Introducing Fiesta Duo from Zaporozhye, Ukraine!

Fiesta Duo from Ukraine often performing in United Arab Emirates

Today we are interviewing Fiesta Duo!

Read the interview to learn more about what Fiesta Duo offer and watch and listen to their performances! Watch the video showreel below & contact them direct to hire for your upcoming wedding, party, festival, corporate function or other event!

Name: Fiesta Duo
Location: Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Act Type: Vocal/Instrumental Duo

How did the Duo start?

First, we start our music career separately in live bands in Ukraine. I was playing in pop rock band, Julia played in pop band.

After this we joined as a duo and started overseas contracts.

Was the Duo inspired by any singers or bands?
I certainly was inspired by many singers and bands also, including: Guns’n’Roses, Sting, Nickelback, Joe Satriani, Garry Moore, Chris Daughtry and others.

Julia likes Lara Fabian, Norah Jones, and Whitney Houston.

Has anything funny or embarrassing ever happened to you both while performing?!

Actually yes! When I played in live band, we lost our guitarist in train station before the concert!  Luckily we did find him in another train wagon before the show!


Is there one particular song that you both love to perform as a Duo?

It would have to be Shania Twain – You’re still the one.

What is the Duo’s most memorable moment of its career?

Well for me it would have to be a concert in the city stage on central square in my city in Ukraine.

What is your favourite event type to perform at?

We like a quiet atmosphere, that’s why I think it’s usual evening dinners.


Is there a certain gig that you aspire to perform at?

 A concert hall or stadium.  We think this is the dream of around 95% of artists though!

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