Last Minute Entertainment For A Coronation Street Party

Street Parties are being planned to mark the coronation of King Charles on Saturday 6th May and as the date gets closer organisers are looking for ways for communities to join in the celebrations.


Here we have suggestions about various types of entertainment that can be booked to give a street party more fun and involvement – many acts will be already booked in advance but you can still drop a request for available performers to book at the last minute and find the perfect entertainer to make your summer party complete and how they are going to help keep guests of all ages happy.


A skilled magician can provide an engaging and exciting show that is sure to keep guests of all ages entertained. They can perform close-up magic tricks and illusions, which will fascinate both children and adults. Magicians are versatile entertainers and can customize their performance according to the audience, making it a perfect choice for a Coronation street party.


A caricaturist can provide a unique form of entertainment that is both entertaining and interactive. They can draw cartoonish portraits of guests, which will create a fun and memorable experience for all ages. Guests can take these portraits home as a keepsake, making the event more memorable.

Face painter

A face painter can transform guests’ faces into works of art with their creative designs. They can paint designs ranging from simple to intricate, depending on the guests’ preferences. Children will especially love this activity, and adults can also join in on the fun.


A DJ can keep the party going with a wide range of music that will appeal to all ages. They can play classic hits and current chart-toppers that will keep the dance floor full. A skilled DJ can also take requests, making it a more interactive and personalized experience.

Photo booth

A photo booth can provide fun and entertaining ways to capture memories of the event. Guests can pose for photos with props and backdrops, making it a perfect activity for guests of all ages. The photos can be printed out as a keepsake or shared on social media, making it a great way to remember the event.

Balloon artist

A balloon artist can create unique and imaginative balloon sculptures for guests of all ages. These kids entertainers are usually multi talented and children will especially love watching the artist create animals, hats, and other fun designs. Guests can take these sculptures home as a souvenir, making it a memorable experience.


A puppeteer can provide a captivating and interactive show for children and adults alike. They can use a variety of puppets to tell stories, sing songs, and engage the audience. A skilled puppeteer can customize the performance according to the audience, making it a perfect choice for a Coronation street party.

Circus performer

A circus performer can provide a unique and exciting show that will thrill guests of all ages. They can perform a variety of acts such as juggling, acrobatics, and stilt walking. Guests can watch in awe as the performer showcases their impressive skills.

Game show host

A game show host can provide a fun and interactive experience that will engage guests of all ages. They can host a variety of games, trivia contests, and other activities that will keep guests entertained and involved. This is a great option for a party with a large number of guests.


A storyteller can provide a captivating and engaging experience that will transport guests to different worlds and times. They can tell stories that are suitable for guests of all ages, making it a perfect activity for a family-friendly event. Guests can sit back and enjoy the storytelling, making it a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Hopefully this list has inspired you about the types of entertainers that can be hired for a Coronation street party.

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