Which Parts of my Wedding Day need Entertainment?


Chances are you’ve never planned a wedding before and putting all of those little details together can be rather daunting.  Planning a wedding can be stressful and take up a lot of time and most people don’t know the complete etiquette when it comes to different stages of the wedding day.  Thankfully, we are here to help with all of your entertainment needs but first, let’s start by explaining which parts of your big day generally require entertainment…

Help! When do I need entertainment?

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The Wedding Ceremony

After you have spent the morning being pampered, having your hair and makeup done and of course getting the bridesmaids and groomsmen ready, the first part of your wedding day is your actual ceremony.  Many people opt for background music while guests are being seated to set the scene.  Other parts of your wedding ceremony that require the need for background ambiance include walking down the aisle, signing the register and walking back down the aisle once you are married.

Wedding ceremony music doesn’t have to be traditional – so if you wish to walk down the aisle to a meaningful song; make it your own!  One thing to consider is that if you are having a civil ceremony, you aren’t allowed religious music during the ceremony.

Perfect wedding ceremony entertainment ideas include:

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The Drinks Reception

The wedding drinks reception generally takes place straight after the wedding ceremony and it is during this time that people can feel a little restless.  The bride and groom will be whisked away to have their wedding photographs done along with group shots.  Putting on entertainment during a drinks reception is a lovely way to keep things running smoothly and if you have already hired live music for your ceremony such as a String Quartet, you can book them to continue their performance.   Another entertainment idea which will wow during your drinks reception include hiring a close-up magician who will perform illusions to small groups of guests!

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The Wedding Breakfast

Although it isn’t a requirement, a wedding breakfast can be a lovely way to introduce yourselves as the newly married couple.  Featuring an enjoyable sit-down meal, your guests will be divided into smaller groups of tables and dependent on your seating plan, there may be guests sitting together who do not know each other.  Putting on entertainment during your wedding breakfast will help give an ice breaker and give guests a talking point, as well as making it more memorable for you too!  Popular ideas for entertainment during a wedding breakfast include:

Don’t forget to give the children something to do during this part of your wedding too to prevent boredom and mischievous behaviour.  Although many couples choose to put together little wedding activity packs, you could also hire a children’s entertainer, such as a puppeteer or clown to keep them busy.

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Wedding Evening Reception

It is during the wedding evening reception that the party really gets started!   Generally you will have more guests arriving for this part of your wedding and it is a popular trend to have either live music in the form of a wedding band or other live band, or to hire a wedding DJ to play popular hits from the 1960’s onwards.  Get inspiration for your wedding evening reception entertainment with:

Don’t forget, our entertainment examples are just ideas.  If you want something completely different, why not browse through our entertainment directory at www.EntertainersWorldwide.com and choose some fun entertainment that reflects you as a couple!  If you want a Belly Dancer for your evening reception or perhaps a stand-up comedian, make sure you book the right entertainment to give yourselves the most memorable wedding day ever!

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