Introducing G D Angelo – Pianist / Singer from Rome, Italy!

Pianist Singer from Rome, Italy G D Angelo

Today we are interviewing Pianist / Singer G D Angelo!

Read the interview to learn more about what G D Angelo offers and to watch and listen to his performances! Watch the video showreel below & contact G D Angelo direct to hire for your upcoming wedding, party, festival, luxury hotel contract, corporate function or other event!

Name: G D Angelo
Location: Rome, Italy
Act Type: Pianist / Singer

At what age did you start singing & playing the piano / keyboards?

I started to play the piano when I was 11 years old. I discovered my passion for music when playing just for fun. The first time I put my hands on a keyboard, I played the simple melody of the “Ave Maria” (Shubert) by ear.  From then I began to study by myself, through a weekly magazine course with an audio tape.

Were you inspired by any singers or musicians?

Yes. He’s not just a singer, but he was a famous entertainer and actor. He made many movies about the Christmas holidays, where his character was the one man band playing in hotel. My bigger dream was to become as him.  I can now proudly say “I made my dream a reality”.

Has anything funny or embarrassing ever happened to you whilst performing?!

Funny events? A lot.  I’ve covered many different roles in my career. My training has been very complete, thanks to the experiences on the Italian resorts. Many times I improvised shows with special guests without rehearsal… I can’t say that every time it went perfectly, but I can say “most of the times!”.

Is there one particular song that you just love to play on the keyboards and sing?

 Many songs. Actually, I really can’t say “this is my favourite song”. It also depends by the life moment. Anyway, I can be sure that I will never be tired to play “Wish you were here – Pink Floyd” and “What a wonderful world – L. Armstrong”.

What is the most memorable moment of your career?

I was young… at the beginning of my career. I was not a professional pianist yet. I did work as full day entertainer, with and without the music. It was a very tough season, 3 months, no day off… but at the end of the period, I was awarded as the best entertainer of the season on stage in front of more than 2000 people!

What is your favourite event type to perform at?

No doubt in luxury hotel as the resident pianist. I love to play where I can choose different styles during the week or during the event. However, I’ve played for dozens of different situations where I always found something that I liked

Where do you perform mostly, in Italy or Abroad? 

I started my career in Italy and I just played in Italy for the first 15 years of it. But after a few years, I now play mostly abroad. In Italy I now usually just play at parties, weddings, or with friends for fun. Actually, I prefer to enjoy holidays in Italy and working just abroad.

Where has music taken you in your career?

Everywhere in Italy. Also, Germany, Madagascar, U.A.E., Djibouti.

Where can clients go to see you perform live?…or do they have to book you?!

The best way would be to book me… but if someone wants to see me live I will be in Djibouti Palace Kempinski until the end of January 2015

Is there a certain gig that you aspire to perform at?

I would like to play with other musicians in a big stadium for something very important, not just for money.

Thanks for your kind attention.

G D Angelo

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