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Are you a performer and have you been thinking about joining Entertainers Worldwide?  Perhaps you have already joined but want to make the most out of your profile to ensure you get maximum bookings and gigs?  Here at we always work hard to give you maximum exposure and help in making the most out of our website and many of our members have already reported back plenty of success stories.

With the help of your profile on Entertainers Worldwide, you will get more enquiries and potential bookings.  The important thing to remember is to make sure your profile is as full and detailed as possible, giving potential customers a massive amount of information about your act.  There are many ways you can achieve this, so let’s take a look at the best features of your profile you need to concentrate on:

Act / Show Information

When you first head into your “Edit Profile” section inside our admin area, you’ll notice that there are plenty of form fields to fill in.  You might think this looks a little tedious, however trust us!  The more information you have in this section, the better.  Not only does it look professional to potential customers, but Google and other search engines love information!  In this section you’ll need to fill in your Stage Name, a short description of your act (don’t make it too short!) and you can also put your own website address in, giving you even more exposure and visitors to your website!

Upload Your Photos

A profile without photos seems a little strange to many of our customers, as they want to see who they might be booking!  Always make sure that the photos you upload are high quality – as we tend to feature acts in our daily blog posts who have quality photographs!  We recommend using all 7 slots to fill your profile with photos and don’t worry, customers won’t have to scroll down to view them all.  We now have a fantastic image slider, which will rotate your photos or alternatively, customers can use the back and forward arrows to browse your collection.  One of your photos also needs to be selected as your profile photo which is the main photo everyone will see on our directory – make sure it is a good one!

Do you have Videos / Audio?

Although this section of editing your profile is optional, we do recommend taking advantage of it.  Live bands and instrumentalists will get much more enquiries with the help of video performances and audio samples.  This section may not be applicable for everyone – for example a clown won’t have audio samples, but there is nothing stopping you uploading a video or two!  In this section you can have 3 video clips which are loaded in from YouTube or Vimeo, and a number of audio clips, uploaded directly to our website.

Make your Profile more Complete with Additional Information

By now, you may be a little fed up of filling in form fields, but don’t give up yet you are nearly there!  This section is where most of the information gets shown on your profile and includes a full description of your act or show.  This field is extremely important so make sure you fill it in with your act history, speciality and any other information you wish to share with customers.  We also have a set-list section if this applies to your act.  If you scroll down the page further, you’ll see places to fill in your biography and suitability – this is where you can put all of the occasions you will perform for, such as birthday party entertainment or wedding receptions.

The final four form fields in this section are extremely important.  Add details of your experience – if you’ve travelled the world on a Cruise Ship, why not shout about it!?  Performed at over 100 weddings – that’s got to be some good promotion.  If you have any corporate clients, add these into the previous clients section as this can also be a winner when it comes to potential customers.  Most of our bookers always say that one of the main things that they look for when booking entertainment is previous customer testimonials.  We have a whole section on your profile dedicated to these and we recommend that you fill in as many as you can.  Finally, make sure that you add important information about your act, such as your public liability insurance and what equipment you have.

Add Reviews to Get Noticed

As mentioned earlier, potential customers love to ready reviews and testimonials to make sure that they are booking an authentic act which has recommendations.  Our reviews section is optional, but we know that if you have positive reviews from previous customers, their good words mean a lot to new enquiries.  They also look fantastic on your profile with a star rating and their own little section!

If you follow our steps and add as much information into your profile as possible, this will maximise the amount of enquiries and bookings you will get from your Entertainers Worldwide profile.  There are other profile sections, such as selling your merchandise which are a fantastic way to make extra cash, however we will go into these details in a separate article.  The most important thing to remember is to make the most of your profile on – and you’ll soon see the enquiries mounting up!



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