What are the Benefits of Activating your Profile on Entertainers Worldwide?


So you’ve just signed up to our fantastic entertainment directory and you’ve filled in all of your details ready to start receiving enquiries.  Next up is to activate your profile but you may be wondering what the benefits are for doing this.  Today on www.EntertainersWorldwide.com we wanted to outline the major benefits that you will get from activating your profile on our entertainment directory, so keep reading to find out why you should be pressing that button!

Get More Bookings when you Activate!

If you haven’t yet activated your profile, now is the time to do so!  Once you click on that “Activate” button, your profile will be set live and viewable on our website.  Our website gets over 15,000 bookers making enquiries each and every month so imagine the kind of exposure that is going to get you!  We highly recommend getting your profile fully completed, including video and audio samples if possible and of course those all-important customer testimonials.

There are NO additional fees when you make a booking!

When a potential customer gets in touch with you, you can reply to them directly, at no additional cost.  Unlike other major entertainment directories, ours is one of the only ones that doesn’t charge a booking fee or take a percentage off each booking.  Book as many jobs as you can, for absolutely no cost!

Enjoy the Benefits of Google Ranking

As you are probably aware, Google is the biggest search engine on the Internet and it lists websites and pages with various keywords.  Not only will having your profile activated on our website give you a little boost when it comes to search engines, but if you have a link back to your own entertainment website, this is known as a back-link and Google absolutely loves them when they are from quality and relevant pages.  We aren’t suggesting you add your website to thousands of random web pages, but having your details on our entertainment directory will really benefit your Google rankings for entertainment related terms.

Sell your merchandise and make additional money

On your profile, you will have noticed a little section called “Sell Merchandise”.  This part of your profile gives you the opportunity to sell any of your merchandise, for example audio CD recordings or DVD performances.  Again, anything you sell from your profile remains 100% your profit – we do not take a percentage per sale or fixed fee!

Apply for Jobs, Gigs and Auditions and Get Even More Work

Part of being an activated member here at www.EntertainersWorldwide.com is the ability to apply for jobs, gigs and auditions on our dedicated page.  Here potential customers and clients post what they are looking for, and if this applies to your entertainment act, you can apply direct and put in a bid.  So not only do customers find you, but you can find potential customers too!

Our website is so easy to use and full of customers!

If you want to keep your profile updated regularly, don’t worry – our admin areas are very easy to use and you can edit any part of your profile whenever you want to.  We recommend keeping each profile up to date with new customer testimonials and/or audio and video samples to keep it fresh and up-to-date.  Using our website is very easy, not only for you as an act, but for potential bookers too – all they need to do is search for their required entertainment and your profile will be displayed – hopefully getting you many more future jobs!

Now you’ve read in more detail about the benefits of activating your profile, we really hope that you will activate and start reaping in the benefits of being a member of www.EntertainersWorldwide.com – we have our own dedicated team working constantly to make improvements to the site, so keep checking back for more updates and features!


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