuits and flared trousers making their performance even more realistic.

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Andy Reno – Elvis Tribute Act

How much do they Charge?

Unfortunately, most of our acts don’t put their costings on their profile pages and this is completely understandable since many factors can make the cost of hire vary, such as location, distance to venue, certain times of the year and the amount of experience an Elvis Tribute Act has.  One benefit to using our entertainment directory is that you can contact our listed performers for free in order to get a no-obligation quote.  The costs of hiring an Elvis Tribute Act may not be an important factor for you to consider, but if you are working to a particular budget, it is worth keeping this in mind.

How much Experience do they have?

The amount of experience that an Elvis Tribute Act is another factor to consider before booking, however don’t rule out booking a new act if you have seen a preview of their performance.  Everyone starts out somewhere, so if you want to give a new act a chance, this is a good way to save some money.  If no expenses are being spared, find an experienced Elvis Tribute Act who will put on a fantastic show.

Read their Customer Reviews

Another feature of our website and entertainers’ profile pages is the customer reviews section.  Many of our performers choose to upload testimonials and customer reviews of their previous performances so that you can get a good feel for the level of their act.  These reviews are extremely important if you want to ensure that you book a fabulous entertainer for your next event.

Using all of these factors as a checklist, you can narrow down your choices to create a shortlist of Elvis Tribute Acts to contact for your own occasion.  There may be other factors to consider, but ultimately choosing an Elvis Tribute Act is your choice – we just give you as much information as possible to help you make that important decision when you use our entertainment directory – a completely free service when enquiring and booking acts!

Want to Save Time When Booking Your Entertainment? Sit back, relax and have your Entertainment contact you! By adding a post to our website e.g. ‘Elvis Tribute Act required for Birthday Party on 22nd March’, our available acts will contact you by email. Look at the Entertainer’s publicity, decide which is your favourite and contact them directly! The entire service is completely free of charge. Tell us what entertainment you are looking for now and we will do the rest! Contact us.

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