Introducing Los Angeles, California based Mentalists & Mind Readers – The Bornsteins!

Mentalists & Mindreaders in Los Angeles, California - The Bornsteins



Today we are interviewing Mentalists & Mind Readers The Bornsteins!

Read the interview to learn more about what The Bornsteins offer and watch their video performance! Make contact to hire their act for your upcoming wedding, corporate event, birthday party, anniversary, dinner or other event!

Name: The Bornsteins
Location: Los Angeles, California
Perform: Worldwide
Act Type: Mentalists & Mind Readers


What exactly do Mentalists / Mind Readers do and what should we expect from your impressive looking show?! 

Not all mind reading acts are created equally… with our show you get sexy, classy and… well, then there’s me! I read body language and Kimberly taps into peoples thoughts, kind of like ESP only what she does is WAY beyond my skill set… our show is about communication!


Can you really read people’s minds or do we have to come and see to find out?!

Everybody has intuitive powers, Kimberly has just developed hers to an awesome level… CAN she read minds… we leave that up to you!


How long have you both performed as Mentalists / Mind Readers and what made you get into it?

I’ve been performing since the age of 10, I love to entertain, the stage is my drug! Many don’t know that besides being a world class Sleight-of-Hand Artist & Magician and performing member of the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA, I’m also a professional Stuntman in TV & Film. I have been knocked out by Sylvester Stallone, shot at by Brandon Lee and killed on “Americas Most Wanted” but no one hits harder “mentally” then my wife, it’s not often one gets to work with their best friend… we’ve been a mind reading duo now for eight years, Happy Wife, Happy Life!


Has anything funny or embarrassing ever happened on stage?!

Uh, yeah… I once had a very sexy women take her top off then challenged me to drop my pants… did I take them off, I don’t remember!

What type of events do you usually perform at? 

We play any venue, mostly corporate and military and on occasion cruise ships!


What cities do you mostly perform in?

We are Global!

Where has Mentalism / Mind Reading taken you in your career?

We have four world tours not including cruise ships. Our venues mostly consist of corporate, military and entertaining the very Rich & Famous such as Nicolas Cage, Steve Martin and Fergie, to name a few.


Is there a certain gig / function / event that you aspire to perform at?

No not really, we have played pretty much every venue though we do love to entertain in Performing Arts Centers.

What is the most amazing routine that we should expect to see at your show?!

Well it’s all amazing, my wife that is but if I had to pick just one, it would be the lottery. Seven balloons are bounced around the audience to music, seven random people shout out random numbers between 1-39, one balloon is popped to reveal a prediction that Kimberly made before the show, it turns out to be the seven random numbers…. She is truly AMAZING!!!

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