How to use Entertainers Worldwide to find the Perfect Act!


If you are looking for entertainment for any type of occasion that you are planning, you have come to the right place!  Our entertainment directory, makes it quick and easy to source not only different types of entertainment, but the actual entertainers too!

In today’s blog post we thought we would give you a how-to guide to using our website to its potential, making booking entertainment one less worry…

Firstly, if you are looking for a specific type of entertainment, it is really easy to navigate your way to all of our applicable acts.  There are two main ways to achieve this: Firstly, you can use the navigation bar which is situated on every single page of our website.  This gives you three main options (the fourth is for entertainers).  Choose from “General Entertainers”, “Musical Entertainers” and “Event Services”.  Once you have clicked on one of these options you will be shown a drop-down menu with all of our available sub-categories.  For example, if you are looking for a Wedding Band, all you need to do is click on “Musical Entertainers”, then look for “Live Bands and Groups”.  You will see that Wedding Bands has its very own category as it is a popular type of entertainment being booked right now!

The second way to get to the type of entertainment you want swiftly is to use our search function which is also available on every page.  Using the two form fields, “I’m looking for” and “Near”, you can start typing what you want to book and adding a location is optional.  You might want to leave the location blank if the type of entertainment you are searching for is very unique.

Ok, so that is how to find different types of entertainment, but what about the entertainers?

Once you have navigated your way to one of our entertainment categories, you will be able to see our featured entertainers and also a link to view all entertainers.  This page will display every applicable act that matches your category.  Please note that if you use our search function this step is omitted.

When you have our listings of acts in front of you, you can click on any of their details to view more information about them.  This is known as their profile page.  On most acts pages you will be able to read a biography about them, their previous experience, customer reviews and many of our acts also choose to upload photos, video samples or audio clips.  The entertainers’ profile pages are designed to give you as much information as possible before you need to enquire or potentially book.

Once you have found an entertainer that you would like to contact, all you need to do is click on the “Request a Quote by E-mail” button.  This will display a simple form for you to fill in and once you click “Send”, your enquiry will be sent directly to our acts, cutting out the middle man!  Some of out entertainers also choose to display their telephone number which is an alternate contact method.  We hope that between the two methods, you will find something suitable for you.  The only request we have is that if you decide to give your chosen entertainer a call, please mention our website so they know where you have found them.

But how does this save me money?

Our entertainment directory, is one of the only free websites out there!  We pride ourselves that we can allow visitors to our site to enquire about and contact acts without spending a single thing!  We do not work as an agency so there are no hidden costs or commission on top of your booking!

Are you in even more of a rush? Why not let our entertainers come to you? This service is known as our “Entertainers Auditions, Jobs and Gigs” section.  In this fantastic part of our website you can post an advert showcasing the type of entertainment you are looking for, the location of your venue and of course the type of occasion you will be celebrating.  Using this service means that acts will come to you rather than you searching through their profile pages.

Have fun searching for the perfect entertainment for your upcoming event!

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