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It is never easy to say goodbye to co-workers, friends or family so if you are planning a farewell or leaving party, why not put on some entertainment to really make things memorable for both them and you!  Here at we have plenty of entertainment ideas that would be perfect for a leaving party, so we thought we would put together our top suggestions to give you inspiration and make things even easier for you!

Read on for our top Leaving Party Entertainment Ideas

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Martin John – Close-Up Magician from

Choose a Close-Up Magician to perform illusions

One of the best forms of entertainment we can think of for a leaving party is that of a Close-Up Magician!  A Close-Up Magician will wow your guests by performing sleight-of-hand and illusions to groups of guests as they walk around the room and give them plenty to talk about!  One of the benefits of hiring a Close-Up Magician is that your guests can carry on talking among themselves while this entertainment takes place in the background (and for a leaving party, there will be plenty of talking – and tears!)  Click here to find a Close-Up Magician based near you today on our Entertainment Directory!

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Matthew McGurk – Illusionist from

Stage Illusionists will amaze your guests to the max!

Another magical entertainment option is to choose a Stage Illusionist.  This type of magic offers a more elaborate performance, with an illusionist usually performing with the help of an assistant.  Illusionists will mix up their magic with exciting magic tricks and then more daring illusions including the art of escape and other fantastic stage tricks.  Illusionists have become even more popular since famous illusionists such as David Copperfield, David Blaine and Penn and Teller.  If you would like to find an illusionist near you, click here to browse our listings!

Comedy Singers - Rayguns Look Real Enough

Rayguns Look Real Enough – Comedy Singers in London from

Lighten the mood and book Comedy Singers for some fun

If you want to keep things light-hearted and everyone cheerful, why not look into booking a Comedy Singer to perform at the leaving party you are planning?  Comedy Singers are another type of entertainment that is getting more popular and famous comedy singers such as Tim Minchin and Bo Burnham have helped throw this entertainment option into the spotlight.  Comedy singers will combine their musical talents with comedy to put on a performance for your guests and if there are any topics you’d prefer them to stay clear of, simply ask them before you book.

Keep children occupied with the help of Face Painters

One of the most fantastic ways to keep children entertained at a leaving party is to hire face painters to magically transform them all into little monsters, animals, superheroes or princesses!  Children will take turns getting their faces painted, and this will inspire them to use their imagination for group play!  If you are having many children at your leaving party, hiring a face painter is perfect for keeping them occupied without being too intrusive! Click here to find and book a face painter near you!

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Ambassador Band – Function and Party Band from

Get everyone dancing and hire a Function and Party Band

No party is complete without live music and what better choice than a Function and Party Band? These ensembles are fantastic at providing that party atmosphere which is perfect for a leaving party! Function and Party Bands will play a variety of popular hits from many different eras from a huge repertoire, so if you have any particular songs in mind, why not mention it to your chosen band to see if it is a song that they can perform.  Most Function and Party bands will also make announcements for you throughout the evening which will make your party even more fun!  Click here to find a Function and Party band using our entertainment directory!

If your friends or family are moving to the USA, choose a Country and Western Band

A perfect choice for musical entertainment if your co-workers, friends or family are moving to the USA is to book a Country and Western Band to add a buzzing atmosphere to the leaving party that you are planning.  Playing popular Country and Western songs, booking this type of band could be the start of an amazing themed leaving party!  With covers from Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and Kenny Rogers, check out your chosen band’s repertoire to see exactly what type of music they can play!  Add some fun and search for a Country and Western band right now!

For lovely mementos, why not book a Caricaturist?

Even though your guests will be very pleased to be together celebrating your friends or family’s new adventure, they may also be a little sad, so the perfect type of entertainment to keep their spirits high and give them a little memento at the same time is to book a Caricaturist!  A Caricaturist will sketch each of your guests within a couple of minutes in a comical manner and give them their drawing to take away with them.  This would be the perfect way to remember such an evening and give your friends or family something special to take away with them.  Another amazing idea is instead of giving each guest their own caricature, bundle them all-together for a fantastic keepsake.  We make it really easy to find a Caricaturist in your area using our website, so click here to start your search!

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Abba Magic – Abba Tribute Band from

If your friends or family like a specific band, find them a tribute band!

Tribute bands are another fabulous type of musical entertainment, so if your friends or family love a certain band, like Take That, Abba or Queen, why not book them the next best thing and get them a Tribute Band to perform at their leaving party?  A Tribute Band does a fantastic job of not only sounding like but acting like their idols.  We have many different Tribute Bands listed on our website, so make their last get-together seriously memorable and book them a Tribute Band through our website right now!

No matter what type of entertainment you decide to book, even if it is a couple of our suggestions from above, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic and memorable evening.  If none of our ideas have ticked all of your boxes, why not take a look at our website, and browse through all of our categories to find the right entertainment for the leaving party you are in the midst of planning!  We make is so easy and quick to find entertainers, and our service is completely free!

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