Unobtrusive Corporate Entertainment that won’t steal the show


If you have been put in charge of putting together a corporate event to perhaps launch a new product or promote the company you work for, it is important to choose the right entertainment that will be memorable without being overpowering.  There is a fine line between booking entertainment that will wow your guests but take the limelight away from the purpose of your event and that’s why we decided to bring you our top recommendations for unobtrusive corporate entertainment which you can find on our website.

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Click here to view Contortionist, Arisa Meguro's Profile

Arisa Meguro – Contortionist 

Book a Contortionist who will Perform while your guests mingle

You may have never heard of a Contortionist before as they are quite unusual but what they offer is simply outstanding!  Twisting and moulding their bodies into shapes usually unheard of, a Contortionist can switch into these unnatural movements while your corporate event is in full swing without detracting from the purpose of the event.  This type of entertainment will still wow your guests and it is likely to become a talking point among your guests!  Contortionism is a performance act, yet one that we think would be perfect for a corporate event – if you want to book a Contortionist to perform at your next corporate event, click here to take a look at our fantastic selection of acts!

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Acro Duo, Acrobalance and Adagio Act from

Acrobalance and Adagio Acts will offer a stunning visual display

Another type of performance act which is well suited to a corporate event is Acrobalance and Adagio.  These performances involve a combination of gymnastics, hand balancing and acrobatics which will leave your guests in awe at the skills of the performers.  This type of entertainment would be perfect for all kinds of corporate event, from publicity stunts, trade shows and launches of products or services.  It is very versatile and again offers a performance type which doesn’t detract from the main purpose of the event (unless you want it to in the case of publicity stunts!).  Click here to find an Acrobalance and Adagio act near you using our entertainment directory.

Click here to view Human Statues, Mystery Productions

Mystery Productions, Human Statue

Why not hire Human Statues to promote your product / service?

If you have ever been to London or a big city, you will have noticed human statues outside famous tourist attractions who dress up as various characters and then stand very still, almost un-humanlike!  Sometimes they will move just as you walk past them giving you a fright!  You might not have thought of hiring Human Statues for a corporate event, but they would be perfect dotted around your venue.  They offer guests a visual performance and something to look at without taking away the limelight from the rest of your event.  Some human statues will offer a number of costumes to choose from, so always check with your chosen performer if you have a particular theme in mind.  Browse our website and find Human Statues to perform at your next corporate event before you get booking!

Click here to view Stilt Walker, Mike Weakley's Profile

Mike Weakley, Stilt Walker

For outdoor Corporate Events, choose Stilt Walkers to hand out leaflets

Stilt Walkers are hard to miss!  Their height makes them very visible which makes them perfect for corporate events where leaflets or information needs to be handed out.  Most Stilt Walkers also offer a number of costumes to choose from, so if you are looking for something bright and colourful that is going to grab attention, check with your chosen performer to see what they have to offer.  Although we have suggested booking Stilt Walkers for outdoor events, they would also work with indoor events too but they have a summer fun day feel about them, so we see them working best outside or in bigger venues.  They are even great for walking around the outside of an event, offering people information before they enter!  Want to find Stilt Walkers to promote your company, product or service?  Click here to view our listings!

Click here to view String Quartet - Giardino Strings

Giardino Strings – String Quartet in London

Add beautiful background ambience with the help of a String Quartet

If you are looking for musical entertainment that offers sophistication and is not overpowering, why not opt for a String Quartet who will perform some stunning instrumental songs.  Choose from classical music for a soothing atmosphere or for something more contemporary why not ask for modern instrumental hits from the likes of Coldplay, Adele and Ed Sheeran?  No matter which option you go for, the sound that comes from a String Quartet is outstanding – this comes from the combination of two violinists, a cellist and a viola player.  Click here to find a String Quartet and add elegance to your corporate event!  If you want to save a bit of money, you could always opt for a String Trio or String Duo which are usually a little more reasonable dependant on experience of course!

Click here to view Fire Performers, The Dancing Fire's Profile

The Dancing Fire, Fire Performers from

Keep the entertainment limited to the end of the night with Fire Performers

For the ultimate in visual entertainment without taking the focus away from your event, why not choose fire performers who can perform nearer the end of your corporate event?  This way, business can be taken care of before you put on a spectacular!  Fire performers will offer stunts with fire, such as juggling, going through hoops of fire and even fire breathing / eating.  No matter what type of corporate occasion you are planning, hiring this type of entertainment is going to WOW your guests and give them a finale to remember!   Want to find Fire Performers for your upcoming event?  Browse our entertainment directory and take a look at what we have on offer.

Click here to view Harpist, Magdalena Reising's Profile

Magdalena Reising, Harpist from

Book a Harpist to play gentle instrumental songs in the background

Another subtle option when it comes to background ambiance is to book a Harpist.  Harpists not only offer a whimsical performance, but add visual impact too as they can look very elegant as they play their instrument.  Choosing this type of musical entertainment means you will still get the flexibility of choosing between classical music or more modern songs, but will offer a much gentler performance, meaning that guests can still mingle while you promote your product, service or company.  Click here to find a professional Harpist to add background music without overpowering your event!

For something a little different, book a Ballet Dancer to perform during your event

Our final suggestion for non-obtrusive corporate entertainment is the Ballet Dancer.  This genre of dance offers an elegant performance, which could take place while you are promoting your company and while guests continue to talk among themselves.  A professional Ballet Dancer will mesmerise your guests with their performance from classics such as Swan Lake, or their own contemporary dance routines which can take place to gentle background music.  Check out our selection of Ballet Dancers available on our website and get booking for your next event.

As you can see we have many corporate entertainment ideas that won’t take the focus away from your company, product or service.  These are just a suggestion and we have many more options available to you on our website, – we have the right entertainment for every type of corporate event (and other events too!).  We highly recommend taking a look through all of our available entertainment categories and use our completely free service.

When you have found the right entertainer for your upcoming corporate event, you can contact them directly either by using our online contact form or by giving them a call.  Either way, it won’t cost you a single penny so you can be sure you are getting the best price directly from the entertainer!

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