Introducing Female Vocalist & Tribute Artist Emily Reed!

Emily Reed London Singer - Female Vocalist

Name: Emily Reed

Age: 39

Location: London

Occupation: Wedding Singer & Tribute Artist


Entertainers Worldwide Profile:



1. When did you first start singing? I was told by my parents that I could sing before I could talk! But I do remember my Dad telling me that at 8 years old he could hear I had a voice.


2. What did your family do to encourage you?  My family have always encouraged me from a young age and my parents even bought me my own first PA so I could start gigging!


3. Who else in your family sings?  My Dad is a retired Jazz Singer so I definitely know where I’ve got my talent from! He used to help me with breathing techniques etc. but always said the best way to learn was actually getting out there and performing…he was right!


4. Who are your musical inspirations? When I was younger I used to listen to Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston all day long perfecting their wonderful techniques. I still rate them as singers but since getting slightly older, I enjoy listening to the likes of Gladys Knight & Stevie Wonder.


5. What kind of music do you listen to today? A big mixture but I do tend to listen to slightly older music rather than the stuff in the charts.


6. What embarrassing songs might we find on your MP3 player? I think I saw ‘YMCA’ on there the other day… I don’t know where that came from!!


7. Where would you most like to perform?  My dream would be to perform at a venue like the O2 Arena. I would have died and gone to heaven!


8. Who would you most like to open for?  Mariah Carey. I still am a big Mariah fan and have been performing a tribute to her for over 9 years. I also perform a ‘Cher’ and ‘Kylie’ tribute too!

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10. If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing? I think I’d like to be a Psychologist…. Just slightly different than a singer!


11. Do you play any instruments? I started playing the piano at 6, passed my first grade and then stopped because apparently I wanted to play with my dolls! I do regret it now though.


12. If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?  Maybe Jazz.




13. What genre of music can’t you stand to listen to? Country & Western music! Sorry if there are any fans out there but I can’t stand it!


14. Do you enjoy writing music and/or lyrics? I have written my own songs in the past but have to admit that it doesn’t come very easily to me.


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