Thinking About a Fairytale Wedding?

Tips on planning a Fairytale Wedding

It’s hard to find a girl, who has never dreamt about a fairytale wedding. However, in reality, a fairytale wedding theme isn’t so widespread. Some couples lack money to organize a luxurious party while others have changed their tastes and want to have more modest weddings.

But if you have made up your mind to organize such a wedding, we’d like to provide you with some tips on the choice of fairytale wedding dresses, locations, décor and other details. So, let’s get to it.

Where to Hold the Ceremony?

Wedding at a Castle

Fairytale Newlyweds

What’s the perfect location for a real princess? It’s definitely a castle. If you have an opportunity to hold the wedding ceremony at a castle, do that. Many couples go to Europe to have a royal-styled wedding at an old castle and book it long before wedding.

However, you have some alternatives as well. For example, it can be a grand hotel, a luxurious restaurant or even a marquee in a field or garden.

What Dress to Choose?

Princess Wedding Dress

princess wedding dress

Undoubtedly, princess ball gown wedding dresses are the perfect variant as no dress will make you feel like a princess better than the one with a fluffy skirt. You can even get inspired by Disney princess wedding dresses. Lace, embroidery, crystals, beading, sequins are the best embellishments for such gowns.

However, the thing is that princess wedding dresses aren’t suitable for all girls. For example, petite and plus size brides may look awkward in them. That’s why, it’s better to opt for more flattering silhouettes as the most important is how a dress looks at you. Thus, you can go to the aisle even in a sheath or mermaid wedding dress, but it must be luxuriously embellished. And don’t forget about wearing a tiara.

How to Adorn the Location?

Obviously, wedding décor must correspond to the fairytale theme. Candles and lights will add the romantic atmosphere to any place while garlands with crystals will look very luxurious. Flowers are traditional décor for any wedding, but the fairytale one must have hundreds or even thousands of them. Opt for noble flowers as garden and field ones are out of the theme.

Very often, fairytale wedding decorations are associated with gold and silver colors. Of course, the hues of these colors look gorgeous. However, you are free to choose any other color scheme from total white to pink and purple shades.

In addition, you can adorn the location with unusual items. Thus, it can be a large vintage mirror or a big tree, adorned with lights and stars. If you have an outdoor wedding, you can adorn all the trees with lights and floral garlands and that will look extremely romantic.

Other Tips on Fairytale Wedding Organization

A Wedding with Horses

Romantic Fairytalem Happy Horse

Clearly, there are much more things you need to consider while preparing for a fairytale wedding. Thus, fairytale wedding invitations must look expensive and stylish. They may feature interesting details like gilding or floral patterns. Vintage invitations, written in an old-styled font, will also look cute.

The entertainment program is also important. For example, classic music will suit the theme perfectly. You can invite a magician or illusionist to add a bit of mystics. Also, various fairytale personages, like fairies and elves, may entertain your guests.

A wedding in fairytale style allows having a different look at wedding transport. Thus, horses and carriages will be more romantic than a limousine.

In a nutshell, a fairytale wedding is, first of all, associated with luxury. A luxurious princess wedding dress, an old castle and thematic show will make you feel as a Disney princess. So, if you have such a dream, you definitely need to make it true.

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